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"That rare thing:an excellent use of a license!"

Sheep,dog 'n wolf? Doesen't sound good does it? If you think so, you are wrong! Sheep,dog 'n wolf is a brilliant game. Why? Read the review to see why.

Based on the Looney Tunes cartoon of the same name, you are Ralph Wolf, cousin of one Wile.E Coyote, you have been selected by Daffy Duck to take part in the Sheep,dog 'n wolf show. The aim? You have to nick sheep. Sounds easy? Think again! The flock are guarded by Sam the Sheepdog and, if he sees ya, you're one fist short of getting lamped.

First things first, the visuals. As you'd expect from a Looney Tunes games, they are cartoony and simple but are cute and very effective. They help you in the game too. For example, you cross through the minefield with the detector. You leave footprints in the snow. You nick a sheep. Probelm is, how do you get the sheep across the minefield when you cant carry the sheep and use the detector at the same time? Just use the footprints and you'll make it back safely without you or the sheep getting blown up. Great!

The gameplays is truly original. At a glance, it look like a platformer but its more than that. To nick sheep, you have to use stealth and costumes. After ol' sheepie is nicked, you have to solve a puzzle. For example, there is a raft. However you cant move it. You can swim to the other side but the sheep cant. What do you do? Get your fan out and turn it on. You'll find out that that its powerful enough to steer the raft. Genius, eh?

There's loads of gadgets too. From hypnotising flutes to time travelling clocks, you'll have plenty of fun. There's also hidden clocks too. Find these and you'll open up the games secrets. Its very funny too. From getting squashed by a boulder to blowing Daffy up, you'll always raise a smile.

Another plus point is the decision to include infinate lifes in the game. Its easy to mess up, but with this decision and the generous save system, you wont have to do the hard bits all over again.

If there is a flaw, its the camera. At the wrong times, it swings around a lot. But, since its a probelm in most games, it doesn't distract from the quaility gameplay.

Sheep,dog 'n wolf is one of the most original games you can buy. The graphics are great and the gameplays even better. Trust me, you need this game. Final score:9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/06/01, Updated 10/06/01

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