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"You begged, they shrugged, you begged, the finally accepted"

Ok, it seems like some people have gotten off on the wrong note about this game. Yes there are quite a few of misburned copies of FFC, but other than that you shouldnt have very long load times with either game.

Gameplay: Well, I guess it all depends on what kind of RPG you like to play. Chrono Trigger was a key element in the nonlinear RPG world. I and many others still believe that its the greatest RPG of all time. Im not much of a Final Fantasy fan, but i will rate it anyway.

1. Chrono Trigger: This is where it really shines. The gameplay in Chrono Trigger gets its fun from the way you can alter past/present/future a certain way and get a certain ending! The battle system flows much better than FFIV (Final Fantasy 2). As you know, battle systems are VERY important to an RPG
Rating: 10

2. Final Fantasy IV (AKA Final Fantasy 2) was released in 1991 with a relatively hushed response. Simply put, the game had horrible graphics even in its day. On the other hand, FFIV's gameplay is very similar to FFIII. That should make some people happy. Overall this game runs smoother than Chrono Trigger. However, the CG cinemas look HORRIBLE.
Rating: 8


1. Chrono Trigger's sound is pretty much the best in videogame history. I will leave this up to your discretion, though.
Rating: 10

2. Final Fantasy IV's sound REALLY shows its age. REALLY BAD. However, the music as a composition is wonderful. In the end, its a battle of Quality over Composition.
Rating: 7


1. Chrono Trigger beats the living snot out of FFIV by providing near-psx quality 2D graphics. The animation, Mode-7 animation and the cutscenes are all above the level of FFIV.
Rating: 9

2. Final Fantasy IV doesnt hold any chance in this category. Simply put, the graphics suck. The cinema scenes could have been done on Sega CD. The scenes are horribly fuzzy and (I guess you would call it pixelated).
Rating: 4

Total Rating Average:

Chrono Trigger: 10
Final Fantasy IV: 8(ish)

Rent or Buy:
Its not possible to rent this game and get anything productive done. You MAY be able to beat Chrono Trigger, but then again there are all those extra goodies you get for accessing each ending in the Omake section. BUY this game. If you are one of the unlucky ones with a misburnt copy, just take it back and exchange it.

P.S. It should have been called Chrono Trigger Fantasy

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/01/01, Updated 07/01/01

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