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    Rogue by Nightcrawler86

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 12/21/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VERSION 1.0
    BY: Christopher Wall
    email: christopher.wall@swipnet.se
    Version 0.9
    First and probably last version, if not anyone mails me those moves'
    names and/or if I come up with more combos.
    Date: 19th of January 2003
    Version 0.91
    Corrected a few spelling and grammar errors.
    Date: 26th of January 2003
    Version 1.0
    Added the missing movenames and changed the format from 79 characters to 78.
    Date: 13th of July 2003
    Still Version 1.0
    Changed my contibutor name
    Date: 27th of July 2003
    Version 1.01
    Added a note to a combo
    Date: 21th of December 2003
    1. Introduction
    2. About Rogue
    3. Moves
     Hello everybody! Welcome to my ovelist for Rogue. I've decided to make a
    movelist, where I list all the moves' (not just the specials and supers,
    all the moves) names and how much damage they take, and I also describe the
    supers, specials and throws, and when to use them. And I list my homemade
    combos at the end too. I won't write anything about the game's system or
    control. Look in the manual or you can just look in GalFord's good FAQ at
    NOTE: Thanks to GalFord for the two movenames I couldn't find by myself.
     I've chosen to write about Rogue because I find her to be the coolest and
    hottest X-(wo)man. For all of you who aren't familiar with the X-Men
    world, I'll tell you a little about Rogue. She's a young mutant with
    a very special power: when she touches another human with her bare skin
    she absorbs that person's memories and feelings, the person who she touches
    usually falls in a deep coma. When she touches another mutant she gets
    his or her powers. During an encounter with Ms Marvel, Rogue touched
    her and acquired Ms Marvel's superpowers, including flight ability,
    superhuman strength and almost complete invulnerability.
    Rogue in Mutant Academy 2
     In the game she is one of the fastest characters. If you're an aggressive
    player you should definitely play with her. And her ability to steal
    another character's move, makes her full of variety.
    Her costumes:
    1st (choose her by pressing X): Looks kind of like her normal X-Men
    costume, darkgreen tight bodysuit with an yellow X over her chest.
    2nd (choose her by pressing O): Just like her first but it's blue
    instead of green.
    3rd (choose her by holding R1 and pressing X after you've completed
    Academy Mode): It's called Spacesuit in Cerebro, a (surprise, surprise)
    tight pink bodysuit. It looks quite unlike the first 2 costumes
    and her hair is different.
    4th (can only be seen if you play Versus mode on the hidden course
    Pool Party): A green bathing-suit with a deep cleavage.
    3. MOVES
    QCF=down, down-forward, forward in one movement
    QCB=down, down-back, back in one movement
    MOVENAME                                COMMAND                   DAMAGE
    Backhand                                S                         3
    Lunging Gut Punch                       T                         6
    Shoulder Ram                            S+T or R1                 7
    Knee Strike                             X                         3
    Shin Kick                               O                         5
    Big Boot                                X+O or R2                 8
    Windmill Hammer Fist                    df+S                      4+4
    Low Jab                                 d+S                       3
    Reaching Right Cross                    d+T                       5
    Upward Double Hammer                    d+S+T or d+R1             6
    Extended Front Kick                     d+X                       4
    Right Leg Sweep                         d+O                       5
    Double Leg Kick Out                     d+X+O or d+R2             7
    Double Upper *LAUNCHER*                 d,T                       6
    Air Elbow                               S in mid-air              3
    Downward Hook                           T in mid-air              5
    Double Hammer Fist                      S+T or R1 in mid-air      7
    Knee                                    X in mid-air              3
    Double Knee                             O in mid-air              6
    Axle Rotation                           X+O or R2 in mid-air      7
    Big Punt Kick                           b+O in mid-air            5
    Back to Earth                           S+X or L2                 15
    DESCRIPTION: Rogue grabs the opponent and flies high up in the air,
    then slams him down to earth with an overhead punch.
    Up and Away                             f+S+X or f+L2             15
    DESCRIPTION: She grabs the opponent under his arms, then tosses him
    up in the air and smacks his face with a knockout-punch when he comes
    falling down.
    Toss Away                               b+S+X or b+L2             5+5+7
    DESCRIPTION: Rouge gives the opponent a painful looking three-punch
    combo that sends him flying to the end of the screen.
    Jaw Splitter                            QCF+S                     8
    DESCRIPTION: Rogue does a rising uppercut, that knocks the opponent
    off his feet. It's not a launcher like Jaw Splitter 2 and 3 but it can still
    be useful as a quick attack.
    Jaw Splitter 2 *LAUNCHER*               QCF+T                     10
    DESCRIPTION: Same as the first, except being slightly more powerful
    and it's also a small launcher.
    Jaw Splitter 3 *LAUNCHER*               QCF+S+T or QCF+R1         11
    DESCRIPTION: As you might've guess it's the same one as the first
    two. And also, this move is one of the best launchers in the game.
    Skyscraper Dive                         d+S in mid air            7
    DESCRIPTION: Rogue dives to the ground fist first.
    Skyscraper Dive 2                       d+T in mid air            8
    DESCRIPTION: The same as the first one, only more powerful.
    Skyscraper Dive 3                       d+S+T or d+R1 in midair   10
    DESCRIPTION: The same as the first two, only more powerful.
    Air Jaw Splitter                        df+S while flying         8
    DESCRIPTION: It looks exactly the same as the usual Jaw Splitter.
    Air Jaw Splitter 2                      df+T while flying         10
    DESCRIPTION: It looks just like Jaw Splitter 2, but since you're
    flying you don't get the launcher.
    Air Jaw Splitter 3                  df+T+S or df+R1 while flying  11
    DESCRIPTION: It looks just like Jaw Splitter 3, but since you're
    flying you don't get the launcher.
    Southern Charm                          QCF+O                    4+4+4+4
    DESCRIPTION: This is a throw so you have to be pretty close. Rogue draws
    the opponent towards herself with one hand and kisses him (or her),
    draining his energy. She also copies a move that you can use with the
    Absorbed Ability move.
    Absorbed Ability                        QCB+S                 it depends
    DESCRIPTION: The move you get when you use Southern Charm depends on
    which character you kiss. I've listed all the moves you get here, complete
    with movename and description, but I don't know how much damage they
    all take. In training mode you only meet Cyclops so you can't see how
    much the other characters copied moves takes.
    CYCLOPS: Beam Bolt, Rogue shoots a ray of lasers from her eyes.
    WOLVERINE: Rapid Regeneration, Rogue gets a small amount of energy back
    but she can only do it once per round.
    GAMBIT: Charged Hands, Rogue's hands start to glow with the same purple lights
    as Gambit's cards, but I really don't know what happens. Maybe her attackpower
    gets higher.
    STORM: Electric Drill, Rogue gets surrounded by lightning as she flies
    spinning towards the opponent.
    PHOENIX: Earth Flare, Rogue stomps up a small fireball that glides on the
    ground towards the opponent.
    BEAST: Handspring Kick, Rogue does a forward flip kicking the opponent.
    TOAD: Venemous Spew, Rogue spits up some strange green goo (can't
    blame her after kissing that ugly thing).
    MYSTIQUE: DDT *THROW*, Rogue grabs the opponent then spins to his back
    and slams him to the ground.
    SABRETOOTH: Ill-treatment *THROW*, Rogue throws the opponent into the air,
    jumps after him, grabs him in midair and then brings him down to the ground
    with his back over her knee. Oww, sounds painful!
    MAGNETO: Magnetic Lure, Rogue lures some iron things to her that hits
    the opponent on his back.
    HAVOK: Pulsation Blast, Rogue shoots a plasma-beam from her fist.
    NIGHTCRAWLER: Bamf, Rouge teleports herself with a small explosion.
    FORGE: What is This? *THROW*, Rogue flies up in the sky leaving a mine with
    the opponent on the ground. He turns around after a little while, but too
    late... KABOOM!!!
    ROGUE: Dash Punch, Rogue does a usual dashing punch.
    PSYLOCKE: Telepathic Shock *THROW*, Rogue jumps up on the opponent using him
    as a springboard, does a backflip in the air then levitates in front of him
    while shocking his head with psychic powers. Looks cool!
    JUGGERNAUT: Rushing Power Bomb, Rogue gets a blue shine in her fist and does
    a dashing punch.
    SPIDER-MAN: Flic-Flac 2: Rogue turns around and does 2 backflip towards the
    Energy Drain                        QCF+X+O or QCF+R2           3+4+4+10
    DESCRIPTION: Rogue grabs the opponent's shoulders and flies up in the air
    where she kisses him/her and drains his/her energy. Meanwhile the screen gets
    whiter and whiter, and when it's all white you hear the sound of a punch
    and your opponent hits the ground. This attack uses up the super-bar.
    KO Blow                             QCF+S+T or QCF+R1 in midair   25
    DESCRIPTION: Rogue does a horizontal flying fist. A suberb air-combo finisher.
    Uses up the super-bar.
    Bone Breaking Blows                 b,f+S+T or b,f+R1       8-18+5+5+4+3
    DESCRIPTION: Rogue punches the opponent five times. This attack uses up the
    SMI-bar. When you do the attack arrows will start blinking on the bottom
    of the screen. Push the directional-buttons in the correct order to
    increase the first hit's damage. If you don't succeed with any arrow,
    your first hit will only take 8, but if you succeed with all five, you'll
    give 18 in damage on the first blow. I don't know how much damage it takes
    if you clear one to four but it's between 8 and 18. Rogue directional-buttons
    are pressed in this order: r, d, r, l, d.
    Meteor Blow  *LAUNCHER*             QCB+S+T or QCB+R1      max 15+15+15
    DESCRIPTION: Rogue flies up in the air, does a half flip in the air and
    dives down to the ground fist-first. The ground where she dives explodes
    and the opponent will flies high up in the air, leaving you open to
    air-combo him. If you stand close to the opponent he will follow you up
    in the air and get pounded then follow you down to the ground. Each hit
    takes 15, giving you a total of 45 dealt damage. Uses up the Xtreme-bar.
    Here I list a few combos I've come up with myself. They aren't any 80-hits
    monster-combos, but I'm pretty proud of them anyway.
    Uses both the Super- and Xtreme-bars
    COMMANDS: S, X, T, O, d+O, R1, QCF+R1, QCB+R1 (launcher, xtreme)(watch the
    timing: when he's just over your head), u, S, X, T, QCF+R1 (super),
    DAMAGE: 77
    HITS: 14
    NOTE: This only works when the opponent is in a corner. Thanks to Varleran for
    pointing that out.
    COMMANDS: S, X, d+X, d+O, d+O (launcher), u, S, X, O, O,
    DAMAGE: 22
    HITS: 9
    Uses the SMI-bar
    COMMANDS: S, T, T, R1, b, f+R1 (SMI)(hard timing),
    DAMAGE: 32-42 (depends on how many arrows you clear)
    HITS: 10
    Uses the Super-bar
    COMMANDS: df+S, S (weird timing), T, T, QCF+R1 (launcher), u, S, X,
    QCF+R1 (super),
    HITS: 9
    That's all from me! It's been fun.
    Copyright (c) 2003 Christopher Wall

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