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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Payzmaykr

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    ************************************Saiyuki: Journey West  Battle FAQ*********************************
                                                                               Author:      Jonathan Head (Payzmaykr)
                                                                               E-Mail:      Payzmaykr@yahoo.com
                                                                               AIM:        jhead816
                                                                               Version:   .15
    I. Update History
    II. Disclaimer
    III. Introduction
    IV. Walkthrough
    A.Chapter I-        Journey's Companions
       1. Monkey Rock
       2. Mt. Darkwind
       3. Ko-Lodge
       4. Hawk Isle
       5. Grace Springs
       6. Chin Lodge
       7. Mere River
       8. Cherry Plains
       9. Dream World
    B. Chapter II-      Western Overlord
       10. Mist Mountain
       11. Biku Castle
       12. Helmet Peak
       13. Lucky Temple
       14. Fire Top Mt.
       15. Infidel City
       16. Mt. Cloud
       17. Plateau Mt.
       18. Lotus Cave
       19. Cerechen
       20. Dragon Cliff
       21. Windy Peak
       22. Inns Town
       23. Pteron Cave
       24. Deadman Gorge
       25. Deadman Gorge
       26. Storm Mountain
       27. Storm Mountain
       28. Storm Mountain
    C. Chapter III-     Promised Land
       29. Star Cave
       30. Mount Stone
       31. Ice Peak
       32. Wing Mt.
       33. Puppet's Peak
       34. Kannaoj
       35. Thunder Temple
    D. Chapter IV- Asura
       36. Heaven's Door
       37. Martyr's Stairs
       38. Purity Hall
       39. Truth's Temple
       40. Final
    V. FAQ's
    VI. Secrets and Sidequests
         A. Gallant Ale
         B. Chef's Paradise
         C. Emperor
         D. Star Ore
    VII. Credits
     /  1:    Update History      \___________________________________________
    6/26/03                        Made title
    6/26/03                        Posted personal contact information
    6/26/03                        Created Table of Contents
    6/27/03                        Added Chapters and Levels to Contents
    6/27/03                        Added Disclaimer and Introduction
    6/27/03                        Chapter I complete
    7/02/03                        Chapter II complete
    7/02/03                        Chapter III complete
    7/02/03                        Chapter IV complete
    7/02/03                        Changed layout of Guide
    7/02/03                        Added FAQs
    7/02/03                        Created Secrets section
              /   2:    Disclaimer      \___________________________________________
    This guide was writen by Jonathan Head, AKA Payzmaykr of GameFAQs. As I have seen that there
    are not many Saiyuki: Journey West Battle FAQs writen, if any. This guide may be used as wished on other websites.
     The only thing that I request is that you ask me DIRECTLY before coppying and pasting. If you are
     given permission use this guide on another website, you must credit it to Payzmaykr, and nobody else.
     If you want to use this guide, please contact me at Payzmaykr@yahoo.com. If I fail to reply within one
     week, then try to access me through AIM. This guide is being writen solely as an informer on the matter
     of  the battles of the game Saiyuki: Journey West.
     /   3:    Introduction      \___________________________________________
    Saiyuki: Journey West is, in all aspects, a great game. It is a strategy-RPG game. Pretty much what that means is that you have a character
    that gains levels and gets better status, like an RPG, but you can move them around on the battle field to do better damage to your enemy.
    Saiyuki is a game which was shipped to America about two years ago. The game was developed by Koei and is played on the Playstation console.
    Many gaming critics give Saiyuki a bad ratings, raving that it is bland and hard. It is in no way bland, and it (like all games) can be hard at times, but
    not incredibly hard.
    I noticed a low number of guides for this grand game, so I decided to write another one. I hope that it helps people out in their games just as much as
    other gaming guides help me out in a game. I will make it as detailed and legible as I possible can. Have fun with the game, and if you have any questions about
    the guide, something I put in wrong, or just have a question about the game, itself, then please don't hesitate to contact me at Payzmaykr@yahoo.com. If I fail
    to get back with you, then try to get me on AIM. All contacting Info can be viewed above under the title.
    ********************** WARNING WARNING WARNING****************
     This is an official Spoiler warning. If you begin to read and more, you will see some important information that
    very well may ruin the game for you. The guide begins right now, so brace yourself!
    ********************** WARNING WARNING WARNING****************
    /  4:    Guide      \___________________________________________
    ______________-----------------=Chapter I- Journey's Companions=---------------_______________
    Here the story begins. You start as a hard-working, young monk named Genjo. While working, he becomes tired, and closes his eyes. A woman coated
    in a golden glow. She introduces herself as Lady Kannon, a servant of Buddah. She entrusts Genjo to deliver a holy staff from their monestary in China
    all the way west to India. When Genjo tells the elder monk, he shared that Lady Kannon also paid him a visit. She told him to entrust Genjo to make the
    Journey. Other monks laghed at Genjo the first time he presented the matter, but with the elder's word behind him, he gained their respect.
    Then with a new name (Sanzo) and two fighters to accompany him, our hero is off!
    Battle 1
    -----------[ Monkey Rock ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective- Remove Charm from Rock
    Boss HP- N/A
    Enemies- 1x Imp,
                   2x Wolfman
                   2x Centipede
    Items- Healing Potion (6,7)
    This is not a very hard battle. All you need to do is stay away from the enemies. If they hit you, then heal yourself. Move across the bridge. Once on the other
    side, select 'Use' on the bridge. It will drop, leaving your monster buddies having to take the long way. Just climb up, kill the single enemy, and select 'Use' on
    the rock. Then your first party member is free to unleash his power on the enemies. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Afterwards, Lady Kannon comes out. She makes the guy from the rock, Goku, join you. She puts a band on his head that never comes off. If Sanzo says
    a magical word, the band on his head immobilizes him. Now you have a new party member!
    Battle 2
    ----------[ Mt. Darkwind ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective-Defeat All Enemies
    Boss HP- N/A
    Enemies- 4x Thief
                   2x Bandi
    Items-Cure Potion (1,4)
              Turban (5,0)
    This battle shouldn't give you too much trouble if you do as Goku says. Just transform (he explains) and unleash hell. Keep Sanzo healed. When enemies
    approach Sanzo, have Goku take them out. If need be, Sanzo can attack, as well. When you transform with Goku, be sure to move in the middle of a
    bunch of enemies, because it will do extra damage to them. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 3
    ----------[ Ko-Lodge ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat All Enemies
    Boss HP- N/A
    Enemies: 5x Imp
                  2x Wolfman
    Items: Magic Potion (7,4)
              Leather Jerkin (10,4)
    This is a pretty easy battle. It is not only Sanzo and Goku, but a newly-found friend, Hakkai. Our new friend is a good asset to the team. He can transform
    into a monster, too, but he can only be one for a shorter amount of time than Goku, but he has more power. Slay the enemies and collect the treasure.
    After this battle, you have a new loyal member of the team, Hakkai.
    Battle 4
    ----------[ Hawk Isle ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat the Dragon
    Boss HP- 380
    Enemies: 1x Silver Dragon
    Items: Leather Helmet (12,8)
    Your new party can master this battle in only a few rounds. This battle serves as more of a challenge than the previous ones, however, you have more power.
    Transform Goku (better range) into a Were monster and send him out. Have Hakkai and Sanzo secure the back to make sure the dragon doesn't escape.
    Use magic Rock Drop from Hakkai to do a bit of damage and heal with Sanzo. It should only take a few turns. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    After this battle, the dragon proves to be none other than Ryorin, the Dragon Princess from across the seas. She joins your party!
    Battle 5
    ----------[ Grace Springs ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Let Gojo escape!
    Boss HP- N/A
    Enemies: 3x Imp
                  2x Wolfman
                  2x Lizardman
    Items:  Heal Scroll (5,6)
               Healing Potion (8,8)
               Monk's Cap (3,2)
    Your main objective is to hold off the enemies while Gojo escapes from the enemies. You can kill all the enemies you want, but they come back. They come in
    waves to make things worse. So once you kill a few of them, a few more come in to take their place. It is pretty easy, but it can prove to be much more
    trouble than it seems. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 6
    ----------[ Chin Lodge ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Old Man Nyoi
    Boss HP- 270
    Enemies: 1x Nyoi
                  3x Wolfman
                  2x Flyman
                  1x Lizardman
    Items: None
    This battle is probably the first challenge that you face, that is if you want to defeat all of his crew for the experience. If you want to end it fast (less exper-
    ience), then have everyone attack Nyoi. Otherwist, focus on this lizardman and Flyman first, because they have good magic and healing. Afterwards, defeat
    the remaining enemies and kill Nyoi. I would recommend that you transform into Hakkai's Were in this round because everyone is in a small area, and he can
    demolish them all at once. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    After this battle, you get another party member, Gojo!
    Battle 7
    ----------[ Mere River ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Rhinon
    Boss HP- 320
    Enemies: 3x Rhinon Imp
                  2x Flyman
                  1x Centipede
    Items: None
    Rhinon is the main target, here. He captures Sanzo in the start, and you have to go across the map to save him. Try to keep all your characters above the
    water, but keep Gojo in the water, because it heals him. I would recommend transforming Gojo in this battle. He has a good attack that can reach very far
    distances. Try to defeat all of Rhinon's henchmen, and then bring the big man down, himself. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 8
    ----------[ Cherry Plains ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat  Ivy
    Boss HP-300
    Enemies: 4x Ivy Imp
                  2x  Lizardman
                  2x Birdman
    This battle is pretty easy. Just Transform Goku. Also, use your best magic and attacks on the enemies. Heal with Sanzo, if necessary. Kill off her hench-
    men for the extra experience points. After they are gone, move in for the kill and take down Ivy. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
      Battle 9
    ----------[ Dream World ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Mahoraga
    Boss HP- 350
    Enemies: 1x Mahoraga
                    1x Imp
                    2x Flyman
                    2x Wolfman
                    3x Lizardman
      Items: Emporor's Helmet (GET THIS)
    This battle is sort of tough. Not the enemies, the terrain. You have to go through several lifts to get up to where the evil Mahoraga is. You can make Goku use
    'Cloud' to get up faster, but Mahoraga's bodyguards might prove too much of a challenge. Use long-range magic and heal when you need to. Slowly make
    your way up and slay Mahoraga. The battle was been won. CHAPTER COMPLETE !!!!!
    Now, you get Kikka in your party!
               ________________-----------------=Chapter II- Western Overlord=---------------________________
    Battle 10
    ----------[ Mist Mountain ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat All Enemies
    Boss HP- N/A
    Enemies:  2x Fake Sanzo
                    2x Fake Goku
                    2x Fake Ryorin
                    2x Fake Hakkai
                    2x Fake Gojo
                    2x Fake Kika
    Items: Needles (9,6)
              Magic Potion (9,0)
              Healing Potion (4,8)
    This battle is more fun than it is hard. Since ther are many of them, twelve, to be exact, you can use Hakkai's Were form to deal great damage in small large
    areas. You just have to make sure that you don't attack a party member. It is incredible easy to tell, though, seeing as they look a lot different and their names
    are "Fake" Sanzo, Goku, etc. They are pretty easy, but you need to dispose of the Fake Sanzos first, because they can heal the evil party members. Just keep
    up with the rest of them and there will be no problem! BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 11
    ----------[ Biku Castle ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Master Tigra
    Boss HP- 400
    Enemies: 1x Tigra
                   2x Lizardman
                   3x Operator
                   1x Conjuror
    Items: Chain Mail  (9,3)
               Magic Potion (10,10)
               Emperor Armor (12,10)
               Noble Hat(1,12)
    What you want to do here is to get lots of treasure and experience. Don't gos traight for Tigra. Transform Gojo into his Were form and use his infinite-range
    attacks to slay enemies across the wall. Also destroy the trees that are blocking the way. Some of the trees also have treasure inside. Once you get the
    treasure and rend the enemies assunder, then go in for Tigra. Just be careful his the Lightnig spells. Heal with Sanzo when necessary. Also, be SURE to get
    Emperor armor. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 12
    ----------[ Helmet Peak ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Vala and Aspara
    Boss HP- 450 (each)
    Enemies: 1x Vala
                  1x Aspara
                  3x Lizardman
                  3x Operator
    Items: None
    This map can be sort of hard. Since your opponents are elevated on a well-guarded mountan, you are going to need range and power. Makes you think, huh?
    Transform Gojo into his River Lord Were and unleash constant pain on them. Try to take out the Operators that drop rocks, because they can deal quit a bit.
    You can make Goku use Cloud to get up, but he will be swarmed. Just unleash your most powerful Summons (Sanzo) and Magic on them, and they will fall
    eventually. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 13
    ----------[ Lucky Temple ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Clean up Blood
    Boss HP- N/A
    Enemies: 5x Bug
    Items: Steel Cap (9,3)
              Lucky Stone (12,6)
    This is simple. Have Sanzo go around to the blood stains and 'Use' them. Then they will vanish. There are many more than five bugs. Once you kill one wave
    of them, another comes. Have one person (I recommend Goku or Gojo) who is strong and fast to accompany Sanzo. Just defeat the enemies as they come
    and make sure Sanzo has at least one escort. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 14
    ----------[ Fire Top Mountain]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Yaska
    Boss HP- 400
    Enemies: 1x Yaska
                   2x Lizardman
                   2x Birdman
                   2x Wolfman
                   2x Conjuror
    Items: Fireball (5,2)
              Speed Potion (9,8)
              Charm of Defense (2, 11)
    The natural heat of this level makes your characters lose 10 hp every round. To turn this into +20 hp every round, summon the "Mother" summon. To transport your
    Characters, have them transform into their Were forms to get across. Then transform back. By the time you get there, the rock should be back to let you get
    across. Have Hakkai go across. Then have others go. Unleash an assault on the enemies. Then kill Yaska. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 15
    ----------[ Infidel City ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat King Kobi
    Boss HP- 300
    Enemies: 1x Kobi
                  6x Soldiers
    Items: Destone Potion (0,0)
              Scale Male (1,5)
              Ring of Speed (14,6)
    After a very funny scene with Goku and the others, the fight begins. When he uses the Stone Bell attack, it makes your characters turn into stone, so be
    careful for that. Just concentrate your attacks on the henchmen and then go for Kobi. It is not very hard. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
     Battle 16
    ----------[ Mt. Cloud ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Tessen
    Boss HP- 380
    Enemies: 1x Tessen
                  3x Birdman
                  2x Operator
                  2x Conjuror
    Items: None
    Ther are more rocks with Operators behind them, so be careful. I would recommend Gojo's Were form for this one. Blaze through, slaying enemies
    as you go. Be sure to get the Operators. Kill Tessen and you win. This is a rather difficult battle.
    Just defeat the enemies and dodge the fire spells in order to win this battle. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 17
    ----------[ Plateau Mountain ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Kinkaku
    Boss HP- 550
    Enemies: 1x Kinkaku,
                   2x Lizardman
                   2x Conjuror
                   2x Ghoul
    Items: Silver Necklace (7,3)
              Golden Comb (9,7)
              Healing+ Potion (3,7)
    I would recommend trying to defeat Kinkaku immediately. If you want to attack the other enemies, then go for the Conjurors and the Archers. The
    Ghoul is not too much of a threat, though. Kinkaku has pretty good range, so be careful. Assault her with attacks from your characters and Gojo's
    Were form. This battle is pretty fun. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 18
    ----------[ Lotus Cave ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Ginkaku
    Boss HP- 550
    Enemies: 1x Ginkaku
                   2x Birdman
                   3x Opperator
                  1x Conjuror
    Items: None
    This battle is kind of challenging. Go straight for the person working the gourd. Either attack with Gojo's Were form or send Goju over with the Cloud
    ability. Once defeated, re-join your party and slowly destroy the rest of the enemy threat. Make your way to Ginkaku and destroy her with attacks, magic,
    or Were. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 19
    ----------[ Cherechen ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Mastrer Ko
    Boss HP- 460
    Enemies: 1x Ko,
                  2x Bandit
                  4x Thief
                  1x Tiger
    Items: Emeror Band (7, 10), Noble Hat (1,8)
    The crazy Master Ko begins by treansforming Sanzo into a giant tiger. It has gone mad and tries to attack you. Ko fires arrows at you and uses powerful
    Gold spells. You cannot order Sanzo with commands, and neither can you kill him. He is wild, just as wild as an enemy. Ko has a small batallion of thieves
    and bandits at his side. Have fin destroying them. Use items to heal if you are hurt too much. No Were is that necessary for this battle, but I would recommend
    Goku, Taurus, or Hakkai. Slay them all and kill Master Ko. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 20
    ----------[ Dragon Cliff ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Nagini
    Boss HP- 550
    Enemies: 1x Nagini,
                  3x Ghoul
                  2x Conjurer
                  2x Opperator
    Items: None
    This map is hard. There is not much room to move in, but to make things worse, the enemies have long-range attacks and you have to climb upwards.
    Have Sanzo summon Cavalier for the extra motion. Have Goku use Cloud and get pretty far out to assault the enemies with Sanzo. Make Gojo turn into
    his Were form and attack Nagini. This is one battle where I might not even defeat all enemies. It is pretty hard work, but you can do it. Slowly move your
    remaining characters forward as they demolish enemies in their way with your best magic and attacks. Keep with it and you will win. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 21
    ----------[ Windy Peak ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Windy
    Boss HP- 460
    Enemies: 1x Windy,
                   4x Bandit
                   3x Thief
    tems: Magic Potion(3,4)
            Charm of Magic (5,15)
    Some battles are tough, but this battle is downright hard. You are on a hill that slants upward, and I  am sure that you can guess that you have the height
    disadvantage. The main enemy is a character named Windy. Doesn't sound too hard, right? Wrong. Windy has an attack called 'Stunwind' that has HUGE
    range. If your characters stay too close together, it can hit them all, unless they are behind a big rock. If you step on a pad at the beginning (which is also
    behind a rock), huge boulders come up. Stay behind them to avoid Stunwind, because if it hits you, you are paralized. Use Gojo's long-range Were attack,
    Darkblade to hit Windy. Ignore the other Bandits and Thieves and kill Windy. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 22
    ----------[ Inns Town] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Chin Genshi
    Boss HP- 450 (each time)
    Enemies:  1x Ginshi,
                   1x Genshi(transformed),
                   3x Birdman
                   2x Conjurer
                   2x Lizardman
    Items: Golden Comb (0,4)
    This battle is pretty fun. Genshi is not a true enemy to you, but only an obsticle. Start by defeating the other monsters before the end of the battle, because it is
    going to be harder if they are there when you begin the second part of the fight. Make your way to beating Chin Genshi. Think the battle is over? Nah, we can't
    make it too easy for you. Genshi transforms into his were form. Not would be a good time to do the same. I would recommend Hakkai's Were monster. Just
    attack him until he is dead, he only has about 450 HP. Be sure to defeat the other enemies first. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 23
    ----------[ Pteron Castle ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Master Baa
    Boss HP- 490
    Enemies: 1x Master Baa,
                  1x Spearman,
                  3x Fighter
                  2x Archer
    Items: Strength Potion(2,10)
              Magic+ Potion(7,12)
              Iron Helmet(12,10)
    This battle had my number, but I beat it. My main advice is that you should summon Cavalier with Sanzo, transform Gojo into his Were ability, and  use Dark
    Blade. Run for Master Baa's platform as quickly as possible, because the other parts of the castle will fall down. Don't worry as much about getting  the items,
    because if someone falls, they are gone for the battle. Just move as quickly as possible and you should be okay. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 24
    ----------[ Deadman Gorge ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Pyric
    Boss HP- 510
    Enemies: 1x Pyric,
                  3x Lizardman
                  2x Operator
                  2x Ghoul
    Items: Charm of Health (3,2)
              Charm of Defense (7,5)
              Kings Helmet (9,10)
    When you start this battle, you will notice that there are groups of enemies waiting to be killed. One to the right, one to the left, and one with Pyric. Divide up
    your team into two groups and assault the lone groups to the left and the right. Then have them both go up to demolish Pyric's fleet. If you want to, then transform
    Gojo or Goku into their Were forms. Dark Blade is pretty useful. Just try to stay healed and deal steady damage and you will win. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 25
    ----------[ Deadman Gorge ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Mad Turtle
    Boss HP- 800
    Enemies: 1x Mad Turtle,
                  2x Lizardman
                  4x Bug
                  1x Conjurer
    Items: Beads of Bravery (4,6)
              Magic Armor (7,0)
    This battle can prove to be more trouble than it appears if you come without a well-thought-out strategy. Mad Turtle (with 800 HP) is your main target, here.
    He has some devastating attacks, and they are long-range to make things worse. Transform Goku and wither away the other enemies. Have two or three other
    party members go and help Goku. Stand near the bridge and the Mad Turtle will step on it. Drop it to nearly half his HP. Now with the height advantage, claim
    the victory and kill the enemies. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 26
    ----------[ Storm Mountain ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Scorpio
    Boss HP- 800
    Enemies: 1x Scorpio,
                  4x Lizardman
                  3x Operator
                  1x Conjurer
    Items: Magic+ Potion (6,2)
              Charm of Defense+ (9,9)
    This battle is sort of hard, as well as many others to come. You are fighting the Were-form of Taurus' wife, here. The enemies difinitely have the height
    advantage in this battle. Focus your attacks on Scorpio alone for a quick win. If you want to take all of the enemies out, then transform someone like Goku
    or Gojo and use powerful, long-range attacks. Follow up with your strongest magic and attacks. Be careful of the Operators, the can drop rocks on you that
    do a good bit of damage. To get leveled with the enemies, then use Cloud with Goku. They should start to come down after that, and you can rightfully destroy
    them. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 27
    ----------[ Storm Mountain ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat All Enemies
     Boss HP- N/A
    Enemies: 1x Nyoi,
                  1x Rhinon,
                  1x Baa,
                  1x Tigra,
                 1x Windy,
                 1x Fake Sanzo
    Items: None
    This battle is just about to cross the line between "Hard" and "Unfair". So you get to fight six of the previously defeated bosses that work for Taurus and try to
    kill Sanzo. Nyoi is not too much of a threat, Rhinon has his annyoing 'Iron Ring', Baa.... we'll get to him later, Tigra has his 'Lightning' spell, Windy has that stupid
    'Stun Wind', and Fake Sanzo can heal them. Remember Baa? The sheep-guy that makes traps? Well, that is what he did in this battle. He made a trap so a
    boulder will come out and roll down the battlefield and crush anyone that gets within its chosen path. If you noticed the terrain's sharp turns in the narrow footing,
    that is the path that the boulders follow. Each time they meat a turn, they take it. That way, you can predice how to didge it or lure enemies into it. If it hits you,
    it can do some serious three-digit numbers (usually no more than 160). Turn Hakkai into his Were form and use Ultra Tusk on enemies, preferably Windy and
    Tigra. Just fight your best and use your strongest spells and attacks. It may (and probably will) take a few tries, but you will get it. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 28
    ----------[ Storm Mountain ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Taurus
    Boss HP- 700 then 950
    Enemies: 1x Taurus,
                  3x Ghoul
                  2x Sorcerer
                  2x Lizardman
                  2x Operator
    Items: Healing+ Potion (2,8)
              Magic+ Potion (8,8)
              Emperor Soul (5,14)
    This battle is *considerably* easier than the previous one. In fact, it may even be ten times easier. No sneaky traps, only one boss... you've got it made. Just
    focus your attack power on the Operators, then Sorcerers, then the rest of the enemies. When you defeat Taurus and there are about three or four enemies
    left, transform Goku and duke it out between the two long-lost friends is Were form, as your party takes out the other enemies (had to leave some so the rest of
    the party would have something to do). He shouldn't give you too much of a hard time, just make sure you stay healed and defeat everybody promptly. Taurus
    should be defeated last. CHAPTER COMPLETE !!!!!
    ________________-----------------=Chapter III- Promised Land =---------------___________________
    Battle 29
    ----------[ Star Cave ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Pyric
    Boss HP- 700
    Enemies: 1x Pyric,
                  3x Bug
                  4x Ghoul
                  2x Dinoman
    Items: White Gold Armband (8,12)
    Well, you start up with the height advantage for once. There are some enemies waiting for you up there, though. Destroy them quickly and make your way to
    the elevator. Make Goku Cloud down to get the treasure, then back up, then down at the enmies. Having already used up their turn for that round, they won't
    attack you. They will, however come towards you. Cloud Goku back up. The enemies will position themselves under you trying to kill you. Send down magic
    from your strongest magic-users. If you want to, then just attack Pyric from afar with Gojo's Were-form using Dark Blade. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 30
    ----------[ Mount Stone ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Mahoraga
    Boss HP- 900
    Enemies: 1x Mahoraga,
                  3x Dinoman
                  3x Operator
                  3x Wolfman
    Items: Emperor Crown (13,1)
    Begin by going to the right with everyone and killing off those enemies while collecting treasure. The other enemies will have grouped together in the middle and
    are just waiting for you to bless them with a magical spell of some Were attacks. Bring them down using, as previously stated, magic and Were attacks. I recommend
    Hakkai, Ryorin, or Goku for this battle. When the enemies are all dead, focus of Mahoraga. A good round of attacks or two will render this beast at your mercy.
    Battle 31
    ----------[ Ice Peak ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Deva
    Boss HP- 999
    Enemies: 1x Deva,
                  3x Operator
                  3x Crowman
                  2x Sorcerer
    Items: None
    Stay atop the hill which you are started on. The enemies will unleash siege on you, but having the height advantage, you can take them off easily. Have your
    characters evenly-spaced. Don't have them in a group, because Deva can get a bunch of them with one of his attacks. You might want to transform into Ryorin
    for this battle. Keep your HP high, and once the enemies are gone, focus on Deva. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 32
    ----------[ Wing Mountain ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Vala
    Boss HP- 1,200
    Enemies: 1x Vala,
                   3x Operator
                   2x Crowman
                   2x Dinoman
    Items: Winged Crown (3,1)
              Sage Armor (8,3)
    Don't rush the enemies, let them come to you. Fall back and wait for them to come. Use area-affective spells like Lightning and summon Emperor if you have
    him. When the enemies come, swarm them and kill them. Move on to Vala next. Use everything you've got. This battle shouldn't be TOO tough, just use your
    best magic and attacks. If you think it is necesary, transform into a Were form of your choice. It is not that revelant for this point, just something to add another
    element of fun to this battle. Keep yourselves healed and grouped together. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 33
    ----------[ Puppets Peak ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Aspara
    Boss HP- 1,200
    Enemies: 1x Aspara,
                  3x Bug
                  3x Ghoul
                  3x Wolfman
    Items: None
    This battle is a lot harder than I expected. In fact, it is harder than the first one, too. There are a total of ten enemies to kill here. All nine henchmen are tough
    and Aspara is about as tough as three or four of them. My recommendation would be to take out the enemies in a group. If you cannot get them together, then
    just gos traight for Aspara. Transform into Hakkai and use Ultra Tust if there are a lot of grouped enemeis there, but if not, I would use Goku or Gojo.....
    possibly Ryorin. Try tos tay healed during this battle, as you never know what is going to happen with the enemies, next. Have Sanzo summon Cavalier for this
    battle. If you would rather do so, then you could summon Emperor, as well. Another tactic that you may find to like better would consist of summoning
    Emperor, transforming Gojo, and waiting for them to come while you hit them with Dragon Whip and Dark Blade. The important thing is to keep everyone alive
    Good luck. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 34
    ----------[ Kannaoj ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Garda
    Boss HP- 1,100
    Enemies: 1x Garda
                  3x Operator
                  3x Crowman
                  2x Sorcerer
    Items: ShakeShield (5,2)
              Wisdom Potion (3,7)
              Armor of Shiyu (5,8)
    This battle is a lot easier than the previous battles. You don't have so much of a battle agains the terrain in this fight, either. In fact, this battle is incredibly easy.
    Just blaze through and demolish everything in your way, leaving nothing left but Garda, of whom you can easily defeat with such powers. Have random
    characters transform for fun, if you want to. Otherwise, have Sanzo summon your favorite Guardian. If, for some reason, the enemies prove too much for you,
    then pull back, heal, and let them come to you. Wait for them with powerful spells and strong attacks. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 35
    ----------[ Thunder Temple ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Yaska
    Boss HP- 1,200
    Enemies: 1x Yaska
                  3x Ghoul
                  2x Dinoman
                  2x Sorcerer
    Items: Soul of Magic (12,9)
              Magic+ Potion (6,5)
              Pure Land Robe (2,3)
    Well, this battle is not as easy as the previous one, so don't get your hopes up. It is not too hard, not too easy. Just somewhere in the middle of them all.
    Charge straight for Yaska, defeating all enemies that stand in your way. Summon Emperor or Cavalier. Transform whoever you like, it makes not major
    difference, here. I would recommend for this battle to use Goku, Sanzo, Gojo, Hakkai, and Ryorin. Use your strongest spells on the Ghouls which lie in
    your path. Once they are dealt with, then focus your best magic and strongest attacks on Yaska. If you want to, then you can pick up some of the treasure
    from the ground, but it is not too important, here. Just make sure that you take him out and that everyone stays healed. Attacks are good from most characters
    here. Once you get to him, just use straight up, physical attacks to bring him down. Not too hard. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    ________________-----------------=Chapter IV- Asura =---------------__________________________
    Battle 36
    ----------[ Heaven's Door ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Nagini
    Boss HP- 1,200
    Enemies: 1x Nagini
                  2x Harpy
                  2x Dinoman
                  2x Crowman
    Items: Cap of Wisdom (1,3)
              Magic+ Potion (9,6)
    For a quick win, just go straight for Nagini. If you are going to bring any gold-elemental characters in this battel, be sure to transform them into Were form.
    Nagini can quickly defeat all gold-elemental characters, so that is why you need that extra protection. Focus most of your attacks on Nagini and be sure to
    stay very well-healed. If you have Emperor, summon it. If you don't have Emperor, summon Cavalier. Nagini has 1200 HP, so that would be about..... two
    rounds of attacks coming straight from your team. Keep gold-elements either in the back or transformed, and you should be alright. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 37
    ----------[ Martyr's Stairs ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Deva
    Boss HP- 1,400
    Enemies: 1x Deva
                  2x Harpy
                  3x Bug
                  2x Ghoul
    Items: Magic+ Potion (1,9)
              Life Potion (4,9)
    Okay, the first thing that you are going to want to do on this small map is to take out those Harpies! The can heal the enemies' party, and we are supposed
    to KILL the enemies, not heal them, so naturally, it would be a smart choice to take them out in order to make things easier for yourself. The Bugs and Ghouls
    can easily be disposed of within a matter of one to three matches. Just be sure to take them out. Aterwards, move on to Deva. Be sure to heal any status-affecting
    spells which he could have cast on your party. Go straight for him with your best attacks, magic, and a optional Were-monster of your choice. If you feel like it,
    then you can summon Emperor or another summon, whichever you feel is necessary to save this battle and strengthen your team. BATTEL COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 38
    ----------[ Purity Hall]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective:Defeat Garda
    Boss HP- 1,300
    Enemies: 1x Garda
                  2x  Harpy
                  2x Dinoman
                  2x Harpy
                  2x Sorcerer
    Items: None
    Water elements work well here. That would mean that I would advise you bring Gojo and/or Reikan to this battle, that is if you GOT Reikan. There are nine
    enemies in this map, so stay alert. Have Gojo or Reikan Transform into their Were froms as the rest of the party battles it out with the henchmen of the
    once-so-easy Garda. It seems that she got stronger in this fight, as you can easily see from some of here spells that can be cast upon the party. Be sure to keep
    healed and to not fall behind from the rest of the party. It is not too hard, just be careful. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    ********************** WARNING WARNING WARNING******************************
    Right now, I advise for you to make a completely seperate file on your memory card. Once you enter battles
    39 and 40, you may be too weak and need to train, so make two files so this doesn't happen. Good luck!!!!!
    ********************** WARNING WARNING WARNING******************************
    Battle 39
    ----------[ Truths Temple ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat Asura
    Boss HP- 1,800
    Enemies: 1x Asura
                  4x Harpy
                  2x Dinoman
                  2x Sorcerer
    Items: None
    Here we are. Asura, huh? Doesn't look too powerful with only 1800 HP, I would have expected more like 10,000 HP, myself  =D.
    Buuuut... I was wrong. He is pretty powerful, and there are some crystals in there that only make him even MORE powerful. If you have Goku use Cloud
    to go around the map and destroy the crystals, then it will be a bit easier. Be sure to take out the Sorcerer in the top-left, he has a powerful move called
    "Ultra Poison". Have you party wither away the enemies which are sent before you and work your way to Asura. Take him out as soon as you can. Ultra Tusk
    from Hakkai can work wonders against Asura if he is surrounded by enemies who need to be scattered. Use strong, area-affecting magic and attacks Keep
    healed from Sanzo and use Lightning from time to time If you have a spare turn in the beginning where there is no one to heal and no one in range of attack from
    Sanzo, summon someone like Emperor or Cavalier. Keep it up and you can win this one. BATTLE COMPLETE !!!!!
    Battle 40
    ----------[ Final Map ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Objective: Defeat the Final Boss
    Boss HP- 2,800
    Enemies: 1x Final Boss
    Items: Nothing
    This is the final battle in the game, and as you can probably guess, it will not be too easy, either. There are other enemies to worry about, but leave them to
    themselves. Your main target is the final boss, himself. Hammer him with everything you've got. Your characters will be dropping like flies in this battle, but if
    you are lucky, you will come out on top, seeing as when you defeat the big boss, the rest of the enemies go down with it. Now is your chance to give it
    everything you've got. Powerful blows from your attackers, spells as good as they come, but no summons or Were forms here, they take too long. If
    you trained a lot and have good levels with good status, you *should* be able to win. Just keep your cool and pretend it is any other boss in the game. That
    is something that usually helps me out on a final boss. Just try to attack as strong and powerful as possibly and see where you can go from there. Once you hit
    it for 2800 HP, you win. The ending is now yours to enjoy. GAME COMPLETE !!!!!
     /   5:   Frequently Asked Questions      \___________________________________________
    1. Q- During your guide, I noticed several pieced of armor marked "Emperor" on them and you said to get them. Why is this?
        A- Those are legendary pieces of the Emperor Armor. Once you collect them all, you get a Guardian for Sanzo called Emperor.
    2. Q- Hakkai sometimes talks about learning new recipies. How can this help me? Is it even relevent to the game?
        A- Yes. Hakkai talks about learning new recipies because once he learns all of them, he learns a new (and powerful) attack.
    3. Q- I noticed the various Dojos in towns. What are they for?
         A- You can train your characters to become stronger in the dojos.
    4. Q- In battle, the coordinates you gave show an object such as a rock or a tree. What do I do?
        A- Transform into a Were-monster next to it and it will turn into a treasure chest.
     /   6:   Secrets and Sidequests      \___________________________________________
    A. Gallant Ale
    The Gallant Ale is one of the most useful and rare items that you can come across while playing this game in general. There is only one that you can get, and it is
    a lot of work. The ale increases your War (attack power) by 8 points which is a vast improvement. It only works on male characters, and you can only use it
    one time. To get it, you need to successfully beat the dojo master and get Dojo Licenses from these dojos:
    Ko Lodge
    Mire River
    Infidel City
    Inns Town
    Pine City
    Frontier City
    Midnight Tor
    Port Town
    Once you have successfully defeated the masters of those dojos, you will be given the Gallant Ale.
    B. Chef's Paradise
    The next secret is the "Chef's Paradise" for Hakkai. It is a magical attack that (for Hakkai) is the best there is. Remember how Hakkai will randomly say something
    when you are in a village about learning a new recipe? Wonder what it is for? I always wondered myself, until I figured out its purpose. The reson is that he becomes
    a master chef once he can cook so many foods. There are four different recipes that Hakkai can learn. They are located in the following places:
    Yumien- Visit the shop
    Biku- Visit the Dojo
    Infidel City- Visit the Chemist
    Kucha- Visit the Smith
    Once you have completed the spells, take a trip to the Post in Tokhara. When you get there, you will be given Chef's Paradise.
    C. Star Ore
    The Star Ore is a very useful item that is rather hard to be found. It can be used to synthesize your weapons to a higher level, thus making you more powerful. To get
    the Star Ore, you must do a list of things, which consist of:
    1. Go to Midnight Tor and have your weapons systhesized to level five.
    2. Once you have done that, go to the Dojo in Midnight Tor.
    3. After you have been to the Dojo in Midnight Tor, go to the chemist in Frontier City.
    4. Finally, after all this hard work, go to the Post in Port Town. There, you will be given the Star Ore.
    D. Emperor
    If you have heard me mention in my guide about summoning Emperor and didn't know where it find it, then you have come to the right place, because I will tell
    you how to go about getting yourself this Guardian for Sanzo.There are a number of conversations that you need and there are items, as well. Here is how to do it:
    1. Emperor Helmet- This item is located in the map "Dreamworld".
    2. Emperor Armor- This item is located in the map "Tiger Cave".
    3. Emperor Band- This item is located in the map "Cherechen".
    4. Emperor Soul- This item is located in the map "Fog Cave".
    *NOTE*- Please don't worry about the coordinates of the items in battle, coming from the reason that I didn't post them HERE. They are posted in the Guide.
    After you have gotten these items, you must go and talk to Pine City and talk to the Chemist. After that, go to the Port Town Dojo. Once done there, procede to
    a battle at the map "Ice Peak". If you succede in winning this battle, you will get the Summon Guardia "Emperor" for Sanzo.
     /   7:   Credits      \___________________________________________
    There are many people who made this guide possible, and I think that they deserve respect where as it was given to me.
    Firstly, I would like to thank GameFAQs.com for making a great site where many works of literary art (that are inspired by videogames) are posted daily to help
    us all with those games that we are stuck on, or to give us their opinion on a game and whether or not people should invest in it through (by writing a review).
    I would like to thank users Goryus and SYusup, because before I wrote this guide, theirs were the ones that I used to play it.
    I would like to thank Koei for making this game and shipping it over to America.
    I would, in the end, like to thank the future readers of this guide for taking their time, and I hope that they get what they are looking for.

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