Review by TownRanger

Reviewed: 06/06/05

A game not given by its name? Or a name not given by the game? Anyway, Brilliant!!

My first impression of the gameSheep, Dog n’ Wolf is a boring kid-exclusive action game with the skin of Looney Tunes’ Ralph Wolf. If I have not seen my buddy playing it, I could never have associated the game with the word BRILLIANT!

This game is a strategic game in that you are Ralph and you are supposed to nick a sheep from the mighty sheepdog Sam in each level. Mind you, ignore the good side of your heart and forget about the logics in real life. Sacrifice rules and moralities in return for a sheep from Sam’s hand.

You must use whatever strategy you can think of; bridging the gap, going through the obstacles, sneaking into where Sam guards the sheep, solving the puzzles, spreading the appealing fragrance, disguising as a feminine sheep, crossing a restricted area, getting the most out of some seemingly useless items, beating a boss with steady nerve, invoking the time machine to alter the landscape, getting out of Sam’s sight at all cost, and so and so. All those strategies are, however, easier said than done.

You have to scout around the area in each level. Plan before you do anything or else you will end up with a miserable death, like falling down a cliff or being burnt to death, or with Sam kicking you out of the screen or even murdering you. And then you have to restart the level again. With any luck you are given infinite lives but you may not want to keep dieing the same way over and over. Adjust your plan and use alternative strategies if you fail. You will be busy engaging in the puzzling gameplay in each level.

When the idea of gameplay comes into my mind, I do not want to comment on any other aspects of the game. The gameplay definitely rubs off on the game’s graphics, sounds, and whatever you think is your priority in choosing a video game. Trust me, the gameplay stands out by its own. The entire game is made unique just because of its gameplay.

One of the downsides, actually it is the only downside, in the game is the replayability. There are 18 levels and after you completed all of them it is pointless for you to replay the game once. You know all the strategies to use already!

Judging the front cover and the name, I thought Sheep, Dog n’ Wolf was for kids only. But it is more than that. It is for both parents and kids to sit together to beat! No sex, no violence, no swear words but mad strategies!

No sheep were harmed in the playing of this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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