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"Like the back of the CD case says "It's about time""

When people talk about the so called ''old school'' RPG's the names Chrono Trigger and FF4 always seem to come up. Both had moments that people who played them cannot forget. Now the younger RPG players can finally get a chance to see why they are considered to be two of the greatest RPG's ever.

NOTE-Keep in mind that some of the scores in this review are compared to other Super NES games. After all it would be unfair to compare them to PSX games wouldn't it? Also both games in the package will be reviewed separately.

Final Fantasy 4-10
Chrono Trigger-8

I know what some of you who have played both games must be thinking. As anyone who knows me would tell you I always considered the gameplay of CT to be the best out of all the RPG's Square made for the SNES. Let me explain why I did this. While CT and FF4 both have great gameplay CT suffers from slowdown at some points. Every time you get into a battle it takes about two seconds to load up. In addition the status and character exchange screens take anywhere between 5-8 seconds to load up. While it will be annoying to anyone that has played the Super NES version it's not too much of a problem to stop anyone from playing. On the other hand FF4 is the best SNES to PSX re-release Square has ever done. If your expecting the bad load times that FF6 suffered from then stop worrying. FF4 plays just like it's counterpart on the SNES. The only time you need to worry about those load times is when you save your game.

Now that I have that out of the way let me move on to the good points about the gameplay. Both games are what anyone would expect from a Square RPG. In towns things are taken care of by one or two buttons. In battles everything is done by menus. Both games have the three standard RPG commands: Attack, Magic (Tech for CT)and Items. This keeps things simple and easy to find. Also since both of these were on the Super NES first you can expect the control to be simple. It's so easy to learn that you won't even need more than 2 minutes to figure out what each button does.

Final Fantasy 4-10
Anyone who has played a FF game old or new knows what to expect. Plot twists, betrayal, unexpected surprises and a simple quest that becomes something bigger are what Square has always done best with their trademark RPG series. In addition the new translation is much better than it was on the Super NES. Without giving away any surprises the basic storyline is this:

You are the Dark Knight Cecil. He's the commander of the airship fleet called the Red Wings. However after questioning the king's orders after a recent mission you lose command of your fleet and are giving a new mission to deliver a package to a nearby village. Is there a reason why the king has been acting odd as of late? And why is he asking you to deliver this package?

Chrono Trigger-10
The storyline of CT is much more simple than FF4 but that doesn't mean it's not a good game. Once again here's the basic story without giving too much away:

You are the swordsman Crono. After a brief adventure in the past when you accidently discover how to time travel you must escape into another time gate to the future. It's here that you learn about the destruction of the world by the alien Lavos. Now you must figure out a way to stop him so that the future does not come to a sudden and deadly end.

Like with FF4 you can expect many unexpected surprises and a few plot twists.

Final Fantasy 4-8
While I haven't played this game in about 7 or 8 years the music and sound effects are just as I remember them. I'd add more but I really can't comment on FF4 since I never owned the Super NES version ;_;

Chrono Trigger-9
This one is somewhat of a mixed bag. While the music is perfect anyone who has played the Super NES version will notice that certain sound effects are a bit off. The things that suffered the most in my opinion were the special attacks and magic spells. Listening to attacks such as Ice Sword just made me cringe when I started to think about what the cooler spells (such as Luminaire)must sound like on the PSX. While you do get use to it after a little while it's something that will really bug some of the people that like to see re-releases done perfectly. The thing that saved CT from an even lower score was the fact that the game had some great new versions of classic CT music (such as the Main Theme and Frog's Theme)during the new cut scenes.

Final Fantasy 4-7
Not the most impressive since it was one of the first Super NES games (originally released in 1991)but back then no one paid too much attention to the graphics. Also there are CG cut scenes but the younger gamers might think they look a bit outdated. The reason for this is because FF4 originally came out with the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Anthology. However those scenes are for the most part so short that you won't really pay much attention to them.

Chrono Trigger-10
This was a game that really pushed the Super NES close to it's limit back in 1995. All of the characters where designed by Akira Toriyama who many people will know as the guy behind Dragon Ball Z. Also you now have the anime cut scenes that were done by Toei Animation (who also did the DBZ anime if I'm not mistaken)

Replay Value
Final Fantasy 4-7
I haven't really played FF4 that much but from what I've heard from several people that have it didn't really have side quests. As a result once your done with it you might not feel like going back to start over. However I did hear that since this is the hard type version you can expect to spend about 50+ hours to finish the game. Speaking of hard type I read in the player's guide that the suggested level for the final battle is 70!

Chrono Trigger-10
This is where the true replay value will come from. However Chrono Trigger doesn't take very long to finish. Anyone that is great at making progress in an RPG will only take about 20-25 hours. While this may not seem like a long game you can expect to take about twice as long as FF4 trying to get all 10+ endings. Most of these endings cannot be found until you've beaten the game at least once and unlocked ''New Game +'' mode. In addition each time you unlock another ending you'll open up more options in the PSX exclusive ''Extras Mode''. Also there are a few side quests in CT. If you decide to do them all you can expect to add on a few more hours to that time I gave you.

Buy or Rent?
This depends on a few things. Read the category that applies to you before deciding.

If you own FF2(4) but not CT for the Super NES:
This game is a must have for you guys! Not only is FF4 now the hard type version but it also has a much better translation. Also you all missed out on Chrono Trigger! What's wrong with you guys?

If you own CT but not FF2(4) for the Super NES:
Consider getting this game when you can. FF4 may be outdated compared to Chrono Trigger but it's also a great game. Plus you now have a chance to relive some of your favorite moments from CT that are now in anime form!

If you own both games for the Super NES:
You guys might not want to shell out the $40 for two games you already own even if they are enhanced with new things. In this case rent first to see if it's something you might want to buy.

If you own FF Anthology:
Keep in mind that we got screwed out of FF4 in the American release. Now's your chance to get the game we missed!

If you've only played FF7, 8, 9 or Chrono Cross:
If you don't mind 16-bit graphics then consider getting it. Not only does it give you a chance to play an older Final Fantasy but it will also help fill you in on some of the important info in Chrono Trigger that CC only briefly covered. If your still unsure if you'll enjoy this then rent first ;-)

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Originally Posted: 08/28/01, Updated 08/28/01

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