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Reviewed: 01/12/04

2 great rpgs at one low price!

Final Fantasy Chronicles is made by Squaresoft and includes Final fantasy 4 which came out on the Super NES and Chronotrigger that also came out on the same system a few years later. Due to positive feedback and fan response, these two games were packaged together and re-released on the Playstation system so that fans may once again enjoy two of the best rpgs ever to grace a game console. My ratings will consists of two scores, one for each game with an overall score at the end.

Final Fantasy 4
Story- 10

The story in Final fantasy 4 is just nothing short of fantastic. It quickly draws you in and doesn’t let go for a second. The story begins as your king assigns you, a dark knight, to procure all the crystals in the world, yet while doing so; you start to question the actions of your liege and so are demoted and ordered to bring a package to a neighboring village. Once there you renounce your former majesty, which makes you an outlaw. It starts from there and it only gets better.

Graphics- 8

It is unfair to compare the graphics for this game to other playstation games as it was originally made for the Super Nintendo. For a game of its time however, the graphics I thought were decent and colorful. Most of the colors seem to fit just right and nothing seemed out of place. There is also an opening cgi scene, which wasn’t on the cartridge. I was hoping there would have been more of these scenes since the game was now on CD but unfortunately, there were none.

Sound- 9

Final fantasy 4 has some of the BEST sound that I have ever heard on a game. Even now, years later, some of the songs are still stuck in my head. They all seem to have an orchestral quality to them and they are played at just the right moments in just the right settings so nothing sounds out of place.

Gameplay- 8

Final Fantasy hasn’t really changed much on the battle scenes, they are turn-based allowing your character to fight or run. There are new classes unlike other final fantasy games previously and the game seems to expand on those allowing you to have more options that come with the class (e.g. bards can sing in battle and summoners can summon monsters to destroy their foes). There are a lot more spells and these look nice since they were designed for the SNES, if however you compare it to Final Fantasy 7-9, there’s really nothing new here. The map is presented in a ¾ view, which is where you view your character and where they encounter monsters. A couple of things that bothered me were that during the game the main character does not seem to act his role. I thought dark knights were supposed to be evil? The dialog seems to have been changed slightly in the remake, which I did not care for and the difficulty has been raised slightly, but it’s not too hard or anything. These are just small things and new people to the series probably won’t even notice most of these things.

Replay- 6

I love the game and all, but once you beat it, that’s all folks. There is really no reason to go back and play it again. The game is really linear in story and focus.

Overall- 8.2

Story- 10

What starts out as a simple festival turns into a great time-traveling extravaganza! You start out as a young man named crono who is going to the millennium festival. You however, bump into a mysterious girl who later on gets caught in an inventor’s machine, which actually warps her to another time! Of course you are going to go after her, right? And thus begins the adventures of crono and gang and trust me it gets really good! You go everywhere, from how everything began to even how the world might end! And of course, you have the power to change everything! Chronotrigger probably has the best story of any RPG I know! Since time travel can get confusing, the makers took time to make sure that none of the time lines got mixed up and it’s not too confusing. This game’s story has got to be the best.

Graphics- 9

Again it wouldn’t be fair to compare this game to other games on playstation but at the time this game’s graphic were really good. There is an opening cinema at the beginning that I thought was nice and there are also several other cinemas strewn throughout the game which I thought were done nicely. These helped add to the feel of the game. The techniques that are done in the game look nice as well and are colorful to watch.

Sound- 8

The sound here is pleasant to listen to and is beautifully orchestrated. At times, the music can get annoying, but that’s mainly in the battle scenes. The rest of the music is good in the game but I just didn’t care for the battle music too much for some reason.

Gameplay- 5

This game also has sort of a turn-based battle system but it is done in real time where you don’t switch to another screen however, that’s the problem. In the SNES version of the game, the transition was smooth but now that the game has been put on cd, the load times are HORRIBLE! I really hated having to wait for the battles to come up and I believe it was close to like 5 secs for each battle to begin and just that long to get back to the game after the battle. There are some cool techs (basically spells), which combined with other characters, have some really nice effects however, the battle loading time took away from all that. A good game that became hindered by one oversight apparently, considering that it would have taking Square a couple of lines of code to fix this problem.

Replay- 10

Here is where Chronotrigger really shines. The game has 13 endings in all and has also a theatre where you can see the cinematics of the game, a sound option where you can hear all the music in the game, a bestiary and even a option that will tell you where armor and weapons are found in case you forget later in the game. On top of all this, you can restart the game with all your current stats and most of your items! This makes getting those extra endings much easier!

Overall: 8.4

Despite the fact that these games are indeed old, for $40 you just can’t beat it. Each game is twenty dollars and it is definitely worth it. If you like rpgs, then this is worth buying over renting.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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