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"Two great games that stand the test of time"

Chrono Trigger

One of my biggest regrets about not getting the SNES is missing out on the many great RPGs. Throughout the years, these games have still kept their appeal. Evidence of that is the rarity or high costs of some of these great games. One such game is Chrono Trigger. When I hear Squaresoft was porting this game to the PlayStation I immediately ran down to my local video game outlet, slapped down my 40 bucks and said ''put me on the list, I gotsta have my Chrono Trigger.'' Well, actually, it was something like ''I wish to reserve FF Chronicles'', but you get the point.

Final Fantasy 4

Originally released for the SNES in July 1991 in Japan it took some time for this game to travel across the ocean to American (November 1994) were it was initially dubbed Final Fantasy 2. Then re-released in Japan for the PS in 1997 and again as part of the ''Final Fantasy Collection'' in 1999 finally reaches it's way to American shores in it's PlayStation format along with the acclaimed ''Chrono Trigger''. Both these game comprise a collection known here in the states as ''Final Fantasy Chronicles''.

Chrono Trigger Graphics - 8
These graphics stay 100% true the original. It looked pretty damn good back then and looks pretty damn good now. The characters aren't in 3D, but who cares? The added FMV is awesome, they look just like a well-done cartoon. Oh, wait...they are.

Chrono Trigger Graphics on PS2 - 8
Exactly the same. FMVs run a little bit jerky, but oh well.

Final Fantasy 4 Graphics - 8
Your usual graphics for any SNES RPG. Playing this game may remind you a bit of Final Fantasy 5's graphics. Square holds true to the original SNES version by providing bright , bold colors. The added FMV, though not much, is a nice touch to finish off this masterpiece of translation.

Final Fantasy 4 Graphics on PS2 - 8
What, you expect the PS2 to enhance it anymore then it already is? This game ran fine on a 16-bit console. 32-bit or 128-bit, overkill is overkill.

Chrono Trigger Sound - 9
This is some great music. I highly recommend getting the soundtrack (If your into orchestrated music and such).

Final Fantasy 4 Sound - 9
Sound so intense yet easy to listen to, you might have trouble getting it out of your head. If you like any of the newer FF tunes, many of them were taken from older games like this one so some songs may sound familiar. As usual, Square
does a great job in the sound department.

Chrono Trigger Storyline - 8
I'm not that far into this game, but what I've seen so far, I like. It's not your standard Defeat the bad guy, save the world/damsel-in-distress sort of thing. I'll write more as I progress in the game.

Chrono Trigger Control - 10
Well, this is the standard Squaresoft style. If you have FF 5, 6, 8 or 9; well then, you know what to expect. In fact, I think Square even used the same button configuration on PS as they did on SNES.

Final Fantasy 4 Control - 8
You know, I'm starting to think I'm the only one who prefers the control scheme found in FF7/Tactics. It seems that every other RPG that Square makes uses the X button to confirm and circle to cancel. Just the opposite of the style I love. Oh well, if this is a sign of games to come, I better get used to it. Other then that, control runs just as good as any other FF game (and pretty much the same for that matter).

Chrono Trigger Replay - 9
I haven't finished this great game yet, but once I have, you'll be the first to know. But what I do know is, Chrono Trigger features a little thing called ''New Game+''. After you beat the game and you save your system file, this new game+ option pops up. So what's this do? Well, you get to start the game all over again, but you get to keep all your stats. So that means that you could start a brand-spanking new game on say, level 99 or whatever the highest level is you can obtain.

Final Fantasy 4 Replay - 6
All Squaresoft games score high here (at least with me) but this one, I just don't know. It seems fun so far, but hey, it's only been on the PS in America for 2 days (as of the time this review is written), just give me time. I can tell you one thing, this game gets pretty enthralling right from the get-go.

Chrono Trigger Overall - 9
Great game for the SNES and the PS. If you like the old-school style of RPGs, this is a must have. Chrono Trigger comes packaged with FF4 in a two CD set entitled ''Final Fantasy Chronicles''. This set isn't too expensive to purchase.

Final Fantasy 4 Overall - 8
Well, so far it seems to be a solid translation of the SNES classic with a few added FMVs for good measure. Worth getting if you're an Avid FF collector and/or you don't have the classics for the SNES.

Overall – 9
These are two great games worth getting. If you love RPGs, I strongly recommend this compilation. Two greats games that stand the test of time.

Chrono Trigger

PS2 advantages:
-Absolutely none

Driver recommendations:
Disc speed > Standard
Texture mapping > Standard

Disc Speed doesn't really matter, and I don't see much difference between standard and smooth textures. But I know some of the other SNES ports (FF5 & 6) screw up when you set textures to smooth. Like I said earlier, FMVs do skip a little (barely noticeable) on the PS2 no matter what disc speed you have it on.

Final Fantasy 4

PS2 advantages:
-Absolutely none

Driver recommendations:
Disc speed - Standard
Texture mapping - Standard

Disc Speed seems to really matter here, and I don't see much difference between standard and smooth textures. But with disc speed set to fast, the background music and the battle transitions seem to screw up.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/09/01, Updated 07/09/01

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