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"It's Finally Here"

After months and months of waiting, Square/EA has released Final Fantasy Chronicles. This package contains the two immortal classics, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy 4. I didn't expect this to come out until mid July, but, as I was browsing the PSX titles of Toys R Us, I saw it, and I grabbed it, and after playing each game for about 3 hours, I can say, that the wait was worth it. Squaresoft has given us the two games we have been waiting for.

When I got home, I put in Chrono Trigger first, since CT is my favorite game of all time. Having the SNES cartridge however, I was hoping that the port of it would not be lagged down with constant loading like the FF6 port in FF Anthology was. I got half my wish. The load times from screen to screen are a tad bit on the long side, but the battles are surprisingly fast, and are almost on target with the SNES ones. This was a relief to me, since most of FF6's battles in Anthology suffered from massive load time. The port is a solid one, and will not disappoint.

After about 3 hours of playing, I decided to give FF4 it's chance to shine. So, I put that in next, and, I was blown away. The new translation is great, the dialogue and scripting were really really good. Also, FF4 has less loading time than CT, this was also great. The game runs smoothly, and out of all the ports Square has made to the PSX from the SNES, this is the best one, even though it does have some slowdown here and there.

Chrono Trigger's storyline revolves around the events of a boy named Crono and his companions as they travel through different time periods. The game starts out with our protagonist, Crono, as he goes to a millennial fair to see his best friend, Lucca, and see her new invention. At the fair, he bumps into a girl named Marle (literally), and Marle decides to tag along with him. When they go to see Lucca's invention, Marle volunteers to go on it. Everything seems to go fine, until something bizarre happens, and Marle gets transported somewhere......

Final Fantasy 4's storyline revolves around the events of a Dark Knight named Cecil, and him and his companions try to stop an evil king from collecting 4 crystals. The game starts off showing us a flashback of when Cecil killed innocent people in order to get one of the crystals for the king. After questioning the king's authority, he is dismissed from his battalion, and forced to deliver a package to a town nearby the castle, when he finally gets to the town.......

Yeah, I know, I left you hanging. Well I can't tell the whole story for you.

Chrono Trigger's battle system contains a really cool option letting you use combination attacks with each of the characters in your party. For example, If you have Crono and Lucca in your party, you can perform an attack called ''Fire sword'' in which Lucca sets Chrono's sword on fire, and they attack the enemy together. You can have many different combination attacks with each people you have in your party. This is great fun. Easily one of the best battle systems ever crafted.

Final Fantasy 4's battle system is a standard turned based one, in which Cecil and his companions have the option to ''Attack'' or to use ''Magic'' or to use ''Item'' etc... This is your standard turned based fare, and It suits the game fine.

Whew! I'm done rambling about the immortality of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 4. Both games are excellent masterpieces, and Squaresoft has finally re-released them. Get this game now, and cherish it forever.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/30/01, Updated 06/30/01

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