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"This game is way better than part 1!!!"

Wow! The X-men did it again it again! This time professor Xavier has gather up even more X-men to help the fight against the villains who try to conquer the world. This time the game will feature the characters from part one (Storm, Cyclops, Wolverine, Phoenix, Beast, Gambit, Mystique, Sabretooth, Toad, and Magneto) and featuring six more characters (which are Rouge, Nightcrawler, Havok, Forge, and two hidden characters). Also this game includes more stages and even hidden stages! In my review I shall tell you why you should give this game a try and why I gave this game a 10.

GRAPHICS: These graphics on this game are just beautiful and just shine wonderfully! The backgrounds are just gorgeous and the FMVs are just jaw dropping and awe-inspiring. If you look in the background of one of the stages, you will see a beautifully drawn Blackbird. This game almost made me thought I had a Playstation 2! Yes the graphics are that good. 10/10

SOUND: The voices are great! The voices are from the actual show that aired on FOX! The phrases they say are so well acted and great, that I wish I could give the game an award (LOL)! I mean if you play with mystique and you win you will probably hear this: ''Lick my boots while you are down there.'' How feisty is that (meow! hiss!)? But there is one thing I don't like and that is the music in the game while you are fighting. When in the middle of the fight you can barely hear any music and if you do, it will be very sparse. But other than that the sound is very great! 9/10

STORY: Well there is not much to say to about the story. I mean not to say in a bad way but the story is like all others; save the world from evil villains. Yippie...I mean they could have made up a better story; then again they are the X-men so I guess they are used to this. Great story though. 8/10

GAMEPLAY: Now this will be the first (and only!) time I will give this game a not so good score. The gameplay isn't exactly what I call awe-inspiring but it still is a good game. You see the reason i don't really like this game in this category is because the gameplay is horrible :(. The reason is that because, for example, when you fight Nightcrawler, all he does is teleport and you can barely get a hit in. Yes I know that is his powers, but its not fair he gets to do it all the time. I may sound like a baby but I bet if anyone has this game, they will tell you themselves this is true. Other than that this gameplay is ok. 6/10

REPLAYABILITY: Of course you would want to play this again. I have 3 reasons why. 1)If you want to see the whole story on what happens, you must keep playing to find out! 2)If you want all the characters and secret costumes, you must keep playing! 3)If you like fighting games, then you will want to play this! 10/10

BUY/RENT: If you like fighting games, like the X-men, or just love your PSone(like I do) then please please buy this game you will be missing out on some fun if you do not get this.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/23/01, Updated 09/23/01

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