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    FAQ/Move List by GalFord

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 11/14/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sony Playstation
    FAQ by: GalFord (GalFord@UkyoFan.zzn.com)
    When I first started to write this FAQ I had used an 'Unlock everything'
    code to enable..well, everything.  I did not listed it here, and I didn't
    give it out via e-mail.  The reason I'm did so is for the fact that it's
    spoilt the sense of achievement that I should have gained when I unlocked
    something new.  However, it seems that one person thought that I had a bit
    of a arrogance problem, so he mailed me a one of the funniest abuse-laden
    mails I've ever read.  They continued to get more and more hilarious each
    time he wished death upon me, all for the sake of a cheat code.  Well, the
    game's been out for ages now, so I don't think that it really matters whether
    I gave out the code now, as you can find it nearly anywhere on the 'net.
    If you can't find it at all, then I suppose I don't mind giving it out via
    e-mail if need be.
    Kind Regards,
    Version 0.4 = 14/11/01 <<Final: beta>>
    Corrected a few errors that were pointed out to me.  Cleared up a few things
    that meant that people would be able to unlock certain secrets.  Credited a
    few people with their findings etc, etc... received a LOT of mail about this
    FAQ, unfortunatly most of it was from one rather abusive little fellow that
    continues to try and upset me by mailing abuse to my mail account when all
    he's doing is making himself look rather stupid with his lack of spelling and
    grammar, over-abuse of the SHIFT key and vocabulary that seems to be sadly
    limited to 13 or so swearwords.  To think, all this over the fact that I
    didn't give out the 'Unlock Everything' keypress cheat.  You'd have thought
    that it'd be quite easy to find now.. hell, it's repeated twice on
    GameFAQs.com's Codes and Secrets section... Yeesh.
    Version 0.3 = 02/10/01  <<Final>>
    Found, and verified the method for getting Psylocke's 'Shadow' outfit.
    Was mailed the definitive way to get Spiderman.  Cleared up a few errors
    and I 'think' that I've wrapped it up.  Added a little 'something' to the
    Epilogue, just in case.. ^_~
    Version 0.2 = 1/10/01
    Listed Costumes and Stages, verified a few methods to unlocking a few of
    the hidden characters.  Added a small 'How to use' section at the bottom of
    every characters' moveslist.  Verified the method of unlocking the 'Pool
    Party' versus stage.  
    Version 0.1 = 26/09/01
    Listed all known special moves for each of the characters.  Will add throws,
    extra attacks, character data in next revision.  Also, will list the secrets
    as and when I find them.
    This FAQ is free and may not be used for profit or promotional purposes;
    this MEANS being used by ANY Publisher of ANY Magazine (OK?), or be used
    in a Website without the Writers Consent.  It may not be changed, altered
    nor edited in anyway.  This FAQ was created and slaved over by
    Bob Ritchings a.k.a. GalFord (GalFord@UkyoFan.zzn.com).
    And after going to the effort of typing this out...
    Ripping this off, will force me to do some Serious Spanking!
    This Game is (c) Activision. 2001
    All Characters within are (c) MARVEL. 2001
    I wanted to do an FAQ for the first game, but was beaten to it by a mile...
    so.. here it is!  I've played around with the game for long enough now to see
    that it's not just a complete rehash of the original, in fact.. it can be
    insanely complex when it comes to making up a few 'expert' combos!
    Joining the original cast of 10 from the first game are Havok, Nightcrawler,
    Forge and Rogue as well as a few... hidden challengers.
    The game system has been massively overhauled.  At first glance, it looks
    exactly the same, until someone boots the opponent into the air!! ^_^
    F = Forward
    B = Back
    R = Right
    L = Left
    U = Up
    D = Down
    J = Jumping 
    S = Standing
    C= Crouching
    F, F = Hop forwards
    F, Hold F = Hop to Run
    B, B = Backstep
    P  = Punch
    K  = Kick
    WP = Weak Punch      (Default: Square    )
    WK = Weak Kick       (Default: Cross     )
    MP = Medium Punch    (Default: Triangle  )
    MK = Medium Kick     (Default: Circle    )
    HP = Heavy Punch     (Default: R1 / WP+MP)
    HK = Heavy Kick      (Default: R2 / WK+MK)
    CT = Counter         (Default: L1 / MP+MK)
    TH = Throw           (Default: L2 / WP+WK)
    TA = Taunt           (Default: MP+WK     )
    (..) = Press buttons together
    #..  = Move can ONLY be done in Mid-Air
    ##.. = Move can ONLY be done whilst flying (Certain characters only)
    The system in X-Men: Mutant Academy is ever so slightly different from the
    first game.  The three Super Bars are still in there (Super, SMI and X-Treme
    Attack bars), and you can still switch energy from one to the next using the
    same method that you did in the first game (Will be explained for anyone
    who's not played the first game).  But, you don't have to build up the
    X-Treme meter then bash away at the X button to 'lock' the Super into place
    like you did in the first one!  Taking a leaf out of the Capcom 'X-Men Vs'
    series, you can now launch your opponent into the air and pursue them with an
    aerial chain combo before blasting them with a mid-air special/super attack.
    SUPER: Standard, run of the mill, quick to charge super move.  Doesn't do an
    awful lot of damage, but it's worth using them just to rub your opponent's
    face into the dirt with a nice stylish combo.
    SMI: No, I don't know what SMI stands for.  SMI Supers are quite nifty, in
    the way that you execute the move and you are given a few directions to press.
    For each of the 5 directions you manage to hit quick enough, the more damage
    the SMI Super will do.
    X-TREME: (Quoted from Instruction Manual) - 'The most powerful of the Supers.
    If used correctly, it can help you defeat your opponent with ease.'
    Well, they weren't lying.. sheesh.  Each one of the X-Treme Supers is a force
    to be dealt out without mercy!
    Whilst playing, it's possible to transfer power from one Super Meter to
    another.  This allows you to fill one meter quickly by draining the available
    power in the other two (If needed).  Transferring the power sounds difficult
    to do, but with practise it'll be almost natural.
    Step 1: Hold down the button that corresponds to the meter that you wish to
    drain and transfer.
    -Player 1: Square Button (Super), Triangle (SMI Super), Circle (X-TREME)
    -Player 2: Circle Button (Super), Triangle (SMI Super), Square (X-TREME)
    *Note that the buttons are switched for Player 1 and 2, as the super bars are
    reversed for Player 2 side of the screen.
    Step 2: Hold Left or Right.
    Step 3: Press the button that corresponds to the meter that you wish to 
    transfer to.  Viola!  All done!
    New to X-Men: Mutant Academy 2, but not to Capcom fans.  Aerial combat/combos
    allow you to be as daring as you want to be.  Each character has one or more
    'launch' moves.  When you connect with one of these your opponent with sail
    high into the air, ready for you to pursue them for an aerial combo.  As soon
    as you connect with a launch move, hold UP on the Direction Pad to jump up to
    continue the combo.  In addition, each Character now has at least one mid-air
    special (Or Super) move that can be linked onto the end of a mid-air chain
    *Note: Certain characters can 'fly'.  Rogue, Storm, Phoenix and Magneto can
    levitate and move around if you hit UP, UP on the Direction Pad.
    Move Counters are exactly as the name states.  And the start of every match
    you have three of these to use in the battle. (Displayed by three Yellow bars
    to the side of the Timer)  As you use these, they will be greyed out.
    Just before the opponent attacks, hit the L1 (Or Triangle and Circle) button
    to use the counter.  This will NOT counter 'projectile' moves such as Cyke's
    Optic Blasts.
    Should be simple enough, huh?  You have a throw button, so all you have to do
    is use it, right?  Well, yes... and yet, no.  Most characters have at least 2
    throws available to them.  A standard throw, a 'forward' throw and a 'reverse'
    throw.  The first two will normally bat the opponent forwards, usually in some
    painful manner.  The third type (reverse) will normally throw the hapless
    foe overhead/behind them, causing you to face the opposite way.
    Pressing MP+WK together causes your character to Taunt the opponent.  They
    don't serve any other function than just to taunt, but it's kinda funky that
    they are in there.  Some of them are quite funny.. if you like that kind of
    thing... =P
    Sentinel Attack
    Real name: Scott Summers 
    Occupation: Adventurer 
    Group affiliation: X-Men, formerly X-Factor.
    Base of operations: Xavier Institute for Higher Learning,
    Westchester County, New York.
    First appearance: X-Men (Vol. 1) #1 (1963) 
    Height: 6'1" 
    Weight: 185 lbs. 
    Eye color: Glowing red 
    Hair color: Brown 
    Powers: Cyclops possesses the mutant ability to project a beam of concussive
    force from his eyes. As he cannot control his optic blasts, he must wear a
    visor or glasses with ruby-quartz lenses that block the beams. 
    Square Button - 'Standard' Blue Outfit/Yellow Trim
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Grey Outfit/Yellow Trim
    R1+Square Button - 'Present-day Comic' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    R1+Cross Button - 'Movie' Outfit
    Blast Off - TH or WP+WK
    Backhand Optic Slap - F+TH or WP+WK
    Up and Over - B+TH or WP+WK
    Beam Bolt - D, F+WP
    Beam Bolt2 - D, F+MP
    Optic Uppercut - D, B+WP
    Optic Uppercut2 - D, B+MP
    Optic Uppercut3 - D, B+HP
    Super Power Flash Kick - D, B+WK
    Super Power Flash Kick2 - D, B+MK
    Super Power Flash Kick3 - D, B+HK
    #Air Beam Bolt - D, F+WP/MP
    #Air Sweep Bolt - D, B+Any Punch
    Hyper Power Flash Kick - D, F+HK
    Hyper Rush Combo - B, F+HP  (SMI Commands: R, L, R, D, U)
    Concussion Blast - D, F+HP
    #Air Concussion Blast - D, F+HP
    <HOW TO USE>
    Cyclops enjoys a wide range of combo-able moves that allow him scope to
    really go to town on the hapless person that faces him.  From his special
    moves that launch the foe, to the variety of optic blasts that he has,
    Cyclops is a monster in the battlefield.  Play him as aggresive as you
    possibly can, mixing up the heights of your chain combos to get a poke in
    if the opponent blocks a lot.  Oh, and do all you can you can to abuse the
    Concussion Blast Super!!
    Department H
    Real name: Logan 
    Occupation: Adventurer 
    Group affiliation: X-Men 
    Base of operations: Xavier Institute for Higher Learning,
    Westchester County, New York 
    First appearance: Incredible Hulk (Vol. 1) #180 (1974) 
    Height: 5'3" 
    Weight: 195 lbs. 
    Eye color: Brown 
    Hair color: Black 
    Powers: Wolverine is blessed with animal-keen senses that enable him to
    track people and objects with an impressive degree of success. In addition,
    his accelerated healing factor allows him to survive wounds that would
    prove fatal to most humans and mutants.
    Weapons: Wolverine's skeleton has been bonded with the indestructible metal
    Adamantium. Also, he possesses Adamantium-laced, retractable claws housed
    in his forearms. At will, he can release them through the skin on the back
    of each hand. 
    Square Button - 'Standard' Yellow/Blue Outfit
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Yellow/Brown Outfit
    R1+Square Button - 'Cowboy' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    R1+Cross Button - 'Movie' Outfit
    Stab Kick Combo - TH or WP+WK
    3 Claw Ripper - F+TH or WP+WK
    Jump N Jive - B+TH or WP+WK
    Slashing Frenzy - D, F+Any Punch
    Wolf Leap - D, B+WK
    Wolf Leap2 - D, B+MK
    Wolf Leap3 - D, B+HK
    Talon Assault (From Savage Leap) - Any Punch
    Swivel Kick (From Savage Leap) - Any Kick
    #Frenzied Slashes - D, F+Any Punch
    #Talon Raid - D, F+Any Kick
    Precise Cut - D, F+HK
    Special Delivery - D, B+HP (SMI Commands: R, U, L, D, L)
    Rapid Regeneration - F, B+HK
    <HOW TO USE>
    Wolverine is an 'in your face' character, so he should be played as such.
    His moves are just full of combo potential and he works well when you're
    jumping around annoying the enemy with small combos.  His Special Delivery
    SMI Super will be the most used as it's great to combo, and can be stuck in
    to any fight with ease.  His Rapid Regeneration isn't too bad, but you have
    to make sure that you won't get beaten to death doing it.
    Bayou Hideout
    Real name: Remy LeBeau 
    Occupation: Adventurer, reformed thief 
    Group affiliation: X-Men, Thieves Guild of New Orleans 
    Base of operations: Mobile 
    First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #266 (1990)
    Height: 6'1" 
    Weight: 175 lbs. 
    Eye color: Burning red 
    Hair color: Brown
    Powers: Through physical contact, Gambit can convert an object's potential
    energy into kinetic energy. 
    Square Button - 'Standard' Black+Pink Outfit/Brown Trenchcoat
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Black+Red Outfit/Grey Trenchcoat
    R1+Square Button - 'Hankerchief' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    R1+Cross Button - 'Movie' Outfit (He got this in X-Men:MAcademy 1)
    Shoulder Butt - TH or WP+WK
    Trip Slam - F+TH or WP+WK
    Shove It - B+TH or WP+WK
    Black Jack - B, F+WP
    Black Jack2 - B, F+MP
    Black Jack3 - B, F+HP
    Insurance - D, B+WP
    Insurance2 - D, B+MP
    Insurance3 - D, B+HP
    Surging Staff - B, F+WK
    Surging Staff2 - B, F+MK
    Surging Staff3 - B, F+HK
    #Air Black Jack - D, F+Any Punch
    #Air Black Jack2 - D, B+Any Punch
    Charged Staff - D, B+TH
    Card Trick - D, B+HK (SMI Commands: U, L, R, U, D)
    52 Card Pickup - F, F+HP
    <HOW TO USE>
    Gambit isn't a great character, but he can more than hold his own.  His
    Black Jack projectiles are fast and able to annoy greatly.  The Surging Staff
    move is great for combos and well worth abusing.  Learn to read your opponent
    as Gambit's a character that works well on counter-attacking rather than
    being the attacker.
    Muir Island
    Real name: Ororo Munroe 
    Occupation: Adventurer 
    Group affiliation: X-Men, formerly the Morlocks 
    Base of operations: Mobile 
    First appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975) 
    Height: 5'11" 
    Weight: 127 lbs. 
    Eye color: Blue 
    Hair color: White 
    Powers: Storm is a mutant with the ability to manipulate weather. She can
    stimulate any form of precipitation, generate winds in varying degrees of
    intensity, raise or lower the humidity and temperature in her immediate
    vicinity, induce lightning and other electrical atmospheric phenomena, and
    disperse natural storms so as to create clear change. 
    Square Button - 'Standard' Dark Blue Outfit
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Olive Green Outfit
    R1+Square Button - 'Present-day Comic' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    R1+Cross Button - 'Movie' Outfit
    Goddess Hand - TH or WP+WK
    Dust Devil - F+TH or WP+WK
    Storm Toss - B+TH or WP+WK
    Ball Lightning - D, B+WP
    Ball Lightning2 - D, B+MP
    Ball Lightning3 - D, B+HP
    Electric Drill - B, F+WP
    Electric Drill2 - B, F+MP
    Electric Drill3 - B, F+HP
    Lightning Bolt - B, F+WK
    Lightning Bolt2 - B, F+MK
    Lightning Bolt3 - B, F+HK
    #Static Electricity - D+Any Punch (Can be done whilst Flying)
    ##Air Electric Drill - F+Any Punch
    ##Air Lightning Bolt - F+Any Kick
    Static Force - MK, U, MP
    Hyper Electric Drill - F, F+HP (SMI Commands: L, R, U, R, U)
    Thunder Goddess - F, F+ HK
    #Air Thunder Goddess - D, F+HK
    <HOW TO USE>
    Storm's quite a good all-round character, able to be offensive or defensive
    at her own choosing.  Be warned though, she's not an easy character to use.
    Combo-wise she's a little limited, but what she has is more than enough to
    make sure that she comes out on top.  Forget about using her Static Force as
    a decent super... but do all you can to make sure that you can slam the foe
    with her SMI's or her X-Treme Supers.
    Danger Room
    Real name: Henry "Hank" McCoy 
    Occupation: Biochemist, adventurer 
    Group affiliation: X-Men; formerly the Avengers, the Defenders and X-Factor.
    Base of operations: Xavier Institute for Higher Learning,
    Westchester County, New York.
    First appearance: X-Men (Vol. 1) #1 (1963) 
    Height: 5'11" 
    Weight: 400 lbs. 
    Eye color: Blue 
    Hair color: Originally brown, bluish-black in furry form 
    Powers: Besides superhuman strength, speed and agility, the Beast boasts the
    acrobatic prowess of an accomplished circus aerialist and acrobat. 
    Square Button - 'Standard' Blue Outfit/Blue Fur
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Dark Blue Outfit/Grey-Blue Fur
    R1+Square Button - 'Goggles' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    R1+Cross Button - 'Movie' Outfit (Actually, it looks like 'Dark Beast')
    Slap Down - TH or WP+WK
    Bodyspring - F+TH or WP+WK
    Frankensteiner - B+TH or WP+WK
    Handspring Kick - D, B+WP
    Handspring Kick2 - D, B+MP
    Handspring Kick3 - D, B+HP
    Stumbled Up - D, B+WK
    Stumbled Up2 - D, B+MK
    Stumbled Up3 - D, B+HK
    #Blue Torpedo - D+Any Punch
    Handplant Hell - D, F+HK
    Seismic Smackdown - D, F+HP (SMI Commands: U, L, D, L, U)
    Flat Out - B, F+HK
    <HOW TO USE>
    All-out attack.  That's all I can say.  I love using Beast, but against foes
    like Cyclops, Havok and Mystique he'll have a hard time getting close enough
    to start combo-ing.  However, once Beast is close to his 'victim' then he
    can really rain on their parade.  His Handspring Kick1 is a valuable to his
    combo ability once you realise that you can juggle off of it in the corner.
    And all three of his Supers are combo-able from chain combos.
    Blue Moon
    Real name: Jean Grey 
    Occupation: Adventurer 
    Group affiliation: X-Men, formerly X-Factor 
    Base of operations: Xavier Institute for Higher Learning,
    Westchester County, New York.
    First appearance: X-Men (Vol. 1) #1 (1963) 
    Height: 5'6" 
    Weight: 115 lbs. 
    Eye color: Green 
    Hair color: Red 
    Powers: A telepath, Jean Grey can read minds, project thoughts and illusions
    into others' heads, and discharge mind-numbing mental bolts. Her telekinetic
    abilities allow her to levitate herself, other living beings and inanimate objects.
    Square Button - 'Standard' Green Outfit/Yellow Trim
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Red Outfit/Yellow Trim (Dark Phoenix anyone?)
    R1+Square Button - 'Present-day Comic' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    R1+Cross Button - 'Movie' Outfit
    Thinking Hard - TH or WP+WK
    High I.Q - F+TH or WP+WK
    Psychic Slam - B+TH or WP+WK
    Earth Flare - D, F+WK
    Earth Flare2 - D, F+MK
    Earth Flare3 - D, F+HK
    #Fire Bird - D, F+WP
    #Fire Bird2 - D, F+MP
    #Fire Bird3 - D, F+HP
    #Scorching Arrow - D, F+WK
    #Scorching Arrow2 - D, F+MK
    #Scorching Arrow3 - D, F+HK
    Metaphysical Confusion - D, B+HP
    ##Metaphysical Confusion - B+HP
    #Searing Arrow - D, B+HK
    Scorching Flight - D, F+HP (SMI Commands: L, R, D, L, U)
    ##Searing Flight - F+HP
    Empathy Shell - F, B+HP
    ##Empathy Shell - D+HP
    <HOW TO USE>
    Quick, nimble but not that well versed in the large combo stakes.  Use her
    to poke the opponent to death with small combos before you run away.  This
    will annoy the enemy to the point that they'll make mistakes in which you'll
    be able to insert a super of your choice.  The Metaphysical Confusion super
    doesn't work against computer opponents (Making that super useless in the
    Arcade Mode..)
    According to the people at GameFAQs's X-Men:MA2 board, Pheonix's Empathy
    Shell X-Treme super causes the same amount of damage that your opponent
    inflicts upon you whilst the 'Shell' is active. (i.e: If you are hit by
    Cyclops' Bolt Blast, both you and Cyclops will take the damage for it)
    Morlock Cavern
    Real name: Mortimer Toynbee 
    Occupation: Terrorist, former adventurer 
    Group affiliation: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, formerly the Misfits 
    Base of operations: Mobile 
    First appearance: X-Men (Vol. 1) #4 (1964) 
    Height: 5'8" 
    Weight: 260 lbs. 
    Eye color: Brown 
    Hair color: Reddish-brown 
    Powers: Mortimer Toynbee is a mutant with superhuman leaping ability. He
    has been observed reaching an altitude of 24 feet and covering a distance
    on the ground of 36 feet in a single leap. The Toad's adaptive metabolism
    allows him to excrete slime from his pores that paralyzes his victims. Also,
    he is able to manipulate his tongue as would a real toad, most often using
    it like a whip. Mortimer's unusually flexible spine enables him to crouch
    continually without damage, but he can stand erect if he wishes. 
    Square Button - 'Standard' Yellow Outfit/Purple Trim
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Grey Outfit/Red Trim
    R1+Square Button - 'Present-day Comic' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    R1+Cross Button - 'Movie' Outfit
    Circus Feat - TH or WP+WK
    Super Toad - F+TH or WP+WK
    Leapfrog - B+TH or WP+WK
    Venomous Spew - D, F+Any Punch
    Fly Trap - D, F+Any Kick
    Back Flop - D, B+MK
    Lily Pad Leap (From Back Flop) - Any Punch
    Tadpole Slide (From Back Flop) - Any Kick
    #Drilling Drop Kick - D+Any Kick
    Bullfrog Boot - B, F+HP
    Crazy Legs - D, B+HP (SMI Commands: D, U, R, U, L)
    Flying Toad - B, F+HK
    <HOW TO USE>
    Toad is one of the awkward characters to use, but with a little practise
    he's a combo monster.  His standard attacks take a little time to get used
    to, but once you have you'll be able to confuse the opponent with them 
    easily.  Abuse the Fly Trap move as it's fast, furious and downright nasty.
    When it comes to his Supers, you'll only be able to combo the Crazy Legs so
    save the other two punish any mistakes that leave them wide open.
    Real name: Raven Darkholme 
    Occupation: Terrorist 
    Group affiliation: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; formerly Freedom Force
    and X-Factor.
    Base of operations: Secret 
    First appearance: Ms. Marvel #16 (as Raven Darkholme, 1978),
    Ms. Marvel #18 (as Mystique, 1978) 
    Height: 5''10" 
    Weight: 125 lbs. 
    Eye color: Yellow, with no apparent pupils in her true form 
    Hair color: Red; black as Raven Darkholme 
    Powers: A mutant metamorph, Mystique can psionically shift the atoms and
    molecules of her body and clothing so as to mimic the appearance of any
    human, humanoid or semi-humanoid being of either sex. Her control is so
    precise she can exactly replicate another person's retina, finger, palm and
    skin-pore patterns; even vocal cords are not beyond her ability to duplicate. 
    Mystique is limited by her inability to diminish or increase her mass, and
    she cannot duplicate the powers of other mutants. As yet, she has not
    demonstrated an ability to imitate non-humanoid beings, animals, plants or
    inanimate objects. Doing so likely would interfere with the proper
    functioning of her internal organs and possibly result in her death. 
    Weapons: Mystique wields various-caliber handguns. Also, her influence as
    Raven Darkholme has afforded her access to advanced weaponry, military
    secrets and other assets she has exploited for her own subversive purposes. 
    Square Button - 'Standard' Blue/White Outfit
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Blue/Black Outfit
    R1+Square Button - 'Present-day Comic' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    R1+Cross Button - 'Movie' Outfit
    Executioner - TH or WP+WK
    DDT - F+TH or WP+WK
    Backfire - B+TH or WP+WK
    Head Shot - D, F+WP
    Pop Shot - D, F+MP
    Leg Sweeper - D, F+HP
    Cheap Shot - D, B+WK
    Cheap Shot2 - D, B+MK
    Cheap Shot3 - D, B+HK
    #Air Beam Shot - D, F+Any Punch
    Gut Shot - D, B+TH
    Revolver Rush - D, B+HP (SMI Commands: L, D, L, R, D)
    #Revolver Rush - D, B+HP
    Carried Away - D, F+HK
    <HOW TO USE>
    Although she has not got a lot of moves and she's a little fiddly to use,
    Mystique is a strong character.  Keep your distance and pick off your foe
    with her Gun based special attacks.  After a while, move in to deliver the
    final combo that will secure your victory.  All three of her Supers are good
    but beware that the Gut Shot is a close range super.  Abuse the Revolver
    Rush at every possible opportunity.
    Missile Platform
    Real name: Victor Creed 
    Occupation: Assassin 
    Group affiliation: Weapon X; formerly the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
    and X-Factor 
    Base of operations: Unrevealed 
    First appearance: Iron Fist #14 (1977) 
    Height: 6'6" 
    Weight: 275 lbs. 
    Eye color: Amber 
    Hair color: Blond 
    Powers: Sabretooth can regenerate damaged or destroyed cells at an
    accelerated rate, and his healing factor renders him virtually immune to
    poisons and most drugs. Sabretooth's superhumanly acute senses are
    comparable to those of certain animals; he can track a person or object by
    smell in a manner similar to that of a dog or wolf. Also, his claws and
    teeth are strong enough to rend substances as durable as bone. 
    Square Button - 'Standard' Yellow/Brown Outfit
    Circle Button - 'Standard' White-Blue/Dark Blue Outfit
    R1+Square Button - 'Present-day Comic' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    R1+Cross Button - 'Movie' Outfit
    Piledriver - TH or WP+WK
    Spin Cycle - F+TH or WP+WK
    Suplex - B+TH or WP+WK
    Dusty Scratch - B, F+Any Kick
    Body Shredder - B, F+WP
    Body Shredder2 - B, F+MP
    Body Shredder3 - B, F+HP
    Ill Treatment - D, B+MK (Must be done close. Throw)
    #Meat Grinder - D, F+Any Punch
    Mutant Relief - WP, MK, B, WP
    #Claw Hammer - D+HP
    Ground Pound - D, B+HP (SMI Commands: R, U, D, L, R)
    Rampant Strength - WP, MK, B, MP
    <HOW TO USE>
    'In your face'.  Don't give your opponent a chance to breathe.  Combo the
    Ill Treatment as much as you can to ensure a quick victory.  Abuse the Meat
    Grinder whenever you get close as you jump-in.  In all truth, the only super
    attacks you'll need are the Claw Hammer and the Ground Pound.
    Asteroid M
    Real name: Magnus 
    Occupation: Would-be world conqueror
    Group affiliation: None, formerly the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants 
    Base of operations: Genosha 
    First appearance: X-Men (Vol. 1) #1 (1963) 
    Height: 6'2" 
    Weight: 190 lbs. 
    Eyes: Bluish-gray 
    Hair: Silver 
    Powers: Magneto is a mutant with the ability to shape and manipulate
    magnetic fields, both natural and artificial. Using his powers to augment
    his strength, he can lift up to 100 tons. Magneto also possesses minor
    psychic skills, such as the ability to create a mental barrier against
    psionic attack and read minds on a basic level. 
    Square Button - 'Standard' Red Outfit/Purple Trim
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Purple Outfit/Grey Trim
    R1+Square Button - 'Present-day Comic' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    R1+Cross Button - 'Movie' Outfit
    Magneto Effect - TH or WP+WK
    Atomic Outflux - F+TH or WP+WK
    Narcosis Slam - B+TH or WP+WK
    Magnetic Gush - D, F+WP
    Magnetic Gush2 - D, F+MP
    Magnetic Gush3 - D, F+HP
    Magnetic Lure - D, F+WK
    Magnetic Lure2 - D, F+MK
    Magnetic Lure3 - D, F+HK
    Force Boost - B, F+WP
    Force Boost2 - B, F+MP
    Force Boost3 - B, F+HP
    ##Air Force Boost - F+Any Punch
    ##Air Magnetic Lure - B+Any Punch
    Hyper Magnetic Lift - B, F+HK
    ##Hyper Magnetic Lift - F+HK
    Electromagnetic Gush - D, B+HP (SMI Commands: D, R, L, R, U)
    Concussion Lure - D, B+HK
    ##Concussion Lure - B+HK
    <HOW TO USE>
    Magneto is one hell of a powerhouse, but he takes a little getting used to.
    Use his Force Boosts coupled with the Magnetic Gush/Electromagnetic Gush to
    score some impressive juggle combos.  All three of his supers are worth using
    but learn what can be combo'd and from what attacks.
    Hulkbuster Base
    Real name: Unrevealed 
    Occupation: Inventor working for the U.S. government, former soldier.
    Group affiliation: X-Factor 
    Base of operations: (current) Arlington, Virginia.
    First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #184 
    Height: 6' 
    Weight: 180 lbs. 
    Eyes: Brown 
    Hair: Black 
    Other features: Forge has a bionic right leg 
    Powers: Forge is a mutant with a superhuman talent for inventing mechanical
    devices. Forge's mutant ability functions in a similar fashion to Cypher's
    mutant ability to understand languages. Forge's superhuman talent for
    invention does not mean that he is a greater inventor than geniuses such as
    Reed Richards, Victor von Doom, or Anthony Stark, none of whom owe their
    talent for invention to mutation. But even a genius at invention must for
    the most part consciously work out the theoretical principles behind the
    invention and then the design of the invention itself through a series of
    logical steps. In Forge's case, however, many of these logical steps would
    be worked out by his subconscious mind. Hence, Forge himself might not be
    entirely aware of exactly how he figured out how to create an invention of
    Forge also possesses various mystical abilities, including spell casting,
    which have yet to be revealed. For the most part he has not used these
    abilities in years, and hence is out of practice in wielding them. 
    Weapons: Forge sometimes employs devices of his own invention. Most notable
    among these was his neutralizer gun that could suppress superhuman mutant
    Square Button - 'Standard' Blue/Yellow Outfit
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Black/Red Outfit
    R1+Cross Button - 'Freedom Force' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    Striking Episode - TH or WP+WK
    I'm Shocked - F+TH or WP+WK
    What Is This? - B+TH or WP+WK
    Shell Discharge - D, F+WP
    Shell Discharge2 - D, F+MP
    Shell Discharge3 - D, F+HP
    Missile Launch - D, B+WK
    Missile Launch2 - D, B+MK
    Missile Launch3 - D, B+HK
    Pistol Trap - D, B+WP
    #Mine Drop - B+Any Punch
    Semi Automatic - D, B+HP
    #Blazing Barrel - D, B+HP
    The Neutralizer - B, F+HK (SMI Commands: L, R, D, R, D)
    Outer Orbit - D, F+HK
    <HOW TO USE>
    Mystique rip-off?  Nope.  Forge uses a gun, but that's the only thing that
    Mystique and he have in common (In the game that is).  His Shell Discharge
    moves are worth using, but the real fun starts when you learn his Missile
    Launch moves.  Experimentation is the key to using Forge, as he can be
    played in any style.
    Real name: Kurt Wagner 
    Occupation: Adventurer, priest 
    Group affiliation: X-Men, formerly Excalibur 
    Base of operations: Xavier Institute for Higher Learning,
    Westchester County, New York.
    First appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975) 
    Height: 5'9" 
    Weight: 195 lbs. 
    Eye color: Shining yellow, with no visible pupils 
    Hair color: Indigo 
    Powers: Nightcrawler can teleport himself, his clothing and a certain amount
    of additional mass from one point to another almost instantaneously. He
    leaves behind smoke and the smell of burning brimstone, actually atmosphere
    from the unknown dimension through which he travels. Nightcrawler's
    infallible spatial awareness enables him to avoid teleporting into solid
    matter, which could cripple or kill him. As a result, he generally teleports
    only to places he can see or those he knows well. Through practice,
    Nightcrawler has increased the amount of mass he can teleport with him. 
    Square Button - 'Standard' Black Outfit/Red Trim
    Circle Button - 'Standard' BLack Outfit/Blue Trim
    R1+Cross Button - 'Original' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    Back Slash Bamf - TH or WP+WK
    Acrobatic Tail - B+TH or WP+WK
    Bamf - D, B+WK
    Bamf2 - D, B+MK
    Bamf3 - D, B+HK
    #Air Bamf - D, B+Any Kick
    Tele-slash - D, F+WP
    Tele-slash2 - D, F+MP
    Tele-slash3 - D, F+HP
    Reverse Trajectory - B, F+WK
    Reverse Trajectory2 - B, F+MK
    Reverse Trajectory3 - B, F+HK
    Popular Excursion - D, B+TH
    Tele-Combo - D, F+HK (SMI Commands: U, D, U, L, D)
    High In The Sky - D, B+HP
    Um.. what can I say?  He looks like an expert character, but in actual fact
    he's so easy to use it's untrue.  Just teleport around a lot and remember to
    hit your opponent and you've nearly won.  ¬_¬
    Real name: Alexander Summers
    Occupation: Adventurer at the time of his apparent death, former government
    Group affiliation: The Six at the time of his apparent death;
    formerly the X-Men, X-Factor and the Brotherhood.
    Base of operations: Last known to inhabit the alternate Earth of Mutant X. 
    First appearance: X-Men (Vol. 1) #54 (1969) 
    Height: 6' 
    Weight: 175 lbs. 
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Blond 
    Powers: Havok is a mutant with the superhuman ability to absorb ambient
    cosmic energy and release it as waves of intense heat -- creating plasma, a
    state of matter consisting of charged subatomic particles. Heat waves will
    emanate from Havok's body in all directions unless purposefully channeled,
    usually along the length of his arms. When one of these waves strikes an
    object, the sudden jump in temperature may cause it to shatter, explode or
    seemingly disintegrate. Should Havok direct his energy toward a human being
    at its lowest level, his target will suffer a severe headache, but will not
    burn up. 
    Havok constantly absorbs cosmic radiation. When his power-storage enclaves
    reach capacity, excess energy is thereafter emitted in negligible quantities.
    Upon the total expenditure of his available reserves, Havok's body requires
    about 16 1/2 hours to recharge to peak level. The act of concentration
    involved in releasing his energy in anything other than an omnidirectional
    wave is physically exhausting for Havok if continued for an extended period
    of time. 
    Square Button - 'Standard' Black Outfit/Red Trim
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Dark Grey Outfit/Brown Trim
    R1+Cross Button - 'Original' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    Militant Manhandle - TH or WP+WK
    Nuclear Eruption - F+TH or WP+WK
    Up and Over - B+TH or WP+WK
    Pulsation Blast - D, F+WP
    Pulsation Blast2 - D, F+MP
    Pulsation Blast3 - D, F+HP
    Sensational Kick Combo - D, B+WK
    Sensational Kick Combo2 - D, B+MK
    Sensational Kick Combo3 - D, B+HK
    Rushing Chaos Punch - D, B+WP
    Rushing Chaos Punch2 - D, B+MP
    Rushing Chaos Punch3 - D, B+HP
    #Air Pulsation Blast - D, F+Any Punch
    #Air Pulsation Blast2 - D, B+Any Punch
    Cosmic Burst - D, F+HK
    #Cosmic Burst - D, F+HK
    Universal Meltdown - B, F+HP (SMI Commands: D, R, U, R, U)
    Omni Blast - B, F+HK
    <HOW TO USE>
    Much like his brother, Havok is an unstoppable combo machine.  His normal
    attacks are quick and extremely useful when hitting at different heights.
    Couple a chain combo into his Sensational Kick Combo3 and you've got an
    easy aerial chain combo in the making.  His supers are so useful it's quite
    silly.  The Cosmic Burst (Ground or Aerial version) should be abused like
    there's no tomorrow!!
    Savage Land
    Real name: Marie Burrows 
    Occupation: Adventurer 
    Group affiliation: X-Men, formerly the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants  
    Base of operations: Mobile
    First appearance: Avengers (Vol. 1) Annual #10 (1981) 
    Height: 5'8'' 
    Weight: 120 lbs. 
    Eye color: Green 
    Hair color: Brown, with a white streak 
    Powers: Rogue is a mutant who can absorb others' memories and abilities
    through physical contact. In battle with the original Ms. Marvel, Rogue
    assimilated the heroine's powers permanently -- acquiring invulnerability,
    super-strength and the ability to fly. Rogue's powers mutated when she
    absorbed the attributes and memories of a telepathic alien. Now, her
    abilities are far more uncontrollable, with the talents of all those she
    has touched fighting to be released. 
    Square Button - 'Standard' Green Outfit/Yellow Trim
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Blue Outfit/Yellow Trim
    R1+Square Button - 'Spacesuit' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    Back to Earth - TH or WP+WK
    Up and Away - F+TH or WP+WK
    Toss Away - B+TH or WP+WK
    Jaw Splitter - D, F+Any Punch
    Southern Charm (Ability Steal) - D, F+MK
    Absorbed Ability - D, B+WP (After Southern Charm)
    ::List of Stolen Abilities::
      Cyclops - Beam Bolt1
      Wolverine - Rapid Regeneration
      Gambit - 'Charged Hands' (Graphical effect only)
      Storm - Ball Lightning1 
      Beast - Handspring Kick1
      Phoenix - Scorching Flight
      Toad - Venomous Spew
      Mystique - DDT Throw
      Sabretooth - Ill Treatment
      Magneto - Magnetic Lure1
      Forge - What's This? Throw
      Nightcrawler - Bamf1
      Havok - Pulsation Blast1
      Rogue - Dash Punch (Extra Move)
      Psylocke - Telepathic Shock
      Juggernaught - Rushing Power Bomb
      Spiderman - Flic-Flac2
      Professor X - Nothing
    #Skyscraper Dive - D+WP
    #Skyscraper Dive2 - D+MP
    #Skyscraper Dive3 - D+HP
    ##Air Jaw Splitter - DF+Any Punch
    Energy Drain - D, F+HK
    #KO Blow - D, F+HP
    Bone Breaking Blows - B, F+HP (SMI Commands: R, D, D, L, D)
    Meteor Punch - D, B+HP
    <HOW TO USE>
    Rogue may have the abily to 'steal' a move from her opponents, but if you
    constantly attack with her, there's no need to use it at all!  Using her 
    Jaw Splitter will start off any aerial combos you may with to inflict upon
    your victim.  But learn her chain combos and you can't go very wrong.  Her
    Super Attacks are all worth using, especially the Meteor Punch (As you can
    aerial combo after it!)
    Sentinel Attack
    Real name: Peter Parker
    Occupation: Adventurer, freelance photographer, high-school teacher
    Group affiliation: None, formerly a reserve Avenger 
    Base of operations: New York City area 
    First appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) 
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 165 lbs. 
    Eye color: Hazel 
    Hair color: Brown 
    Powers: Spider-Man possesses superhuman strength, reflexes and equilibrium;
    the ability to cling to most surfaces; and a sixth sense that warns him of
    impending danger.
    Weapons: Spider-Man's wrist-mounted web-shooters discharge thin strands of
    web-fluid at high pressure. On contact with air, the long-chain polymer
    knits and forms an extremely tough, flexible fiber with extraordinary
    adhesive qualities. 
    Square Button - 'Standard' Red/Blue Outfit
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Black Symbiote Outfit
    Leaping Spider Press - TH or WP+WK
    Web Swing Lariat - B+TH or WP+WK
    Web-Ball1 - D, F+WP
    Web-Ball2 - D, F+MP
    #Air Web-Ball1 - D, F+Any Punch
    #Air Web-Ball2 - D, B+Any Punch
    Web-Trap1 - D, B+WP
    Web-Trap2 - D, B+MP
    Flic-Flac1 - D, F+WK
    Flic-Flac2 - D, F+MK
    Flic-Flac3 - D, F+HK
    Jumping Spider - D, B+Any Kick
    Spider Dive (After Jumping Spider) - Any Punch
    Spider Slide (After Jumping Spider) - Any Kick
    Spider Sense, Tingling! - D, B+HP (Counter Move)
    Web Weaving - D, F+HP (SMI Commands: R, U, D, L, R)
    Arachnid Assault - B, F+HP
    <HOW TO USE>
    Attack, attack, attack and attack.  Seriously.  Spidey's speed makes an
    average character into something fun.  Mix up his standing and crouching
    attacks to annoy the life out of the opponent.  Abuse the Jumping Spider as
    it's a nice multi-hit attack that doesn't really leave you open to
    Real name: Elisabeth Braddock
    Occupation: Adventurer at the time of her death 
    Group affiliation: X-Men at the time of her death, formerly Excalibur 
    Base of operations: Mobile at the time of her death 
    First appearance: Captain Britain (Vol. 1) #8 (1976) 
    First American appearance: New Mutants Annual #2 (1986) 
    Height: 5'11" 
    Weight: 155 lbs. 
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Purple 
    Powers: A former telepath, Psylocke could manifest her telekinesis in the
    form of a sword with a blade a molecule thick, capable of slicing through
    virtually any object due to the sheer force of her will. Also, she exhibited
    the ability to levitate objects, herself and others, and kinetically
    manipulate matter. But Psylocke was inexperienced and caused herself great
    strain performing such feats.
    Weapons: In combat, Psylocke relied on her telekinetic sword and Ninja
    training, augmented by her mutant talents.
    Square Button - 'Standard' Blue Outfit
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Black Outfit
    R1+Cross Button - 'Armored' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    R1+Square Button - 'Shadow' Outfit (Crimson Dawn) (Conditions apply)
    Burning Mind Attack - TH or WP+WK
    Jump Kick Juggle - F+TH or WP+WK
    Back Head Kick - B+TH or WP+WK
    Piercing Knife - D, B+MP
    Dragon Fang - D, B+WK
    Dragon Fang2 - D, B+MK
    Dragon Fang3 - D, B+HK
    Ninja Assault - D, F+WP
    Ninja Assault2 - D, F+MP
    Ninja Assault3 - D, F+HP
    Telepathic Shock - D, F+MK (Throw)
    #Down Palm - D+WP
    Psionic Wings - B, F+HP
    #Super Air Assault - F+HP
    Ninja Fury - B, F+HK (SMI Commands: U, L, D, R, U)
    Head Trauma - F, F+HP
    <HOW TO USE>
    Although somewhat weak, she has speed and the most combo-able standard
    attacks in the game.  Use these to your (In my opinion) advantage.  Her
    special moves are quite fast, but not without their own drawbacks of leaving
    her quite open to counter-attacks (She has to have some flaws!!).  The supers
    that she has are well suited to her style but will take some amount of skill
    to learn just how to incorporate them into large combos.
    Real name: Cain Marko 
    Occupation: Professional criminal 
    Group affiliation: Frequent partner of Black Tom Cassidy 
    Base of operations: Mobile 
    First appearance: X-Men (Vol. 1) #12 (1965) 
    Height: 6'10" 
    Weight: 900 lbs. 
    Eye color: Blue 
    Hair color: Red 
    Powers: Cain Marko (Prof.X's Half-brother) aka The Juggernaut possesses
    untold power, mystical in nature, which enhances his strength and grants him
    an extraordinary degree of resistance to all forms of injury. Once he begins
    moving in a certain direction, no force on Earth can stop him -- only slow
    his pace. Sustained by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, Cain Marko can survive
    indefinitely without food, water or oxygen. However, Juggernaut is vulnerable
    to magical forces of sufficient strength. Without his helmet, constructed of
    an unknown mystical metal, he is susceptible to psionic attack.
    Square Button - 'Standard' Brown/Red Outfit
    Circle Button - 'Standard' Dark Grey/Brown Outfit
    R1+Cross Button - 'Cain Marko' Outfit (Academy Mode Completed)
    Twirl and Hurl - TH or WP+WK
    Triplex - F+TH or WP+WK
    Ground Slam Stampede - B+TH or WP+WK
    Dual Upper Burst - B, F+WK
    Dual Upper Burst2 - B, F+MK
    Dual Upper Burst3 - B, F+HK
    Rushing Power Bomb - B, F+WP
    Rushing Power Bomb2 - B, F+MP
    Rushing Power Bomb3 - B, F+HP
    Binary Blitzkrieg - D, B+MP (Throw)
    Binary Assault - D, B+WP
    #Hammer Fists - D, F+Any Punch
    Steamroller - F, F+HP
    Coupled Jackhammer - D, B+HK (SMI Commands: D, R, U, L, R)
    Absolute Annihilation - D, F+HP
    <HOW TO USE>
    Juggernaut is a big target against combos, so just remember that unlike the
    comics... he's not invunerable!  Limited in combo potential, he isn't likely
    to be able to drag the opponents up and down through aerial combos.  He 
    makes up for his lack of combos with his strength and VERY useful supers.
    Don't forget about the fact that he has rather silly reach on those massive
    limbs of his!
    Real name: Charles Xavier 
    Occupation: Geneticist, teacher, leader of the X-Men;
    former adventurer and soldier.
    Group affiliation: X-Men 
    Base of operations: Xavier Institute for Higher Learning,
    Westchester County, New York.
    First appearance: X-Men (Vol. 1) #1 (1963) 
    Height: 6' 
    Weight: 190 lbs. 
    Eye color: Blue 
    Hair color: Bald (blond as a child) 
    Powers: The world's most powerful telepath, Charles Xavier possesses vast
    psionic abilities. He can induce illusions, temporary mental or physical
    paralysis, loss of specific memories, or total amnesia; project mind-numbing
    mental bolts; and sense the presence of mutants within a small radius.
    Other abilities include telekinesis and astral projection. 
    Square Button - Green Pants, Brown Jacket.
    Circle Button - Black Pants, Grey Jacket
    Puppet on a String - TH or WP+WK
    Deadly Stare - B+TH or WP+WK
    Mental Bolt1 - D, F+WP
    Mental Bolt2 - D, F+MP
    Mental Bolt3 - D, F+HP
    Wheelchair Rush1 - B, F+WK
    Wheelchair Rush2 - B, F+MK
    Wheelchair Rush3 - B, F+HK
    Hyper Mental Bolt - B, F+HP
    Intense Concentration - D, B+HP (SMI Commands: L, D, R, U, R)
    The Chair - F, F+HK
    <HOW TO USE>
    Uhm... uhhh... Nngh.  Abuse the Mental Bolts, then abuse the supers.
    That's all I can say about him really.
    Complete everything in the Academy Mode with one character to gain an
    extra costume.  The Cerebro Mode then tells you how to access them.
    Score at least 20 wins with at least 5 perfects with Psylocke in Survival
    mode to gain her 'Shadow' outfit.
    Complete the Arcade Mode with one character to gain access to their
    Outro Movies in the Cerebro Mode.
    Complete the Arcade Mode with Wolverine to gain the Psychic Ninja.  She will
    be added to the standard roster at the bottom of the character select.
    Method 1:
    To unlock your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, simply complete Arcade Mode
    with Nightcrawler.  Once done, go into any mode and highlight Cyclops.  Hold
    down the L1 button and Spiderman will appear.
    (GalFord's Note: Now, the first time that I got Spidey, I used Wolverine and
    got challenged by him, but this seems to be a sure-fire way of getting him)
    Method 2:
    It seems to me that if you manage to rack up a few perfects (i.e 4) before
    you get to the 6th battle, then Spidey will challenge you.  Beat him to add
    him to your roster. (Note: There seems to be may ways to get him, it's just
    a case of trying a few to earn him. >_< )
    To unlock the unstoppable force, you must complete Arcade Mode with all
    of the standard characters (Including Psylocke if you had unlocked her
    whilst playing through).  He will be added to the the standard roster at
    the bottom of the screen.
    To unlock the World's most powerful mind, you must complete the Arcade Mode
    with Juggernaut.  Once done, go into any mode and highlight Magneto.  Hold
    down the L1 button and Xavier will appear.
    Quite simple this one... you can't.  He's not in the game, and it's only
    a silly rumour that's been going 'round.  So, you can wonder no more. =P
    Play Survival Mode and Rank as 1st place with 10 or more perfects scored.
    Pool Party is only only available in the two-player Versus Mode.  Basically,
    it's a poolside background with the X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 cast fighting in
    their swimwear.  Characters that use weapons have them replaced with a number
    of slightly....odd things.
    When you use the 'Unlock everything' code, you can go into Cerebro Mode
    and see that the designers had at least 3 more costumes planned.
    They were:-
    1) Sabertooth - Victor Creed Outfit
    2) Storm - 'Punk Mohawk' Storm
    3) Beast - Hank McCoy outfit
    Now, I can't check this as the code I was given was for the US/NA version of
    the game and I own the PAL/EU version.. but either way, I would have loved to
    have seen the 'Hank McCoy' outfit!
    Thanks to Jerry Schafer for pointing that out.
    Whee!!!  This has been fun.  But it's still not over yet.  Not until I have
    everything in this FAQ that I think it needs.  If you've found something that
    I've missed, then don't hesitate to drop me a mail at:
    You'll be fully credited with the discovery, of course.
    Thanks for reading my humble little work!
    If there is enough call for a combo FAQ, I may just do one.  If you'd like
    me to give it a go, then mail me at the above address to tell me that you'd
    like to see it happen.  Thanks for your time!
    Marvel Comics/Marvel Online: For the great comics over the years, good
    characters... and lastly, the biographies that were missing in this version.
    www.GameFAQs.com = Because, if weren't for this site I wouldn't be writing
    FAQs at all!  Thanks to CJayC for the site, and the many people that visit
    the Message Boards that have helped me get started with writing these things!
    All the people at the GameFAQs, Mutant Academy 2 Message Board = For helping
    everyone else out with stuff and generally being a nice bunch! ^_^
    www.vgstrategies.about.com = 
    www.gameadvice.com = Thank you Al for always asking for permission to use my
    humble FAQs ^_^  A few nice words go a long way!
    www.neoseeker.com =
    For having a site full of friendly people.
    Brian Guidry =
    For letting me know just what Rogue's real name was!
    Msyterio =
    For pointing out the 'power' that Rogue gets from Gambit.
    Jason Hardy =
    For letting me know about Prof.X's secondary throw.
    Lloyd Taylor, Rizwan Khan =
    For giving me the 'Unlock code', although I had already used it. ^_^
    Matttune =
    For giving me the definitive way of getting Spiderman.
    And any of the others that had mailed me that I may have missed.  Sorry people!
    But there's way too many of ya! O_o
    You = For reading this... Well!  I had to thank someone for it! :P
    This FAQ is (c) Bob "GalFord" Ritchings.2001

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