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"Curse the Playstation's load times!"

This basically a rerelease of two of Squaresoft's greatest games, Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger. Many people regard Final Fantasy IV as the best Final Fantasy of all time. Chrono Trigger is usually thought of as the best RPG of all time! Does this game recreate that feel you get when you played them back in the day? Read on!
Final Fantasy IV Review:

Story: 10 This is one of the best stories Square has ever thought up! You start out as a Dark Knight by the name of Cecil who robs a little village called Mysidia of a crystal. He feels guilty about plundering villages and tells the king how he feels. Big mistake. The king accuses him of treason and fires him of his command of the airship force the Red Wings. He is then sent on a quest to deliver a bomb ring to a village named Mist. What happens next? Play the game and see for yourself. Final Fantasy IV has a slightly altered story from the US Final Fantasy II. Bad words and such are added and things that I won't spoil for you.
Gameplay: 9 The menus and such are easy to use which make the game good for people getting into the Final Fantasy series. The difficulty takes a HUGE leap from Final Fantasy II US which makes the game good for the Final Fantasy veterans. There is a new dash feature which lets you dash(duh!) through towns and dungeons. There is almost no loading times in Final Fantasy IV except when it comes to saving. It takes about twice as long as Final Fantasy VII does to save. Unacceptable. That was probably the only thing wrong with the gameplay.
Graphics: Todays standards:2 Back then: 8 I won't compare the graphics to Final Fantasy IX or any other PS game because they were not made for the PSX. Mode 7 scenes(airships) are a little glitchy since PSX wasn't designed to support that. The graphics look slightly altered from the SNES version (or maybe its just my imagination?). The fight scenes were sort of boring. The spells weren't very flashy compared to todays standards so new-school gamers would probably fall asleep. If you can't see past the graphics then go play Final Fantasy VIII, kid. There are some movies in the game which remind me of the opening scene of Final Fantasy VII (perhaps the pic of Rosa?). Give it a look with an open mind.
Sound: 7 The music is great! Nobuo composed a great soundtrack with a new battle music. The original battle music was put in the boss battles which make the game easy to listen to. Shame there wasn't a soundtrack CD with it. The sound effects themself are pretty bad. The annoying sound you hear when you swing your sword (beep! beep!) can make your ears bleed. The spell sounds aren't so bad.
Overall:10 I loved Final Fantasy IV for the Super Famicom system and now I can love it even more in English! Alright people, get rid of you ROMs and play the LEGAL version!

Chrono Trigger Review:

Story: 10 C'mon! You've gotta love the story of Crono and pals! You start as a young man named Crono who is going to go to a mellenial fair (whoopee!)When he gets there he runs into a young lady named ''Marle''. This game has a great story and I don't want to give away anymore so find out the rest for yourself.

Gameplay: 6(!) I know I am going to get flamed in the message boards about this but here goes: Moving and menus are super simple to use and the game's difficulty gains nicely. The battles and techs are easy to use as well... then why did I give it a six you ask? Two words: LOAD TIMES. They are rediculous! It takes an ungodly amount of time to get to the menu. And battles progress like this: Hero spots enemy Everything frozen but background music keeps playing Still frozen and background music stops Still frozen(!) and battle music starts battle commences victory to hero see above for the rest of the steps. Believe me I am NOT stretching the truth it IS that bad! A shame too... I was expecting a lot.

Sound: 9 Yay! Something to be happy about! The sound is very good. The music is excellent and the sound affects are good. The jukebox extra is for those of us who wanted a soundtrack CD. 69 tracks! I think they added sound affects such as Frog going ''ribbit'' after every sentence. The sound is excellent although it sounds a little tinny. Overall good sound.

Graphics: Todays standards:5 Back then: 10 Once, again I won't compare this game to Chrono Cross since this game came out in 1995 and Chrono Cross 1999 i believe. The graphics are bigger and more detailed than Final Fantasy IV. Everything seems brighter as well. The opening movie made my jaw drop on the floor! It was incredible! They are made by the same guy who did the Dragon BallZ series so you know they are good!

Overall:8 This game would get a perfect score if it weren't for those EXTREMELY annoying load times! Words can't explain how annoying they are! For shame Square!

Over all: Final Fantasy Chronicles is worth the money. Aside from the problems with Chrono Trigger, it is a great game. Buy or rent: Oldschool players: BUY NOW! QUIT READING AND BUY IT! Newschool players: Wait for Final Fantasy X... unless you want to enjoy what old school players are always ranting about! Rent it if you are unsure of your patience... Chrono Trigger's load times are horrendous... some people just can't put up with that. I will try my best to look past that but it won't be easy! Why are you still reading this?! At the VERY LEAST, RENT IT!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/02/01, Updated 07/02/01

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