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"You wanted it, you got it, but is it worth the fourty bucks? YES!"

There isn’t that much to say about Final Fantasy Chronicles that hasn’t already been said. Sure, these games lived up to their potential 5… 6… years ago. But does it now? The answer is yes! Just having one of these games re-released would be worth every dime. Why, these games are better and live up to more potential than some of the new Polygons RPGs out today. FFC includes Final Fantasy Four; oringally released as Final Fantasy Two in US, and Chrono Trigger. I think the real reason that Chronicles was released was that FF4 (one of the games featured) was left from the American version of Anthology (which included FF5 and 6). Fans pleaded and pleaded and Squaresoft finally responded.

For the purposes of this review I will review each game separately.

+ Final Fantasy IV +

What RPG junkie won’t remember one of the most sought after rare games for the Super Nintendo? What FF Fanatic won’t remember traveling around the world with Cecil and his comedic friends such as Edward, Palom, and Porom? And who in God’s name can say that they don’t remember Tellah’s classic line “You Spoony Bard”. As a bonus, Square has added FMVs (Full-Motion Videos) and for the first time in America gamers will be able to play FF4 hardtype, which since before was only released in Japan.

+ Story – 9/10 +

Baron is one of the most advanced and has the largest and best military. Using their military they start robbing mysterious crystals from different towns and cities. When the leader of the military force, Cecil, questions the King’s orders, he is immediately removed from command. Not only that after, the King tricks Cecil into burning down a village. Well after this you’ve got to think Cecil is pretty mad. This is a game of classic revenge to Baron. Race through the world to towns to see who can get the crystals first. Become a paladin by repenting your evil ways. This game is packed with story and twists that will leave you in disbelief. The only qualm with the story is that it is just two short. Good RPG players could knock it off in 25 hours.

+ Gameplay – 9/10 +

Gameplay is a little rough around the edges, but it is not very noticeable. Maybe my copy is just a defect but sometimes when I press up it goes left. After that little flaw it is pretty easy to handle. In fact it is so smooth that it rivals a glass window.

+ Sounds and Music – 8/10 +

Wow. Most of the time when I play video games, I mute the TV and put a TV on. That just never seems to happen when I’m playing Final Fantasy. FF4 will make you have that FF theme ditty stuck in your head for weeks after completion.

+ Replay Value – 10/10 +

Because this game is kind of short, there is a great chance that Final Fantasy IV will not rest in your Chronicles case for long. This has one of the greatest re-play values of all time in RPGs and I’m pretty sure it still will twenty years from now.

+ Chrono Trigger +

Let me tell you, Chrono Trigger is the rarest game on the Super Nintendo. It has been well known to go for over 100 dollars on Ebay. So for 40 dollars, it’s a steal. This game doesn’t come with FMVs. But, don’t cheer up not everything comes with FMVs you know. Instead of FMV Square used Anime for Chrono Trigger.

But, wait there’s more. I know what you might be thinking. I already beat this game what is there to do? There are, as many probably already know, there is more than one possible ending. Now there’s a new ending that ties it in with its heir, Chrono Cross. Now Chrono Cross looks more like a sequel than just an offshoot.

+ Story 8/10 +

Travel back and forward in time to try and save a desolate future. That’s about the whole story. There’s not really as many twists as there are in FF4. FF4 has the better story of the two.

+ Gameplay – 10/10 +

I love Chrono Trigger’s Gameplay, I always have. I love the battle and item system. I like the fact that there is no battle screen and that you fight battles right on the dungeon map. I like the fact that there are no random battle on the world map. I like the fact that they’re so easy to control. I like a lot. I like the Gameplay.

+ Sounds and Music – 9/10 +

This music is beautiful. It has better songs than FF4 and I thank God for the man, no the legend Nobuo Uematsu. When you beat the game you’ll be able to listen to all of the 70 (I think it’s 70) tracks, via the bonus mode. This mode also has a bestiary and other goodies.

+ Replay Value – 9/10 +

This game is great, but FF4 has a much better replay value. If you could only buy one game, I would recommend FF4, even though they have equal scores.

+ Final Fantasy IV Overall – 9/10 +
+ Chrono Trigger Overall – 9/10 +
+ Final Fantasy Chronicles – 9/10 +

Get this game if you have no social life. It’s more addicting than cocaine.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/30/01, Updated 06/30/01

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