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"Two great games. Even for people new to the series."

The game play is great in both of these games. Even thought they are old and just remade they have a better storyline than many of todays games. The gameplay on FF4 so far has caused me to like it better than 7-9 and those have been my favorites (8, 9, 7 in that order) and now even though i'm not done with FF4 yet the gameplay and story has changed my mind and it is now my favorite game in the entire series.

The controls are good except for the slight detail to some major to others. There is no analog control. Since that is now pretty much standard on all playstation games I was kind of disappointed when I got it and couldn't use that. The battle controls are about the same as in all of the other Final Fantasy games that followed it.There are summons and black magic and white magic and the other types too.

Final Fantasy 4 is about a dark knight named Cecil who is on a quest to protect the four crystals. Chrono Trigger is about a young boy who travels through time and space into the past present and the future.

On the box it says ''Final Fantasy IV was previously released as Final Fantasy II, but has been completely restored with new magic, monsters, items, CG cinemas, and added features.'' ''Chrono Trigger is a re-release of the original game. This time-traveling prequel to Chrono Cross (tm) is enhanced with all-new animated scenes.''

The graphics are not great because of the fact that both games in this collection were ported over from the SNES. So this game doesn't get a good rating in this category. However, the graphics are good in the movies of the games.

I haven't beaten either yet, but so far I am constantly playing them so they seem to have a good replay value. These both keep me glued to the game for hours until I have to leave.

I would definately reccomend that everyone who hasn't bought this game yet should go out and buy it. If you already have the originals you may still want to get it anyway just to see what they changed in it when they ported it over.

This game is not an average game collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/13/01, Updated 07/13/01

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