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"Buy it for FF4, NOT Chrono Trigger!"

FF4: This is one of the best rpg's ever. 'Nuff said.

Graphics 9/10: Early 90's SNES looking; but because I'm biased, I think there's a lot more care then there is with latter Square games. Not like in latter games, where they just throw cgi scenes all the time, to compensate for a lack of a story.

Music: 10/10 One of the few games that will have you humming the tunes long after you've finished it.

Gameplay: 8/10 Other than a wretched loading time when saving, it's a perfect port of the original. I just wish Square would keep the basic game mechanics in future games.
But NOOO. They have to make each new game seem more complicated than the rest, because fans feel collecting a lot of useless spells and items is more important than the ability to have a simple battle system.

Story: 10/10 Cmon, how can you not appreciate a simple, but effective story? It's a shame that the later games have stories that are just an excuse for Sakaguchi's own personal life to get in the way of anything meaningful.

Added FMV: 7/10 Kinda SD, and loveable, but nothing spectacular.

New Translation: 8/10 They STILL didn't use the Japanese names. And I saw ''You spoony bard'' tossed in there! For shame Square.

General Rating 9/10: This is the game that got me into rpg's and ironically, the game that's gotten me fed up with the Square of today. I hope they use FF4 as a reminder of their previous accomplishments, or their next movie will be as bad as this one.

Chrono Trigger

Ho hum! Another waste of my time from Toriyama, besides Dragonball Z.

Graphics: 7/10 And even when it first came out, I wasn't impressed by em. Why did the characters shrink to dots on the world map? ''But Toriyama designed em!'' So what? I don't play games because anime artists work on em. I play them because of the gameplay. Toriyama also did the art for Tobal No. 1. Does that mean that's good too? I mean when you think about it, Chrono Trigger is just basically Final Fantasy Legend 3 with Toriyama art.Plus I also have a gripe about how stupid the ship looks on the world map. That's far from cool.

Music: 8/10 Have no problems with it. It's memorable.

Gameplay: 6/10 I don't like games I can beat in a week. Plus the different endings revolve around beating Lavos at certain times, not really about what you do in the game the second time around. (The endings themselves are like 30 seconds. Real ''epic''. *yawn*) Plus you get so many powerful spells by the end, that there's no real sense of strategy. Just use Ultima like another overhyped game (*cough* FF6 *cough*), and you win. Big deal. Hell, Ayla alone makes the game too easy by the end. So characters say different things, depending on who you use and the situation? Why do I care?

And of course, this game has much more wretched loading times than the SNES version. Though since I already knew that, and since I didn't buy the package for it, at least I'm not disappointed.

Story 3/10: Yet another boring fleshy monster(which looks like a reject from the Actraiser series) is wrecking havoc on the world far far in the future. Which makes you wonder why the characters would care in the first place, since they'll be dead long before then. You get 6-7 characters who have stupid catch-phrases or gestures, and people automatically consider them deep. (The main character doesn't even say anything through the entire game!) So they have some problems! Once those are resolved faster than a 30-minute sitcom, there's nothing left to really care about these paper-thin cliches.

Anime scenes: 6/10 They look nice, but they're far too infrequent to deal with that awful loading time.

Extras: I didn't bother getting through the rest of the game to get them.

All in all for CT: 6/10 It has ''pretty colors'' and ''dope music'', but other than that, nothing that really makes it stand out.

Total Score: 8/10 For FF4, cus CT is what's wrong with Square.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/22/01, Updated 07/22/01

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