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"Finally two of the best RPG's of the SNES come to the PSX"

When I first heard that Final Fantasy Chronicles (FF4 and CT) was coming out in America I immediately earned up enough money to get it. When I heard that it was to be released sooner than expected, well, I was extremely happy, but since my town doesn't usually get new games for about a week after they're released I knew that since I was going on vacation to a larger city that they would definitely have it. I already have FF2 for SNES, but I'd never played CT before this was released so now I finally know why this is one of the SNES's best games.

Story: FF4- You are Cecil, commander of the Red Wings which belongs to the kingdom of Baron which is the most powerful kingdom on the planet. Cecil is dismissed from being captain of the Red Wings and along with his friend Kain, who is a dragoon, he is commanded to bring a package to the village of Mist...
CT- You are Crono, the non-talking hero, you meet a girl named Marle in the Millenial Fair and you show her around for a while before you go to see your friend Lucca's new experiment. It works perfect the first time, but when Marle tries it, she disappears and your journey starts...

Sound/Graphics: FF4- 6/7 The sound is about a second behind when you enter a town or do something like that, but the sound effects can be cool (namely some of the spells) The music is cool, one of the towers has cool music as does the place near the end of the game (I'm not telling names incase they're spoilers.) The graphics aren't the greatest, but you have to remember that this is just a remake of a SNES game. The added CG Videos are cool, the one at the beginning that shows the airships and Cecil is good. Kain looks very cool though, as does Golbez.
CT- 7/9 The sound in Chrono Trigger doesn't stop when you enter a town, so there isn't any really loading for the music. The sound effects are cool, some of Crono's sword techs are really cool sounding. The music so far has been really great, some of the tunes are very cool (the battle theme and the overworld theme in the present time.) The Graphics in CT are possibly the best ever on an SNES. The added anime scenes are cool, and Crono and Frog look very cool.

Controls: 10 Since the PSX controller is so much like an SNES, the controls are almost the exact same. Both games apply to this rating. I can't give the controls in this review because I know some people have burned copies of it without instructions...

Replay Value: FF4- 8 Getting the Adamant armor is definitely something that gives it replay value. Also there are all those little items that you can only get from fighting certain enemies. Also there is those hidden summon spells...
CT- 10 Many multiple endings to get after you beat it will make you want to beat it over and over again...

Overall- This is quite possibly my favorite PSX game. This are both two of the greatest RPG's ever. Sure, there is the loading times (not very bad though) and it does take a while to save onto your save pack (1 block for Chrono Trigger, 2 for FF4.) If you see this somewhere shell out the $40 needed to buy it ($64.99 at EB in Canada) you'll definitely be happy with Final Fantasy Chronicles (Supposedly some of the discs don't work, but mine works perfectly...)

Final Score- 10!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/08/01, Updated 07/08/01

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