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"Oh baby what a game!"

If you are a hard core Final Fantasy fan like me, then I know you will want this game. It includes Final Fantasy IV (or Final Fantasy II here) and Chrono Trigger. Sure Chrono Trigger is not a Final Fantasy, but it is one great game. You may have also heard of a slow down in both of these games, which there is when battles load and menus load, but after awhile, you tend to ignore it. The slow down seems to make it take about five to six seconds to load them but it is not much of a problem.

Game Play (10/10): Besides for the slow down, this two game pack rules. Even both games have new cinema scenes. Final Fantasy IV has new items, monsters, spells, weapons, the list goes on and on. Plus, Final Fantasy IV has a new two player mode where a friend can join in with you in the battles.

Graphics (10/10): They are just like they were on the Super Nintendo, but may be better. The new cinema scenes rule, Chrono Trigger reminds me off a spin off of Dragon ball Z now. Thats a good thing. Like, Crono looks like Goku, but with different outfit and different hair color. What would you expect from the man who made Dragon Ball?

Controls (10/10): Controls are very simple, just like every other RPG on the Sony Playstation. You have your button that lets you run, and your menu buttons. Very user friendly...

Sound/Music (10/10): Just the same as Super Nintendo copies. It may sound a little different to a few people, but to me, not too much different. I wasn't expecting a whole lot of change any ways.

Replay Value (10/10): With the multiple endings on Chrono Trigger and extra stuff on Final Fantasy IV, you have tons and tons of replay time right in front you. You can even view the movies from the main menu after you see this once in the game.

Overall (10/10): This game is good for you hard core final fantasy fans, you rpg fans, or just anyone who missed out on the original releases of these games. Square really out did them selves this time. Like what you will read again, please get this game, if you can not afford yet, please rent.

Rent or buy: Well, if you can not afford it yet, definitely rent, but make sure you get it. Then, once you can, go buy it. Do what you have to, buy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/30/01, Updated 06/30/01

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