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"Two of the best Games Released on the Super Nintendo is now yours to Own on the Playstation"

Final Fantasy Chronicles is now the new hit smash with the games Final Fantasy IV(2 on the Super Nintendo), and Chrono Trigger. These 2 are easily in the top 5 of the best RPG's released on the Super Nintendo, with some people saying Chrono Trigger was the best game released on the Super Nintendo period. Now you get both of these excellent games in one. After the success of Anthology, Square was demanded they release another type of that game. The fans wanted it, and Square came out with this spectacular idea. The re- release of this game has made it now one of the top games to own on the Playstation. This game is almost perfect in every way, and let me tell you exactly how great this game really is!


Final Fantasy IV:6
This game was defiantly not released to impress people with the graphics. This game was made in the very early 90's and they look the same now. If you are a true gamer, you need to overlook these graphics because you will be disappointed. Remember, this game has been out for about 10 years now, so they are that much dated. There are a few FMV's in the game that make it a little better but not much.

Chrono Trigger:8
They are better than Final Fantasy IV, but this game is old itself. This game was released in 1995, so you have a game 6 years old. Why the graphics are a lot better in this game, they are still dated, so yet again, please don't judge this game by it's graphics because it is really great. A great addition is the FMV's and there are about 10 in the game, so you will like those a lot. They are very well made by the creator of Dragonball Z. Look at the gameplay quality for both to see two excellent games that you will love.


Final Fantasy IV:10
Even though the game is old, it has some great music in it. It does have a lot of the same music in a lot of parts but each piece is very well done. There is no way that you cannot like this music. I think that it is some of the best put in any Final Fantasy game, and you should be most impressed. The sound is nothing unusual. Sometimes the chop chop type noise of Cecil's sword is annoying but that is it.

Chrono Trigger:10
This music is great too. A lot of variety, and catchy themes reside in this game. These are about the best one-two punch when it comes to music. Say for instance, when you are in the prehistoric level, the music sounds like you think it would, and the future sounds bleak and desolate. This is what I like, and Square did a nice job. Two thumbs up as Ebert would say on the sound.


Final Fantasy IV:9
The gameplay is great for this game. it is like any other Final Fantasy really(even the newer ones), and has the same type battle system. You can fight, use a few special type moves with a certain character, use magic with just about anybody, and use items. That is how the battle system goes. the other type of the game is to explore the area, gaining weapons, armor etc. To empower you and complete your objective through the game. It is a loveable gameplay system that you have no choice but to like.

Chrono Trigger:10
Well, this gameplay is even better than Final Fantasy. In this game in the battle sequences there is a fight command again, and there is also techs you can use. These are sort of like magic attacks, but there are physical attacks in there also. You can use items in the battle screen too. This game is a lot like Final Fantasy is that you have to do a lot of exploring and such, and is fun because the things that you do in the past can effect things in the future which is always interesting. This is an extremely fun gameplay system.


Final Fantasy IV:10
This is a story were a commander named Cecil is leader of the Red Wings which is basically an airship that fights against other towns and empires. One day he has had enough and decided to question the King. He is then relived of his duty, and realizing Baron's evilness decided to leave with his friend Kain to do a deed for the King. He doesn't know what type of adventure he is about to embark on.

Chrono Trigger:10
It's the year 1000 and the Millinnium Fair is here. Chrono gets ready to go and gets money from his mom to enjoy the fair. At the setting he accidently runs into a young girl who wants Chrono to accompany her. Before going to Lucca's sideshow, they have no idea what they are getting into. It's an adventure through time!


Final Fantasy IV:10
Oh man, this game is hard! If you have played the Super Nintendo version, you most likely think I'm crazy but we got the Japanese version here folks. They generally make their games harder than the United States version. Make sure to level up a lot before a dungeon, and make sure to have a lot of curing because this game can be very hard.

Chrono Trigger:8
Defiantly not as hard as Final Fantasy IV. Chrono Trigger is a game that you will enjoy playing through, and doesn't need to be hard to be this enjoyable. You will love how this game plays out, and you will realize it doesn't need to be hard to deliver like it does. Two different games in that sense, and they are both good.


Final Fantasy IV:7
You might play through the game two times or so. It isn't too long neither is it a hard game to play twice. You will enjoy it so much that you might want to play it again. The hard factor of it may throw people off a little after the first time though. It's really a personal thing, and if you want to play it again or not.

Chrono Trigger:10
This game is one of the highest replay value games ever because it has a new feature that other games don't. When you complete the game you can save the file to a ''system file'' and you can get a lot of extra options. There is also around 12 endings so you should be getting a lot of replay out of this one. I have played through this game many times and it is always fun every time through.


This game has two excellent role playing games for only $39.99 retail. That would be a great price for one of those games let alone both of them. If you are a new school type gamer, get used to the old school because you will learn to love it. If you have never experienced an RPG before, rent it to get the feel for a game like this.


Final Fantasy IV:10
This is a superb game that is very enjoyable, and a game you should like. Even for those newer gamers used to Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9, you still need to play this game to see how great this is. It is not really a game for starters for RPG's so be careful! Have fun with this!

Chrono Trigger:10
This is a great game too. It is an excellent story, and really is great, everything just like Final Fantasy IV. Going through time really has never been this fun, and if you play this game you will agree with me. Even if you don't like RPG's, you will like this game because there is so much to do, and so much fun to have.

This is really the best game out for the Playstation right now. It's a great deal, and you are sure to love it. The best thing to know is to enjoy these games and take everything in. Add this to your RPG collection because you will surely not be disappointed with two of the greatest titles of all time, in one game! Enjoy!

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Originally Posted: 08/21/01, Updated 08/21/01

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