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"Blast from the past, god bless nostalgia!"

Due to my affliction with the dreaded SQUARE mind control disease where i purchase anything with the Final Fantasy logo on it i just so happened to pick up FFC at my local store on import, a cool £40 secured my purchase and i eagerly went home to play FF4, however i was unaware (Being the stupid person that i am) that Chrono Trigger was in the same package so it came as a surprise to me to have one of my most favourite RPGs of all time on a shiny black disc with all the convenience of just popping in a CD and hitting the power button.

Firstly id like to talk about FF4 for a little bit, having only played the game on a glitchy SNES emulator i have no idea how close to the original SNES version this is, but i would say its pretty close and definately better than the PC SNES emulator version, the graphics arent much but Cecil is about a cool a guy as you can get, and the storyline progresses at a fantastic rate, so you arent left wandering empty towns and being repeatedly forced into random battles (However there are a fair few but its all good!).
Being from SQUARE the plot is of sufficient ''Moral Decisions'' value with a few plot twists popped in here and there, all standard SQUARE polish with a few sexy FMV cutscenes in there too, however the music has not been updated which is a pity as i would have loved to hear some decent N.Uematsu composed tunes for the game. Smack on the wrist for SQUARE being slow there!

Chrono trigger however is a different kettle of fish altogether and is probably the game you are most likely to come back to, again i have only played this game on a PC emulator so i cant comment on its faithfulness to the original but what i do know is that its a blast, the plot revolves around time travel and a secret pendant, with quite a few tough boss battles (Dragon Tank... AAAAARGH!!!) and some great one liners from the cast of characters. The graphics, while not top notch FF8 material, they are good in a retro SNES kinda way, and the music is exceptional, even for a SNES title! It has some of the jolliest tunes ive ever heard in a game and theres nothing like battling a tough boss accompanied by the banging battle music pumping from the stereo... Ahhh RPG bliss!
Im sure most RPG fans would buy FFC just for CT but i bought it just for FF4, and CT was just the icing on the cake, so if you want to get a game that will last you for hours and not minutes (Al'a The Bouncer, Onimusha, Z.O.E) then turn to the retro side and pick up these old skool RPG's. You will NOT be dissapointed!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/30/01, Updated 07/30/01

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