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"Two great games in one pack!"

Final Fantasy IV and Crono Trigger were two out of many many many great RPGs that I always wanted to play so badly. I never had the chance though because at that time I don't have the money to buy both games. Thanks goodness that SquareSoft decided to release the two great games for the PSX and it is in English with all new features!

Let's talk about Crono Trigger first, the first that you will discover about this game is the terrible load time. The time that takes to load the menu screen, new places, changing characters menu, etc could takes as long as six seconds! This is terrible and it makes me don't want to access the menu screen because of the load time, but after playing for several hours then you will probably get use to it.

The graphics, well, nothing can says much here. It's a SNES game so don't expect 3D graphics and flashy lighting effect or something. The graphics is in 2D and it isn't as bad as FFIV but it is quite acceptable. The new added FMV sequences are top-notch. The only thing that lack is the voice acting.

The music for this is top-notch! Best of all, once you finshed the game then you can listen to it any time you want! But you have to find all the endings in order to unlock them.

If you don't like FFIV, Crono Trigger alone is already worth the price.

Now lets get going to Final Fantasy IV. Although I still haven't finish it but I am half-way through. You will think that this game no need to load but actually is that it load so fast until you couldn't notice it at all. Many people claimed that FFIV is the FF series of all time. I'm certainly agree with it because it features the best story from all of the FF series.

Although FFIV only add-in some 3D cut-scene but they are not as good as the FMVs that feature in Crono Trigger. One of the most interesting thing is that you can save the game into the console as long as you don't turn off the console, you can retreat the save file anytime you want.

All in all, Final Fantasy: Cronicle is a must buy title if you are a RPG fan! You will be dissapointed and both games will definitely entertain you long enough if only you like them, but, is a reason you don't like them?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/17/01, Updated 07/17/01

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