Review by wolverinefan

"Bland game based on a toy"

It's a racing game so there isn't a story. I give story a 0/10

The control is a little too loose. While the buttons are all easy to reach and easy to remember what they do controlling your "car" takes a little bit of time getting use to. I give control a 7/10

Voice Acting, Sound Effects and Music
There isn't any voice acting. The sound effects are slightly below average and some sounds just aren't right. The music is decent but very forgettable. I give voice acting, sound effects and music a 5/10

Game play
There are 12 tracks to race on, one for each difficulty setting. There is another 12 tracks but they are for multi-player only. The main problem with the game play is the "cars", the "cars" change depending on where you're at, some tracks have normal paths that use a car, some have water which changes your car to a boat, others have air which changes your car to a plane and sometimes you can turn into a monster truck. This seems like a good idea but it fails because it just isn't fun changing the "cars" during a race. You don't change them your self, they change when you go through a hoop but it's annoying trying to get use to a new "car" half way through a race and then switching to another and then back to what you started the race on. There are power ups and you will need them but it's hard to figure out what they all do. Cars take damage and blow up after a certain amount of hits, then the cars reappears the problem here is your car takes longer to reappear than the AI cars. Most of the tracks are boring but a few of them are well designed. There is a good amount of secrets as well. I give game play a 4/10

Replay Value
Multi-player isn't very fun cause the stages are too dark and they are pretty small. While there is a lot of secrets it's hard to figure out how to get them all. I give replay value a 5/10

Oddly enough I know this review states that it's the Europe version but I rented this game in the states so I don't think this sites information is 100% correct but oh well. It really doesn't matter I guess.

Final Score
I give Hot Wheels: Extreme Racing a 4/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/10/07

Game Release: Hot Wheels Extreme Racing (EU, 10/12/01)

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