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    Diary FAQ by HRahman

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/15/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Saiyuki Diary FAQ
    for Sony PlayStation
    author     : Hafiz Rahman
    contact    : kuadrantiga[at]yahoo[dot]com
    ver/update : 1.0 / December 15, 2002
    Started at : December 14, 2002
    This FAQ is İ 2002 by Hafiz Rahman.
    1. Everything around here is spoiler. S.P.O.I.L.E.R. There.
    2. This guide will be updated solely in GameFAQs.com. If you have my permission
       in distributing this guide, please be aware of this. I'm lazy having to send
       my FAQs in some unknown ways and environs, so just do not ask for permission
       if you dislike my habit.
    3. Yes, I am Indonesian. Use that language when mailing me if you want. Chances
       are high that I should understand it.
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    Table of Content
    1 Introduction
    2 Version History
    2 Diary
    3 Bonus
    4 Afterthought
    5 Credits
    1. Introduction
    Every time I finish a game, there's always this strange urge that crawls upon
    my head screaming, "hey, you just have got to make a FAQ out of this game what
    with your being a bad enough dude to complete them and all!". That voice won't
    go for days, and I was left with either to suffer a horrible feeling, or to do
    what it said to me.
    This is sometimes very annoying (and loud), and often resulted in the delay of
    the completion of my former guides (not to mention the majority of half-baked,
    unposted materials). Nevertheless, it also forces me to be more productive, so
    I just do it after all.
    This guide basically is the result of the happening above. It was late past
    midnight when I just couldn't bring myself to finish the nearly completed
    Digimon World 3 FAQ/Walkthrough and... poof! I'm bored, you're bored with all
    this crap, thus this Guide. This be a quick reference for you guys;
    irregardless of what your reason to refer to a game's little feature like
    this was.
    One last note, when you found many typos in the Diary (and you WILL), chances
    are they were made by the developer themselves. I refused to fix them, all I
    want to do is to put what's on screen so you can see it in text. Enjoi!
    2. Version History
    # Version 1.0 // December 15, 2002
    - Finished the game with male character.
    - Still missing in Diary were #28, #37, #41, #53 and everything after #92 if
      any. Help me if you have them (and HOW to have them as well).
    - There's also the list for BGM and Movie (for male Sanzo, for this moment).
    - Planned to do the game again with female Sanzo to see any difference.
    - Actually, have made some preview on the female Sanzo diary section. It
      really is different from the male one, meaning more work in progress...    
    - NOTE: Anyone played with, like, ePSXe emulator and finished the game with the
       female Sanzo! Please send me a copy of the Memory Card (in .mcr format).
       If any of you have, please, that'd help me a whole lot of time! :) 
    2. Diary
    2.1. MALE*
    * Still missing are #28, #37, #41, #53 and after #94 if any. Mail me up for
    #01 It started with a dream.
        My name is Chin Genjo. When I was a child I was found by Elder Homei of
        Golden Temple. He raised me there. One day we were preparing to receive a
        messenger from the Emperor, when Lady Kannon appeared before my eyes.
    #02 The Quest
        The Emperor's messenger instructed us to send one of the monks of Golden
        Temple to India's Thunder Temple. Since, no one else wanted to go I
        volunteered. I was sure this had something to do with my vision of Lady
    #03 Meditation at Dusk
        In the evening, Elder Homei came to talk to me while I was sleeping. It
        appears that the Elder had been told in a dream to send me to India. How
        strange! He said it was fate.
    #04 The Poem of Farewell
        The day we left. Elder Homei, after making me a monk, gave me the name
        Sanzo. Everyone was really worried for me. Still, I was excited to go
        someplace I've never been before. This would be the first time I've been
        out of Imperial City.
    Chapter 1
    #05 The Day of Revival
        At a mountain called Monkey Rock we were attacked by monsters, and my
        guards were all killed. I thought I would die, too. But I was helped by Son
        Goku, who appeared from out of a large rock at the top of the mountain.
    #06 Imprisoned
        Goku told me why he was trapped in the rock. I couldn't believe that anyone
        would fight their way into Heaven and get caught by Buddha. Just what is
        Goku? Still, he agreed to accompany me on my journey. Thank you, Goku.
    #07 The Wandering Chef
        At Ko Lodge we saw a chef called Cho Hakkai being driven away. I found out
        he was a monster. But still, they didn't need to drive him away. He hadn't
        done anything wrong. Are monsters really that bad?
    #08 The Raging Boar
        We found Hakkai standing at the end of a gorge. I thought he was going to
        jump and hurried to stop him. However, I was wrong, and I caused him to
        fall. Sorry!
    #09 The Girl Who Calls the Storm
        When we reached Hawk Isle we were challenged to a fight by a girl. The girl
        was Shu Ryorin. She mistook us for her father's men who were chasing her.
        We didn't want to fight a girl, but then she were-changed.
    #10 The Sleeping Village
        We arrived at a town called Chin Lodge. Though it was noon everyone was
        asleep. Apparently, it was the work of an evil hermit. We had to help!
    #11 The Lonely Warrior
        To wake the villagers we needed water from the nearby Grace Spring. At the
        spring, Sa Gojo was surrounded by monsters. So we helped him. However, when
        he found out we were Were he suddenly became angry and left. He must have
        had some reason.
    #12 Awake!
        Thanks to the water that Gojo gathered to the people of Chin Lodge woke up.
        Maybe Gojo was a good guy! We asked the mayor about meteors, and he led us
        to a nearby shrine.
    #13 The Lady from the Heavens
        Led by the mayor of Chin Lodge, we visited the shrine. The staff suddenly  
        glowed and Mother, a Guardian, appeared. She was a very calm and beautiful
        person. It was the first time I had met a Guardian, so I was nervous.
    #14 In Shallow Dreams
        I had a strange dream. An elegant lady appeared and told me that there was
        a Guardian near her also. I tried to find out more, but just then Goku
        yelled out "We're under attack!" and I woke. Hmm...I wonder.
    #15 Night Attack!
        Chin Lodge was under attack by Old Man Nyoi and his monsters. We hurried to
        help, only to see this large fishman attack. Or so we thought. However, it
        turned out to be Gojo. I wonder why he doesn't like Monsters?
    #16 The River Bandits
        While trying to cross Mire River, a few monsters appeared and captured me.
        They were a group of bandits that were led by a horned monster by the name
        of Rhinon. I couldn't let them have me now! My travels had just begun.
    #17 North at Midnight
        The Lady appeared in my dream again. However, she seemed different. She 
        seemed to be in trouble. We had to hurry. We left Moon Hill and headed
        towards the groves to the north.
    #18 The Sleeping Cherry Princess
        We came to a large, withered cherry tree. A number of tree fairies were
        being attacked by monsters. After driving the monsters off, the fairies
        told us what happened. I learned that the Lady of my dream was named
        Lady Kikka.
    #19 Imprisoned in Nightmare
        After our battle with Mahoraga, the self proclaimed dream master, we
        escaped the dreamworld with Lady Kikka. We learned that the Guardian,
        Warrior, had caused her long sleep.
    #20 When Cherry Blossoms Bloom
        It was Lady Kikka, in her butterfly form who pulled us out of the crumbling
        dream world. With her return, the cherry tree blossomed. She offered to
        join our small band. It was almost as if the giant cherry tree has spread
        its blessings over our journey.
    #21 The Monsters Maw
        Around the time we left the cherry groves, Nyoi and his men had returned to
        their hideout. Their furious overlord ordered them to catch me. Things just
        kept getting worse.
    Chapter 2
    #22 Pursuit
        On the edge of China at Yuimen, we met up with Prince Reikan, the man
        claimed to be Ryorin's fiancee. Ryorin didn't want to see him, so we put
        off his questions. I don't know about this though.
    #23 A Tragedy of Love
        The smell of blood pervaded the air when we reached Turfan. A young girl
        had killed herself at a nearby temple after her lover died. From that day,
        the smell of blood would not leave. And it had attracted a number of
        monsters to it.
    #24 Unforgettable
        At Lucky Temple, we were attacked by a number of monsters. While we fought
        off the monsters, I carefully wiped out the pools of blood. When they were
        all gone, I thought I heard the young girls voice.
    #25 The Warrior in Flames
        I heard that a long time ago a meteor struck Firetop. There we found
        another Guardian in a cave. However, when we tried to release him, we were
        attacked by a winged-man named Yaksa. I was left stranded on a rock all
        alone when the fight began.
    #26 The Kings Law
        We entered a kingdom with the strange name of Infidel City. As soon as the
        citizens saw me they attacked and tried to apprehend me. When I asked why,
        they said their king greatly disliked monks.
    #27 Executioners Wind
        Following Goku's plan, we made for the castle. I had had a bad feeling
        about this ever since Goku said that he had a plain. Still, I never 
        imagined he would do to the kind what he did. He has no sense of propriety!
    #28 ???
    #29 Shadowy Feelings
        At a village at the foot of Mist Mountain, we were told about the mountain
        we were about to enter. I couldn't believe Ryorin was so afraid of ghosts.
        She might be the daughter of the dragon king, but she was still a girl. As
        a man, I had to protect her.
    #30 Will the Real Goku Speak Up?
        On entering Mist Mountain we were confronted by a group that looked exactly
        like us. To determine which were my real friends, I recited the spell that
        Lady Kannon had taught me. It needed to be done for it was the only way,
        but still...I'm sorry Goku!
    #31 The Fiery Red Sandstorm
        Roku Jiko was the one who impersonated us. He was one of Taurus's
        underlings. It appears that Taurus had been making plans to catch me, and
        Madam Tessen, Taurus's wife, appeared.
    #32 Evil Mans Medicine
        We reached the castle town of Biku. Though it was noon the town was very
        quiet and no one was around. In the center of the town we saw a number of
        containers in a row. I had a creepy feeling about them so I looked inside
        and found...
    #33 A Plot of Illness
        We approached the king of Biku when he was at audience in order to discover
        his true identity. Goku challenged him to a magic contest and began
        changing form. But I really didn't expect him to change into Lady Kikka.
    #34 In the Tigers Cave
        It was Master Tigra who was controlling the king. After we drove him out,
        he escaped to Tiger Cave. It was a lot sturdier and formidable than the
        castle at Biku. However, it was all for show. There is weakness in all
        unrighteous strength.
    #35 Gratitude
        After defeating Master Tigra we were welcomed back to Biku's Castle. The
        kind asked us to stay with him. I appreciated his generousity, but I had a
        responsibility to get to India. I had to keep going.
    #36 The Earth Mother
        A mountain of rock called Helmet Peak suddenly appeared in the rolling
        plains of sand. Apparently, it appeared when the Guardian, Luna, dropped
        out of heaven. Finally we met another Guardian. Then the enemy came...
    #37 ???
    #38 The Dance of Fire
        When approaching the top of Mt. Cloud we met a brightly-dressed woman
        called Madam Tessen. It appears that I was her target. But for some reason,
        even though she was the wife of an enemy, I couldn't hate her.
    #39 A Mother's Heart
        After being defeated by us at Mt. Cloud, Madam Tessen returned to her cave.
        However, there was some bad news waiting for her. Her son had disappeared.
        Mothers are mothers, whether they're monsters or not. I wonder what my
        mother was like.
    #40 Followed Again
        After arriving at Mt. Cloud we once again met Ryorin's fiance, Prince
        Reikan. He talked with Ryorin for awhile, but somehow it turned out into a
        fight. I understand how passionate the Prince seems to be, but he should
        listen to Ryorin more often!
    #41 ???
    #42 Missing Twins
        At Kucha, we heard a rumor about two twin girls who went to Plateau
        Mountain to play and got lost. It worried us, so we went to the mountain
        to look for them.
    #43 The Golden Monster
        At Plateau Mountain we met a large golden-colored monster named Kingaku.
        We began fighting. It was a strange monster that wore an ornament in its
        hair. It couldn't be that this monster was...
    #44 The Gourd of Drkness
        We learned from So Kinrei that her sister Gin had entered Lotus Cave and
        hadn't come out. However, what appeared in the cave was a large silver
        monster, Ginkaku, and a gourd that sucked people into it.
    #45 Reunited
        We took the sisters Gin and Kin back to the town of Kucha. The girls
        easily accepted the fact that they were no longer human. That would have
        been difficult, even for an adult.
    #46 Lady of Dragons
        While we were taking the twins back to Kucha, another group of people were
        targeting us. More precisely, they were targeting my staff.
    #47 Wind and Sand and Rock
        We want to Windy Peak where there were special rocks called floating
        stones. If you stood on the stone with writing, other stones would pop out
        of the ground. Ryorin especially liked this place. I wonder how it was
    #48 Coma
        At the inn at Kosha, Lady Kikka became ill and lost consciousness. We knew
        of no one that could help. Human doctors would be useless for her. Hakkai
        told us that his teacher lived nearby. So we decided to visit him. I wonder
        what kind of person he is.
    #49 Oh, Teacher!
        At Infinity Ridge, we meet Hakkai's teacher, Chin Genshi. He promised to 
        give us a sacred fruit that would cure all ills. However, he wouldn't just
        give it to us. Just what you'd expect from Hakkai's teacher.
    #50 Heavens Fruit
        Chin Genshi accompanied us back to the inn at Kosha. When he saw Kikka, he
        looked surprised. It seems that Kikka was his granddaughter. She acted
        timid because she had not seen her grandfather in a very long time.
    #51 Tiger! Tiger!
        I don't remember very well, but outside of Cherchen we met a man named Ko,
        who cast some kind of spell on me. And that's all I remember. No one will
        tell me what happened after that. I wonder what happened?
    #52 Attack of the Dragon
        We finally arrived at Dragon Cliff. It almost seemed like we were standing
        on clouds. Everything went well up until we met the Guardian, Cavalier.
        Then a woman named Nagini appeared and challenged us to a fight. Ryorin
        appeared to know her.
    #53 ???
    #54 The Voice of God
        When we arrived at Tokhara we learned of a star that had fallen on a cliff
        called Dragon Cliff to the east of the town.
    #55 The Long Road Ahead
        At Tokhara we inquired the way to India and heard that most travellers did
        not make it through Storm Mountain. Still, we had to go.
    #56 Evil
        Around the time we left Tokhara, Mahoraga, the demon who had haunted 
        Kikka's dreams, was trying to use a child called Kid Pyric to steal my
        staff. How could someone use a child to do evil?
    #57 The Spirit Speaks
        We stayed the night at the inn at Pteron. That night the spirit of the
        king appeared in the well in the garden. His body had been stolen by a
        monster, and he asked us to get it back. If this was the case, we had to
        hurry! The country was in danger!
    #58 The Bottomless Pit
        It was a sheep-monster named Master Baa that stole king Pteron's body. It
        appears that he had been spending his time as king building a giant trap,
        just to capture us. Why would he go so far?
    #59 Plans
        Apparently, Master Baa returned to Taurus after being driven out of Pteron.
        Lady Tessen's child was still missing. However, his father was still too
        intent on catching me to worry about it. Strange man.
    #60 The Silence of the Gods
        Mahoraga and Nagini were just two of a group that was trying to steal my
        staff. Their leader was named Deva. That Deva was well known to Lady
        Kannon. Deva mentioned the name Asura. Just who is this Asura?
    #61 Prince of a Burnt Land
        Kid Pyric was waiting for me at Deadman Gorge. He had plans to try to steal
        my staff. I asked if he was one of Taurus's band, and he got a disgusted
        look on his face. There must be something there.
    #62 Kidnapped
        We arrived at a town at the base of Storm Mountain called Pine City. We
        learned more about Taurus and headed for the mountain. However, we were
        ambushed by Prince Reikan. He abducted Ryorin and fled north.
    #63 The Love Crazed Turtle
        We finally caught up with Reikan at Deadmans Gorge. Reikan changed into a
        giant turtle and attacked us. I didn't really want to fight, but
        considering how Ryorin felt we had to.
    #64 Breaching the Defenses
        We finally arrived at Taurus's Storm Mountain. We ran into Lady Tessen
        first. Her true appearance was a werescorpion. This time she was serious.
        I wonder if she found her child?
    #65 Great Balls of Metal!
        We entered the caves under Storm Mountain. There we found Old Man Nyoi and
        others we had defeated earlier waiting for us. They had created a large
        trap in the hall where a large steel ball shot out to try to crush us.
    #66 The Bulls Roar
        We finally reached the room where Taurus was waiting. As his name shows,
        he turned into a large werebull. After a difficult fight we beat him. As
        he relaxed after the fight, something strange happened.
    Chapter 3
    #67 The Secret
        We pursued Kid Pyric all the way to India to retrieve my staff. Around that
        time the enemy's leader, Deva, spoke to Lady Kannon, Deva's prisoner. Just
        what was Deva really after?
    #68 Bloody Hands
        Once upon a time Deva killed a woman. And that woman...that woman...was...
        was my mother!
    #69 In the Palm of his Hands
        Deva had killed my mother! And now he was after me. Did he mean to kill me,
        or something else?
    #70 The Chase
        Trailing Kid Pyricfrom Storm Mountain we entered the first town in India,
        Frontier City. Finally, we had arrived at India, but without the staff--my
        purpose for coming. We had no chance to celebrate. We had to find Kid
        Pyric. Just where did he go?
    #71 Child of Purgatory
        We found Kid Pyric south of Frontier City in Star Cave. He might be a
        monster, but he was still a child. He had been deceived...We retrieved the
        staff and continued our journey.
    #72 Winged Snake of Darkness
        Mahoraga showed up again as we were crossing Stone Mountain. He was the one
        who had been manipulating Kid Pyric. How could he use a child like that? I
        don't like to fight, but I could never forgive that.
    #73 Decisions
        It seems that Deva's group was angered when we defeated Mahoraga. Deva
        himself determined to pay us a call. Do we stand a chance against him?
    #74 At Heaven's Mountain
        Arriving in the town of Midnight Tor, we were startled by the cold. We
        hand't expected it to be this cold. A young girl told us that the nearby
        Ice Peak had snow the whole year round. I never thought I'd climb through
        in India.
    #75 A Chill Wind
        Deva appeared while we were crossing Ice Peak. He offered me protection and
        told me to come with him. Impossible. Still, he had a strange look in his
        eye when he saw me. I wonder why?
    #76 Demon of Destruction
        After we fought, Deva returned to his base. Apparently, Asura, the true
        mastermind behind this, was waiting for him there. Asura gave orders. Deva
        gave orders. Who would get to us first.
    #77 Child in Distress
        We came a cross a boy being chased by monsters on the Cart Plains. He said
        his name was Asha and he lived at Thunder Temple. We couldn't just leave
        him, so we decided to bring him with us.
    #78 Declaration of War
        At the port town of Port Town we encountered Vala and Apsara. We thought
        we'd have to fight, but they told just they would be waiting for us at
        Wing Mountain and left. There was no way to avoid them.
    #79 The Mouse Hunt      
        Vala was waiting at Wing Mountain. He took his Devil form and attacked us.
        It seems they were finally going to get serious. Everything depended on us,
        we couldn't lose!
    #80 Time at the Port
        Because of Vala, the road to Thunder Temple was destroyed. So we returned
        to Port Town. We began looking for another way to the temple. There had to
        be another way! We couldn't give up.
    #81 The Spiders Banquet
        At Puppet Peak, we came across a gigantic tree that seemed to fill the
        entire mountain. There, Apsara appeared seeking revenge on us for defeating
        her husband Vala. Love gives great strength. Even for Devils.
    #82 The Dancing WereBird
        We only had a short ways to go to Thunder Temple. We climbed to Kannaoj,
        where a Devil with wings named Garda attacked us. They even had a cannon.
        No more Master Nice Guy!
    #83 Holy Ground
        It had been a long journey. We had travelled through all the land fighting
        monsters, Devils, and evil men. Finally, we were at our destination. We
        arrived at Thunder Temple. Our journey was over. Now we only had to find
        Lady Kannon.
    #84 Sand Castles
        Thunder Temple turned out to be a trap. The Lady Kannon who appeared was a
        fake. What a terrible monk I was! I couldn't even tell she wasn't the real
        Lady Kannon. If Goku hadn't been there, I don't know what would have
    #85 The Beginning of the End 
        After the fake Lady Kannon, Nagini, left we were attacked by the Devil,
        Yaksa. After beating him, our true enemy, Asura, appeared. He invited us to
        heaven. We had to go. We had to know!
    Chapter 4
    #86 A Prelude to War
        Long ago, Asura and Deva were confined to the Pits. but Asura could not
        wait for forgiveness. He planned a rebellion and broke the seals that bound
        him. Deva could not bring himself to stop Asura.
    #87 Regrets
        Deva regretted his choice. He agonized over his choice. It became his
        private hell.
    #88 Dragon's Passion
        Heaven had fallen sixteen years ago. It fell by the hand of Asura and his
        eight Devils. That's what were told by Nagini, who was waiting for us at
        Heaven's Door. To learn more we had to defeat her in her true form.
    #89 Deal with the Devil
        When Deva was still a person he was betrayed and stabbed by one of his
        so-called friends. As he was dying he was visited by Asura and made a
        Devil. He swore eternal loyalty in exchange.
    #90 Angel or Devil
        Deva was the one to kill my mother. It was my duty to revenge her. I had to
        defeat him! He was through playing games. But then, so was I!
    #91 Wolves
        Deva had killed my mother. But he had also saved my life. Still, hadn't he
        tried to kill me? And I was from heaven. I wasn't just a normal human. Just
        what was I?
    #92 Truth Revealed
        I had almost lost myself. Only the help of my friends saw me through this.
        Goku, Hakkai, Gojo, all my friends. Maybe I was the one that needed to find
    #93 Dancing Werebird 2
        Asura's ambition didn't stop with the destruction of heaven. Using the      
        Mandara, he wanted to remake the whole world. We had to stop him! But
        before we could reach him, Garda stopped us.
    #94 Final Battle, While Life lasts
        (to get this, simply save during the last battle, then load 'em up)
        Finally! The last battle with Asura was about to begin. We had to stop him,
        no matter what. We had to imprison him again. For my friends, for the
        people who are waiting for me, I will fight!
    2.2. FEMALE
    NOTE: the "save" feature is there to show where, at minimum, should you
          save in order to be able to load the diary up. Keep in mind that you
          don't really have to do that one-by-one. You could just rush to the
          end of the game, and then save, and you will still get the Diary.
          This is mostly intended to reveal when the entry first appear.
    #01 It started with a dream.
        My name is Chin Genjo. When I was a child I was found by Elder Homei of
        Golden Temple. He raised me there. One day, Lady Kannon appeared before  
        my eyes. When she left, I found a glowing staff in the garden.
    Save: pre-battle #01
    #02 The Quest
        A messenger from the Emperor came and instructed us to send one of the
        monks of Golden Temple to India's Thunder Temple. Since, no one else
        wanted to go I volunteered. I was sure this had something to do with my
        vision of Lady Kannon.
    Save: pre-battle #01
    #03 Meditation at Dusk
        In the evening, Elder Homei came to talk to me while I was sweeping the
        entranceway. It appears that the Elder had been told in a dream to send
        me to India.
    Save: pre-battle #01
    #04 The Poem of Farewell
        My journey begins. Elder Homei gave me the name Sanzo. Even though it was
        a boy's name, I'm grateful for it. I am so excited to be going someplace
        I've never been before. This will be the first time I've ever been out of
        the Imperial City.
    Save: pre-battle #01
    Chapter 1
    #05 The Day of Revival
        At Monkey Rock we were attacked by monsters, and my guards were killed. I
        thought I was dead, too. But I was helped by Son Goku, who appeared from
        out of a large rock at the top of the mountain. He's really scary!
    Save: pre-battle #02.
    #06 Imprisoned
        Goku told me he was trapped in the rock. I can't believe that anyone would
        fight their way into Heaven and get caught by Buddha. At least I
        understand a little more about who the Guardians are and what Kannon wants
        me to do.
    Save: World Map; after battle #02.
    #07 The Wandering Chef
        At Ko Lodge we saw a chef called Cho Hakkai being driven away. I found out
        he was a monster. But still, they didn't need to drive him away. He hadn't
        done anything wrong I felt sorry for him.
    Save: pre-battle #03.
    #08 The Raging Boar
        We found Hakkai standing at the edge of a gorge. I thought he was going to
        jump in. Luckily, I was wrong but next time I'd better not jump to
        conclusions. I'm sorry Hakkai.
    Save: World Map; after battle #03.
    <to be continued>
    3. Bonus
    Ryorin: Congratulations on beating the game. Here's a little present from me.
            Hope you enjoy it!
    >> Play BGM
       ???: Select the melody you wish to hear.
       -Page 1/6-
       Bon Voyage!
          Image of the morning Sanzo sets off on his Journey. Full of excitement
          and expectation.
       To the West!
          Prepare for Battle! Strings and Shitarr add excitement to the air.
       Sanzo's Journey
          Sanzo's travel song. Fun times and sad times will all be remembered.
          Theme for the store. A slightly Chinese song.
          Theme for the Chemist. This also has a Chinese flavor to it.
       -Page 2/6-
          Theme for the dojo. Any resemblance to any other song is all in your
          Theme for the card table. A more adult sound.
          Theme for the Post. Bright, but rather relaxing.
          Theme for the Smith. Build around the rhythm of the hammer and tongs.
          Song of victory. A moment of relief amongst the pressures of adventure.
       -Page 3/6-
          Requiem of defeat. This leads to the game over scene so it is dark and
       The Great Ape!
          Son Goku's Theme song. Based on the image of the strong, happy-go-lucky
       Enter the Bull!
          The battle with Taurus. The image of Taurus's overwhelming presence.
       Mysterious Melody
          A melody for times when something strange, mysterious, or dubious are
          going on.
       A Strange World
          A melody for when the party is in a strange new place or when confronted
          by magic. 
       -Page 4/6-
       The Battle Hymn
          Based on the positive image of the party working together to defeat the
       Funny Old Man
          Theme melody for Chin Genshi. Is he really as spaced as he appears.
       The Lie Demons
          A tension filled song, based on the image of Sanzo fighting the fierce
       To the Death
          The final battle. The climax of the story. The fight for peace for the
       Bustling Streets
          Melody for a bustling city street. Kids playing, vendors yelling, bright
          and cheerful.
       -Page 5/6-
       Tragedy Strikes.
          A sad melody. Actually an arrangement of one of the opening song
       Happy Days
          A melody for comical events. These events bring laughter to a long tiring
       True Love
          Love melody. Also used for those times when the group is absolutely safe.
          A melody for the time when Sanzo learns his past. Will he be able to deal
          with it?
       Champions Melody
          For Truth, Right, and Justice!
       -Page 6/6-
       Evil Comes
          The theme of evil... These guys are bad, really bad. They have something
          evil in mind.
       The Storm Breaks
          The problem has been solved and peace has returned. The calm after the
       The Poem of the Heavens
          The melody for the appearances of Lady Mercy and the Guardians.
       Decisions, Decisions
          A melody for times when a difficult decision must be made. Similar to
          Deva's theme. 
       The Pits of Hell
          Thrust into the Pit, Sanzo and his party must face their true enemy. A
          creepy atmosphere.
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       Chapter 3 (M)  
    4. Afterthoughts
    So here's basically what I have in mind when reading all those diaries. These
    may or may not sound silly to you, so be prepare:
    - In #11 it says "...when we were Were..." Eh? Sanzo is not a Were.
    - In #30, I'd prefer "...Please Stand Up" on the title, tho :)
    - In #51, how can Sanzo titled the Diary "Tiger, Tiger" when he himself claimed
      not knowing the happening?
    - In various diary, how can Sanzo knew what happened to the enemy? How can he
      knew about the lost of Taurus's and Tessen's son? How can he know about Deva
      and his mother before Chapter 4?
    - In Bonus BGM, "Decisions, Decisions" it was said it is similar to Deva's
      theme. But where's the Deva's theme on the BGM?
    5. Credits
    Allah SWT, for everything. Everything.
    And not much for the rest, really. This is the sort of rag I did on my very
    own. I'd like to say thanks to Dream Theater and Ryoko Hirosue for keep
    performing in trying to keep me awake during that night when I started this
    FAQ. They failed, of course, and I had to continue the work the next day, but
    eh. Without them, this section would be too dull and empty.
    Oh yeah, thanks to SYusup and Goryus for their Saiyuki Walkthrough. Combined,
    both their work will tell you everything in the game (ugh, not really, not
    until someone, or I, make another Post Guide that will include Post battlemaps
    and item location, but still close enough).
    And finally, thanks to you. You know. We barely knew each other but you read
    ahead anyway, and all. Bla bla bla. All that thing people used to throw one
    another. You know the deal. Nice to be of a small amusing moment provider,
    see you!
    (this is where people tend to include stinger from one character or another.
     So, like, here's mine:
     "Real men don't chase after women who don't want anything to do with them. "
                                                              - Son Goku, Saiyuki)

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