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    Reploid Location FAQ by Ed Mak

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    Megaman X6 Reploid Location FAQ - PS1
    Written by Ed Mak
    This FAQ has been updated twice since posted.
    Updated January 13, 2002
    Updated February 11, 2002
                                             ##########    ########### 666   
                                               #######      ########  666    
             #######  ###### #########    #############    #######   666666  
              #####  ######   #########  ######## ######  ######    666  666 
            ##############   ########## #######    ###########     666    666
           #### #### #####  ##### #############     #########       666  666 
         #####  ###  ##### #####  ####### #####    ###########       666666  
       #####    ##  ###########   ###### ######  ####### ######              
     ######     #     ########     ####  ##############   #######            
    ######          #########      ###  ##############     ########          
                  ##########        #       #########       #########        
                ###########               ##########         ##########      
                                       ############         #############    
                                                       Reploid Location FAQ
    Copyright© 2001/2002 Ed Mak
    And yes... Copyright© 2001/2002 Ed Mak for the MMX6 ASCII Art
    E-mail: kaokengoku@hotmail.com
    *Do not add me to your MSN Messenger list, just e-mail me.
    *I will not read your e-mail unless you have told me where you had read my
     FAQ, it seems that my FAQ is popping up in a few places here and there
    *Please take note that this FAQ is labled "Reploid Locations" and not "How do I
     play this game?"
    Made during the interval of 2001 and 2002
    Transition from December to January
    27th to 2nd
    In other words, HAPPY NEW YEARS!
    Oh, and if you want to print this, it'll be 18 pages. Sorry.
    Some things I don't want you to do...
    Obviously I spent some time on this. What does that mean? It means that:
            - this FAQ is protected by International Copyright laws.
            - you cannot use this as any form of commercial device.
            - you will not edit this FAQ and re-distribute.
            - I want you to print this out, if you want to.
            - I want you to freely distribute this FAQ without editions.
            - this FAQ is like Free-ware, you can't label this as a bonus of any
              sort. It's just cheap.
            - you cannot use this FAQ to make yourself look better
            - you can (and will) NOT sell, barter, or trade this FAQ for anything.
            - you can e-mail me about your feelings and questions about this FAQ.
            - you will NOT auction off this FAQ on Ebay.
            - you will NOT print this up, then burn it. It's like money, it's
              against the law.
            - you must share this if you have to. No hogging it for yourself if
              your little sister decides she wants to play with it. Remember, tell
              her NO BURNING.
            - you are NOT going to use this for cruel and unusual punishments.
            - you are to NOT intentionally give someone a paper-cut using this.
    What is this?
    This is an in-depth FAQ on the location of all the Reploids in the game Megaman
    X6. Since I didn't see any, so... I made one. This is a first-time FAQ-making
    effort by me. If you find that this FAQ sucks, and for good reason, please
    email me about it. THERE ARE A FEW SPOILERS!!! Obviously, since we're dealing
    with all the reploids that there are bound to be a few slips here and there.
    Well maybe, I did write this up before I finished the actual content.
    Also, recommend your friends to play this game, it's VERY good. This is the
    best MMX game (next to MMX3) that I've played. A big let up from MMX5's big let
    *Remember my Zero/Nightmare FAQ is right under this!
    Have you updated this FAQ?
    Yes I have! What were they? I don't know. I just look around for mistakes and
    correct them. I did add a note regarding the Jjukil's reploids FAQ.
    For the second time around, I fixed up some more grammatical errors on this
    FAQ. In light that you won't have to read it and go... "Ugh, why does this guy
    have 'blah blah blah' spelled wrong?" or "No! You can't use that verb in this
    For the second time around, I also added a little note on "Why don't you use
    version numbers?"
    Message to the other reploids FAQ
    Hello Jjukil! I'm sorry, I never knew you're going to make an FAQ about this
    kinda thing. Oh well, good luck on your next FAQ. You're all probably wondering
    which FAQ to use now. Well, now that is a Frequently Asked Question. I have an
    answer to that, you can:
    Flip a coin
    Eneee meeneee mineeeee...
    Rock paper Scissors
    Pick mine
    Pick his
    Isn't it such a big co-incidence that Jjukil would post up an FAQ at the SAME
    time I did? No I wasn't stalking him, I don't even know the dude. Well anyways,
    he also has a parts FAQ within his reploids FAQ. But I got maps!!! Yes, little
    pictures for all those little kiddies playing Megaman X6 right now who need
    visual help.
    Where are you version numbers?
    Why would I put up some version numbers beside my FAQ just so you can go...
    "Wow!! Ed Mak just finished version 1.37 for his Megaman X6 FAQ!! We had better
    re-read his whole FAQ so that we know exactly what we had missed! I bet I know
    what he did!! He probably fixed that pre-tense verb where he used it to..."
    Anyways, what is the point of version numbers in the first place? Just so you
    can have the satisfaction of calling it a "newer version"? You can't even
    calculate the version number.
    This whole website has been riddled across with in-numerable counts of version
    numbers signifying the uprising of a newer update. How did they come to the
    numerical value from the edition of text? I don't know. How do you get from
    1.45 to 1.87? Does that mean that they updated exactly 42 words? Or maybe they
    updated exactly 29% of their content? Whatever they did, I'll never know. If I
    don't know, then I won't pretend I know.
    "If I had it my way", then the only way to figure out a new version number for
    my FAQ would be to:
            - stuff a coulomb(avagadro's number... 6.022*10^23) monkeys in a large
            - tie each monkey to a large iron ball next to a typewriter
            - give each monkey a copy of my FAQ
            - wait until all the monkeys are finished editing my FAQ
            - pick the best one
            - then calculate the version number by the net vector quantity of each
              individual monkey (which surprisingly is not 0) and multiply it to
              the inverse of any value of Riemann's Theorem with respect to the
              total distance travelled by each monkey within the room
            - go to Burger King if that doesn't work
    How do I use this?
    There are 16 missing reploids to be rescued in each of the 8 Maverick Stages.
    In this FAQ, there will be the area name, a description of the level, and then
    the 16 reploids listed as they are within the game. The reploids are always in
    the format of "# of reploid - name of reploid" just to give easy searching
    I will also use the word "level" quite a lot here for my ease of explanation.
    A  "level" is a section of an area. If you don't like it, tell me how you could
    improve upon it.
    If you like area instead of level, that's fine as well.
    There are also little ASCII maps littered through-out this FAQ. If you like
    these little maps and would like more of them, tell me and I might consider
    doing a whole FAQ of little ASCII maps. Well maybe not a whole FAQ, but I might
    incorporate some more maps into this one.
    What is a Dynamo Stage?
    I'll also use "Dynamo Stage" throughout the whole FAQ. When I mention it, you
    should be aware that the stage is not part of the original area. The stage will
    have a different boss. First it will hold fake Zero, then High Max. Afterwards,
    Dynamo will be there for the rest of the times you go back. That is why I call
    them Dynamo Stages. You'll also know if it's a Dynamo Stage because you have to
    go through a bluish portal, found on each level (therefore there is a Dynamo
    Stage in every level), before you can go into a Dynamo Stage. The only level
    that I can think of that has two bluish portals is the Recycle Lab.
    Some information before reading the rest of this FAQ
    Now the only reason why you came for help from this FAQ is to know the location
    of a lost reploid, or two, or more. I know about the nightmare phenomenon, but
    keep in mind that it has little impact on the location of the reploids.
    When you see a reploid, do whatever you can to rescue him/her. The only thing
    you should be worried about is if there's a nightmare floating around. If you
    see a nightmare not headed your way and you cannot rescue the targeted reploid
    or destroy the nightmare in time then do one of the following:
         - Kill yourself
         - Quit the level
         - Move the reploid off screen by moving away from the reploid.
    Or anything else in order to not have the nightmare reach the reploid. When you
    hear a little click/latching/snatching sound that indicates a successful
    attachment of the nightmare to the reploid then it's too late for rescue. You
    can also tell by hitting it, if you can't hit it then it's too late. Once the
    nightmare is finished then you can kill it. But no matter what you do, you have
    just lost him/her and the bonus item associated with it, if he/she carried it.
    You never know what it's carrying, unless you have read an FAQ about this sorta
    thing. So, rescue them at all costs! It will also make you look good when you
    rescue them all. "Of course I rescued them all. What FAQ? I did it all by
    myself. Who needs those cheating FAQ's? Hahahaha, not me."
    When you rescue a reploid that has a "Life +2" bonus, it'll go only towards the
    character who rescued him/her. Therefore, only Zero or X can have a MAXIMUM
    health bar per game. Unless you prove me otherwise.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    By the way, Zero has the ability to collect all 128 reploids by himself. If I
    had a choice, I would kill off X and use Zero only :p. That wouldn't be
    surprising either as Zero's purpose was to destroy Megaman X (hinted in the
    story-line many many times in previous Megaman X games). Please refer to my
    other FAQ regarding nightmare souls and Zero for a deeper explantion.
    Megaman X can also collect all 128 reploids by himself. Come on, like
    all the armour that he gets is not enough.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Sorry to say this, but I believe those saved games are hacked saves. I think so
    anyways. It's not like I've actually took a look at it. All I know is that it
    says MAX bars for X and Zero, and we all know that's not really too possible.
    But of course, it could be a save file with two saves within it. Catch what I'm
    saying? It's ok if you don't, you're just stupid that's all.
    In case you're all wondering, I have a file that has normal red Zero with all
    128 reploids rescued. Not only were they rescued, but each and every single one
    of them were rescued by Zero without the help of X.
    On the other side of the same coin, I also have a save file with X and... blah
    blah blah. Ugh, nevermind. You catch my drift.
    What is a nightmare?
    A very good question. There's also a very good answer that comes with it.
    In EVERY level (except the intro), there are many of these medium sized flying-
    parasitic-ugly-looking creatures that have tentacles. You hate the tentacles,
    and for good reason this time. These horrible things will be your most hated
    enemies when you have to witness it SLOWLY float through walls towards helpless
    little reploids. You'll hear them relentlessly cry out "help", clutching his/
    her guts in writhing pain and agony, only to see the nightmare spreading its
    tentacles around their head and drain all consciousness until... After a few
    seconds, the nightmare will have had consumed its circuitry, rewritten and
    reprogrammed its DNA.
    In any case, if you don't rescue the reploid in time, who's in the target of
    the nightmare, then the nightmare will latch itself onto him/her and start
    melding with it. After congealing itself with the new "host" it will now try to
    kill you with his/her extremely powerful pellet gun. In about two dozen shots
    you'll be dead from this wretched incarnation, so be very cautious. Whether you
    kill him or not, he/she's still unrescuable (word?).
    Why are all your things so unorganized?
    Oh come on! Just because I don't have little numbers next to my headings does
    not mean that it's not organized. In fact, if you look carefully then you will
    notice that this is an EXTREMELY organized FAQ. It's free of most grammatical
    errors and it looks nice. My English teacher always said: "Paragraphs must
    SMOOTHLY flow from one into another, that's how you get more marks!"
    ============================== Reploid Locations ==============================
    The reploids are divided up into their corresponding areas in this FAQ. They
    have also been numbered. If you hadn't noticed in the game, there is a section
    on the map selection screen (press R1) that lists the data of each missing
    reploid. The numbers that are used to label the reploids in this FAQ respect
    the numbers that are used in the game to label its reploids. There are four
    possible status' for each missing reploid slot:
                 1. Reploid name - rescued - "Bonus if held"
                           - Which means that you rescued him/her and now you have
                             no reason to be upset. Feel like a hero. Remember, +2
                             bonuses are rewarded only to the character who rescued
                 2. Reploid name - missing - "Nothing"
                           - Don't get this at all. This is bad bad bad. Doesn't it
                             mean that they're just missing, waiting to be found?
                             NO! In fact, this means that a nightmare has captured
                             one of the reploids and turned it into something real
                             awful. Try all you want, but you'll never get him
                             back. Better hope that reploid didn't hold any bonus,
                             or you're screwed out of that bonus.
                 3. Reploid name - Death - "Nothing"
                           - You're not a very nice guy if you get this. Not only
                             did you let a reploid become craaaazzzzy, but you also
                             killed him afterwards. Death status means the exact
                             same thing as a missing status of a reploid... you'll
                             never find him again! Unless you press "R1, R2, L1,
                             L2, Start, Select" all at the same time, then select
                             New Game. Then maybe he'll come back.
                 4. No Data - No Data - "Nothing"
                           - You have not found that reploid and you are still
                             looking for him/her. Nothing to worry about just
                             rescue the reploid and all will be fine. This status
                             has the potential of being dead, missing, or found.
    Obviously you want to aim for a rescued reploid. Now for the levels.
    Amazon Area
    This level is extremely annoying if the tunnels are blacked out and only a
    couple of spotlights, at the bottom of the screen, are your only source of
    light. This makes it much harder to find the reploids in this stage. Don't
    worry about it though, it's the easiest level. But in the case you can see
    them in broad daylight, here's where they are.
           - First level is the area before you enter into the tunnel.
           - Second level is the tunnel after coming in from the surface.
           - Third level is the area after reaching an ice-coloured tunnel.
                  - a top level exists above the first vertical rope you see in
                    the level which ultimately leads to a Dynamo Stage
                  - a lower level exists after climbing down the first vertical
                    rope you see in the level
           - Fourth level is the area with floating ledges/platforms before
             entering the boss' chamber.
    #   Reploid name   Bonus          Description
    -   ------------   -----          -----------
    1 - Mah 01404      Life Up        First one you see in the first level. If this
                                      is your first mission, then congrats on your
                                      first rescue. Just 127 more to go.
    2 - Suketorm                      On the ledge near the end of the path before
                                      going down into the second level.
    3 - Satton         Energy Up      When you reach inside the second level,
                                      you'll notice a big green mantis robot thing
                                      and a hole to the right of him. In there is a
                                      capsule. In front of the capsule is one of
                                      the reploids.
    4 - Yonoji                        On the ledge in the second level. The ledge
                                      is kind of out of sight but there's
                                      absolutely nothing to worry about. You'll see
                                      a mechaniloid running, or I guess walking,
                                      back and forth on a little plateau. You
                                      should jump on him, jump off him, and grab
                                      onto the ledge to the right and Yonoji will
                                      be standing in front of you.
    5 - Iso            Life Recover   You need to do some super-jumping to get to
                                      this one. He's in the far-top-left hand
                                      corner of the second level. He's out of reach
                                      unless you have the proper equipment. An easy
                                      way to do this is to use Blade-Armour or
                                      Falcon-Armour X, use the ice weapon from
                                      Blizzard Wolfgang, jump on the ice cube, jump
                                      off of it, and then mad-dash to the far left
                                      corner. He's next to Energy Tank. You can
                                      also equip speedster and jumper as well.
    6 - Ryo                           At the end of second level, he's behind to
                                      one of those big green mantis'.
    7 - Yantomi                       Keep moving until you're in the third level
                                      (ice-like tunnel). You'll see a pinkish
                                      vertical rope leading down. Believe it or
                                      not, there's a pathway at the top. Yantomi is
                                      at the top there will be waiting to the left
                                      of you.
    8 - Tahei                         Slightly hidden. Right after rescuing Wahda,
                                      don't go down the pink rope. Instead, grab
                                      onto the wall to the right and climb atop the
                                      alcove/ledge. After you're on the ledge, keep
                                      going right and the screen will adjust
                                      itself. There'll be a nightmare beside Tahei,
                                      so zap him and rescue the reploid.
    9 - Araki                         During the Second level. He's standing next
                                      to Kuborina.
    10 - Goken         Super Recover  On the top-left-most platform/ledge on the
                                      third level. These platforms/ledges are
    11 - Yars                         During the third level. On the highest
                                      platform/ledge, first platform/ledge from the
    12 - Hanse                        During the third level. On the lowest
                                      platform/ledge, eighth platform/ledge from
                                      the left.
    13 - Toshiji                      During the third level. Right above Hanse.
    14 - Yoshimu                      During the bottom pathway of the second
                                      level, right before the part where you have
                                      to ride those mechaniloids to cross the
                                      spikes. He'll be standing next to a pit... a
                                      fake pit. Be quick, a nightmare is right
                                      behind him!
    15 - Kuborina      Rapid 5        He's in that fake pit that I was just talking
                                      about with Yoshimu. He'll be right there
                                      waiting to be "Nightmared", so be quick! Just
                                      in case you can't see pink on blue
                                      background, there's a heart tank next to
                                      him/her. (middle)
    16 - Wahda                        If you took the pathway to rescue Yantomi,
                                      then keep going right. Wahda will be waiting
                                      at the end of the top pathway of the second
                                      level before the vertical pink rope.
    Northpole Area
    This is a very slippery place. If you're not careful, you'll fall down or hit
    some spikes. The avalanches are hard at first, but you'll find that you can
    just mad dash across everything. The only reploid that you should find
    difficult is Arthur. I think Capcom accidentally put in some very familiar
    names like Ryu and Ken as reploids in need. I guess they should be more
    careful next time.
           - First level is the avalanche. it's where the big ice blocks are
             rolling down the slope.
           - Second level is after the avalanche part. It's where the big ice
             blocks are falling from the sky and into some nasty pits. There are no
             reploids here, so I won't be talking about this area.
           - Third level is after the vertical avalanche section. It's where you
             have to zig zag downwards.
           - Fourth level is only available when you see fire balls falling from
             the sky. If don't, then there will be a couple of cracked ice walls to
             the right of the third level. It's where you have to walk past the
             cracked wall, to the right of the third level.
           - Fifth level is the part with the falling ice cubes, you must jump on
             the ice cubes and try to get out of the pit.
           - Sixth level is the part where four ice cubes fall down at once, you
             must jump in between the small gap that is available.
    #   Reploid name   Bonus          Description
    -   ------------   -----          -----------
    1 - Moringa                       She is in the first small alcove that
                                      protects you from the avalanche in the first
    2 - Cody                          He is in the second small alcove that
                                      protects you from the avalanche in the first
                                      level. Very near Meringa.
    3 - Ryu            Shot Eraser    This one's at the beginning the third level.
                                      First, you have to gain footing on the ledge
                                      at the top right corner. You can do some
                                      super-jumping, I'm sure you'll find a way to
                                      get up there. Anyways, he's in front of the
                                      capsule but a nightmare or two is on the
                                      chase towards him. Be quick.
    4 - Guy                           On the fourth level (available when it's
                                      raining fire). There will be two holes
                                      created to side of the third level. Both
                                      lead to the same place. If you take the
                                      bottom hole, then there will be a small
                                      alcove right above you. Two ledges will be
                                      available for you to jump onto but you can't
                                      grapple the sides so you need to jump extra
                                      high for this one. Guy is on the left. (shown
                                      on map)
    5 - Ken            Energy Up      Same place as Guy except he's on the right.
                                      Ken is right on top of a heart tank. (shown
                                      on map)
    6 - Nina           Weapon         In the fourth stage, you will notice a pit of
                       Drive          spikes that kinda looks like this:
              -------------------- --------------
              Naruho              |Dynamo      = |
             |------------        |Stage  ---  = |
             |Guy     Ken |       |      |xxx| L |
             |----    ----        |      |xxx| a |
             |xxxx|  |xxxx|       |      |xxx| d | <---- Fourth Level
             |----    ----         Gomez |xxx| d |       (Must visit Magma
                        Arthur     ------ xxx| e |        Area before)
             |----------------  S *xxxxxxxxxx| r |
             |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx* p *xxxxxxxxxx| = |
             |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx* i *xxxxxxxxxx| = |
             |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx* k *xxxxxxxxxx| = |
             |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx* e ***********  = |
             |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx* s Ex-item    Nina|
             *Big note!! You can get to the Dynamo Stage by just using Blade armor.
              I wanted to tell you this so you can stop e-mailing about it. "How do
              you use Blade Armor?" Argh! Jump, hold up direction, then jump again.
             *Do you remember X3? You can dash jump twice in the air! And not only
              can you dash twice, but dash twice upwards. The blade armor is the
              only thing that comes close to that. (I wanted to emphasize the word
              close in the previous sentence, but I couldn't.)
    6 - Nina (cont)                   You can use some high jumps to just climb
                                      down the ladder and retrieve Nina, but you
                                      can also jump down the pit of spikes and
                                      dash to her. Whatever you feel like doing.
    7 - Batsu                         In the fifth level, you'll find him in the
                                      first big pit of falling ice cubes.
    8 - Data                          In the fifth level, you'll find him in the
                                      second big pit of falling ice cubes. He'll be
                                      waiting to the right of you, next to some
    9 - Regina                        In the sixth area, you'll find her in a small
                                      alcove to the left while you go up the
                                      falling ice cubes.
    10 - Leon                         In the sixth area, you'll find him in a small
                                      alcove to the right while you go up the
                                      falling ice cubes. He's above Regina.
    11 - Chun          Life Up        In the sixth area, you'll find her in a small
                                      alcove to the left while you go up the
                                      falling ice cubes. She's above Leon.
    12 - Sam                          In the sixth area, you'll find him in a small
                                      alcove to the right while you go up the
                                      falling ice cubes. He's above Chun.
    13 - Naruho                       In the fourth level, you have to take the top
                                      passage. (shown on map)
    14 - Dante         Jumper         In the Dynamo Stage, keep going right until
                                      you find a rope that leads down to a floor of
                                      spikes. To the left is an opening, go in
                                      there. You should now see another floor of
                                      spikes. That is a loooong jump. In fact, it's
                                      sooooo loooog that you cannot jump across it.
                                      I just used Shadow X to cross the spikes and
                                      Ultimate Armour as well. There is a way to
                                      cross it without armour though. Climb back up
                                      the pinkish vertical rope, then stand on the
                                      ledge at the top. The screen should start to
                                      shake and little fireballs will start coming
                                      from the sky. QUICKLY jump back down to the
                                      opening and be hit from one of the fireballs.
                                      This is the part where you should have D.
                                      Barrier equipped. Just dash and then dash
                                      jump to retrieve Dante. Not too hard, was it?
    15 - Gomez                        In the fourth area, he'll be underneath the
                                      Dynamo Stage opening. A nightmare is nearby.
                                      (shown on map)
    16 - Arthur                       Right before the pit of spikes leading to the
                                      Ex-item in the fourth level. (shown on map)
    Magma Area
    This is a hard level, unless you have the right equipment. You will have to go
    through here multiple times until you have found all the reploids.
           - First level is the place with all the bursting fire things.
           - Second level is after you fight the second Mechaniloid, you'll end up
             in a room that has three pathways. The very top pathway leading to the
             Dynamo stage is the second level.
           - Third level is the during the fight with the fourth Mechaniloid where
             the lava/fire is rising up.
    #   Reploid name   Bonus          Description
    -   ------------   -----          -----------
    1 - Clarmon                       When you first fight that big Mechaniloid,
                                      Clarmon will be in the middle alcove.
    2 - Chibon         Buster Plus    In the Dyanamo level,  Chibon will be on a
                                      ledge to the right. Count three fire spouts
                                      and you'll see the ledge.
    3 - Kassy                         In the first level, Kassy will be on the
                                      ledge that's around six to seven fire spouts
                                      from the start.
    4 - Bando                         Right before the second Mechaniloid Mini-boss
                                      fight, in the first level, he'll be on a
                                      ledge. A nightmare is underneath him.
    5 - Yuki                          During the fight with the second Mechaniloid,
                                      Yuki will be on the top ledge to the left.
    6 - Hagi                          In the second level, he'll be waiting for you
                                      on the left ledge. It seems as though the
                                      whole "second level" is filled with
                                      nightmares but none of them will try to latch
                                      itself onto a reploid, for me anyways.
    7 - Mods                          In the second level, he'll be waiting for you
                                      on the next ledge up to the left.
    8 - Tazack                        In the second level, he'll be waiting for you
                                      on a small ledge to the right of Mods.
    9 - Fugi                          In the second level, he'll be underneath
                                      Hatori. If the whole area has grey blocks
                                      everywhere (Recycle Lab), then there's
                                      probably a grey block blocking you right now.
                                      You can only destroy it using Metal Anchor.
                                      For Zero, it's Rakukojin.
    10 - Hatori        Life Up        He'll be above Fugi, in front of the capsule,
                                      in the second level.
    11 - Hayato                       He'll be to the right of Fugi standing on a
    12 - Akky                         He's beside Hayato on the platform/ledge to
                                      the right.
    13 - Higurai       Energy Up      In front of the opening to the Dynamo Stage
                                      in the second level.
    14 - Hal           Powerdrive     Take the middle path after the second
                                      Mechaniloid battle, he'll be somewhere on the
                                      ground in the middle. A nightmare is nearby.
    15 - Keiji         Ultimate       Take the bottom path after the second
                       Buster         Mechaniloid battle, he'll be in front of the
                                      door before the next room.
    16 - Tatsuya                      He's in the room with the rising lava/fire,
                                      third level. You can catch him on the way up
                                      through the bottom path. If you took the
                                      middle path, kill off the fourth Mechaniloid
                                      and then head downwards. There is a nightmare
                                      very nearby.
    Recycle Lab
    Another hard level. These reploids are quite difficult to get. If you are not
    quick and agile enough, you'll lose a reploid. There is a junk crusher (not too
    hard to miss) that is above you. It will go up and down, up and down, up and
    down, in fact it resembles a sinusoidal wave function. Remember?! Sine, Cosine,
    Tangent. SOH CAH TOA.
    Anyways, In the second level, there will be metal juts of the crusher that will
    most likely slow you down or even block you from attaining one of your precious
    I recommend that you equip either hyper dash or speedster to cross the huge pit
    that leads to the capsule/Dynamo Stage. A big hint would be: Dash Jump is the
    FASTEST way to travel in the game.
            - First level will be legit from the beginning of the level and onwards
              until you reach the ladder that leads to the second level.
            - Second Level is the area after you climb down that ladder from the
              first level. This is until you reach the next ladder.
            - Third level is the area after you had passed that long narrow path
              that barely crushed you. The capsule is in the area.
            - Fourth level is the area that has moving conveyer belts. It's after
              you climb down the ladder from the second level and when you go
              through that bluish portal (not the Dynamo Stage).
    #   Reploid name   Bonus          Description
    -   ------------   -----          -----------
    1 - Heizer                        There are some robots that don't seem to have
                                      legs. I don't know what they are called but
                                      Heizer is standing next to the very first one
                                      on the first level.
    2 - Quappi                        There will be a lone yellow hat walking
                                      around on the first level, Quappi will be
                                      standing around him.
    3 - ZigZag                        Where you have to take cover from the junk
                                      crusher on the first level, he'll be in the
                                      first alcove. It's an alcove you can stand
    4 - Dalihi                        In the next alcove, you can only crouch here,
                                      after ZigZag will be another reploid. There
                                      will probably be a small block that blocks
                                      you, but it shouldn't be a problem.
    5 - Malon                         This one's in the next alcove after Dalihi.
                                      Sometimes a small block (use rock crusher)
                                      that blocks you.
    6 - Wright         Energy Up      In the second level, you'll notice a large
                                      jutting thing that is part of the junk
                                      crusher machine. Right underneath the first
                                      one is a reploid.
    7 - Leino                         In the second level, Leino will be under the
                                      second large jutting thing. A nightmare is
                                      nearby. This one's a little tricky since the
                                      junk crusher machine might block you from
                                      killing the nightmare and rescuing the
    8 - Nakadai                       In the second level, there is a deep alcove
                                      with three walking yellow hats. Nakadai
                                      should be there.
    9 - Miecha                        Right after Nakadai, you'll notice a small
                                      stubby jutting piece. Miecha is right
                                      underneath it.
    10 - Eiji                         Right after Miecha, you'll notice a large
                                      junk crushing piece that's four columns wide.
                                      This one can be tricky as a nightmare is
                                      nearby and Eiji is right underneath the junk
    11 - Toshi         Shock Buffer   This one's is in the third level. He's
                                      standing next to a very large pit.
    12 - Inaria        Hyperdrive     In the third level, jump across the big pit.
                                      Inaria is standing in front of the capsule.
    13 - Devilish      Life Up        In the fourth level, there will be a small
                                      jutting rock crushing piece that has spikes
                                      on it. He's underneath it. Pretty Devilish ;)
                                      Nightmare Warning.
    14 - Kikuturk                     In the fourth level, after a small patch of
                                      spikes, two yellow hats will be walking
                                      around. Kikuturk is standing with them.
    15 - Dajango       Sabre Extend   In the fourth level, Dajango is standing next
                                      to a heart tank in a small alcove. The alcove
                                      has ice covered wall tops and is the last one
                                      before the mini-boss.
    16 - Bambu                        At the end of the Dynamo stage, in front of
                                      the boss, he's wedge in between the door and
                                      a wall. Nightmare warning.
    Central Museum
    This is one weird level. You'll come across these ghost-like blue transparent
    totem poles. When you go through them, you'll be transported to one of eight
    random areas. In each seven out of the eight random areas houses two of the
    sixteen reploids. The eighth stage and the Dynamo Stage hold only one reploid.
    Very hard to explain this stage, I think anyways. So I think I'll just use a
    whole lot of maps. Although, there will be some slight variations due to the
    nightmare effect.
    #   Reploid name   Bonus          Description
    -   ------------   -----          -----------
    1 - Gold                          The only random area that holds only one
                                      reploid. Gold is somewhere around the
                                      middle of this area. This area looks
                                      similar to Ulta and Koi's areas except
                                      there's no ceiling until you reach the end
                                      of the area.
    2 - Ulta                          Quite hard to explain and to show on map 
                                      because of the nightmare effect. Umm.. Well
                                      it's in one of the random areas. Same area
                                      as Koi. Appears before Koi. Somewhat near
                                      the beginning of the area. A nightmare is
                                      very close to it, top right shoulder of it.
    3 - Koi                           Same area as Ulta. At the end of the area and
                                      above the last pit. Nightmare warning.
    4 - Megami                        In the first pit of a random area. Same area 
                                      as Megami. Nightmare warning.(On Map 4)
    5 - PL 98          Life Up        In the second pit of the same random area as
    6 - Haven 7                       Floating above the pit in the same area as
                                      Tsuki. Nightmare warning. (On Map 1)
    7 - Tsuki          Speedster      In the third pit in same area as Haven 7.
                                      Nightmare warning. (On Map 1 - Continued)
    8 - May                           Underneath the Dynamo Stage entrance.
                                      Nightmare warning.
    9 - Bro            Quick Charge   After May, you'll come across another pit.
                                      Within the gap is Bro. A small nightmare
                                      warning here.
    10 - Ryno                         In the same area as Dungar. To the top left
                                      of the area.
    11 - Dungar                       In the same area as the capsule. This is hard
                                      to draw on map because the nightmare effect
                                      varies the area so drastically. What I can
                                      tell you is that the area is quite small and
                                      square-like. Dungar is next to the capsule
                                      and is in the same area as Ryno. Nightmare
    12 - Chop                         In the Zig Zag area, Chop will be at the 
                                      third Diagonal. Same area as Home. Nightmare
                                      warning. (On Map 2)
    13 - Home          Energy Up      In the Zig Zag area, down the fifth Diagonal.
                                      Nightmare warning.(On Map 2)
    14 - Reyher                       On the top right of the same area as Phantom.
                                      Nightmare warning. (On Map 3)
    15 - Phantom                      Midway of the same area as Reyher. Nightmare
                                      warning. (On Map 3)
    16 - Mars          Overdrive      At the end of the Dynamo Stage, Mars should
                                      waiting in front of the Dynamo Door Boss.
                                      Next to it is a Nightmare.
                               Map 1
    |                                                  Continue >\
    |                                                    ----    /
    |                                                ----    |   \
    |                                            ----        |   /
    |                              Haven 7   ----            |   \
    |                                    ----                |   /
    |                            ----   |                    |   \
    |                        ----    |  |                    |   /
    |               ---------        |  |                    |   \
    |            ---                 |  |                    |   /
    |------------                    |  |                    |   \
                               Map 1 - Continued
    \                                                Totem|
    /                                      -------------- |
    \                                Heart Tank           |
    /                                    ---              |
    \                                 ---                 |
    /                              ---                    |
    \                           ---                       |
    /                           |                         |
    \               ----        |                         |
    /           ----    |       |                         |
    \        ---        |       |                         |
    /< Continue         | Tsuki |                         |
    \---                |       |                         |
             Map 2                             Map 3
     --------------------              --------------------
    |                    |            |Totem         Reyher|
    |Start               |            |----              --|
    |--------------      |            |                    |
    |                    |            |                    |
    |                    |            |      --            |
    |                  --|            |            --      |
    |          --------  |            |                    |
    |    ------          |            |                ----|
    |                    |            |--      --          |
    |Chop                |            |                    |
    |----                |            |                --  |
    |    --------        |            |        --          |
    |            ----    |            |                    |
    |                    |            | Phantom    --      |
    |                    |            |                    |
    |                ----|            |                ----|
    |        --------    |            |        --          |
    |--    --            |            |                    |
    |                    |            |----          --    |
    |                    |            |                    |
    |--              Home|            |          --        |
    |  --------          |            |                    |
    |          --        |            |                    |
    |                    |            |    --              |
    |                  --|            |          --        |
    |Totem ------------  |            |                    |
    |--                  |            |     Start          |
    --------------------               --------------------
                                      Map 4
    |Start                                                                     |
    |------                                                                    |
    |      ------                                                              |
    |            ------                                                        |
    |                  --                                                      |
    |                    |    -----                                            |
    |                    | M |     -----                                       |
    |                    | e |          -----                                  |
    |                    | g |               | P  -----                        |
    |                    | a |               | L |     -----                   |
    |                    | m |               |   |          ----         Totem |
    |                    | i |               | 9 |              |    ----------|
    |                    |   |               | 8 |              |   |          |
    Inami Temple
    Very ugly if you have to rummage your way around in two little spotlights.
    As for those spikes at the end of the level, you can dash across them or
    get hit by something then dash through them. Zero can get every reploid in
    this level.
    #   Reploid name   Bonus          Description
    -   ------------   -----          -----------
    1 - Nassy                         When it first starts raining, go up the
                                      ladders. The third floor holds Nassy.
    2 - Natsue                        She's next to Nassy, on the right ledge.
    3 - Akemi                         When it starts raining again for the second
                                      time, keep going until you're above ground.
                                      She's at the top of the left wall (between
                                      the second and third control cores).
    4 - Mayu                          She's in the large pit next to the fourth
                                      control core when it rains the second time
    5 - Obin                          When it rains the third time, you'll come
                                      across these vertical floating platforms.
                                      Underneath the fourth one is Obin.
    6 - Meeka                         After the third control core, five pits away,
                                      is Meeka. She's in the water and a nightmare
                                      is nearby.
    7 - Mao            Energy Up      The section where it rains the fourth time,
                                      Mao will be on the second-left ledge from the
                                      top behind some spikes. (shown on map)
    8 - Sakura                        The section where it rains the fourth time,
                                      Sakura will be on the third-left ledge from
                                      the top. (shown on map)
    9 - Omy                           The section where it raings the fourth time,
                                      Omy will be on the bottom-left floor. (shown
                                      on map)
    10 - Etsu          Life Up        The section where it rains the fourth time.
                                      This is a tricky one since you have to go
                                      through some spikes. These spikes, however,
                                      are tough to get past. You can get hit by one
                                      of the mecha-bats that drop bombs and go
                                      through. It kinda looks like this:
         |                             |xxx| E |xxx|       |
         |                             |xxx| t |xxx|       |
         |       Recovery Chamber      |xxx| s |xxx|Capsule|
         |              -               ***  u  ***   -    |
         |             |R|                           |C|   |        When it is
         |-------***--------      ------***-----***--------|  <---- raining for the
         |Mao                          Miho |xxxxxxxxxxxxxx|        fourth time
         |-------***--------      -------------------------|
         |Heart      Sakura                 | Boss         |
         |-Tank--***--------      ----------***------------|
         |Dynamo     Omy                        Yui  |xxxxx|
    11 - Miho                         When it starts raining the fourth time, Mao
                                      will be on the second-right ledge from the
                                      top. (shown on map)
    12 - Yui           W. Recover     When it starts raining the fourth time, Yui
                                      will be on the bottom right, behind some
                                      spikes. (shown on map)
    13 - Al                           In the Dyanamo Stage, Al will be on the ledge
                                      second from the top to the right.(shown on 
    14 - Nori          Hyper Dash     In the Dynamo Stage, Nori will be on the
                                      ledge fourth from the top on the left.
    15 - Rena          Sabre Plus     In the Dynamo Stage, Rena will be at the
                                      top-right corner after a patch of spikes.
    16 - Nana                         In the Dynamo Stage, Nana will be on the
                                      ledge second from the bottom on the right.
    Laser Institute
    I hate this level, I had to go through this area many times to get the
    stupid reploid location info. The mirrors are the most annoying things,
    easy but annoying.
    #   Reploid name   Bonus          Description
    -   ------------   -----          -----------
    1 - Kazu           Life Up        Near the beginning of the first level.
                                      Floating above some spikes.
    2 - Tempole                       On an invisible platform near the beginning
                                      of the level. Nightmare is near.
    3 - Mihoken                       On an invisible platform near the beginning
                                      of the level, a little bit after Tempole.
                                      Once again, a nightmare is here as well.
    4 - SiroMaru                      Read the location of Mochi because the
                                      Capsule is in the same area to the left.
                                      SiroMaru is right above the capsule.
    5 - Mochi                         Keep going until you reach an area with
                                      lasers and mirrors. If you keep going, you'll
                                      find two doors: one that leads to the boss
                                      and another that leads to the Dynamo Stage.
                                      The one that leads to the Dynamo Stage is the
                                      bottom door and is filled with even more
                                      lasers. After you pass all that, you'll drop
                                      down. There will be a wall right beside you
                                      (to the left). X or Zero should say something
                                      along the line of "I feel a breeze nearby".
                                      The wall to the left is fake, or part of it
                                      anyways. Walk through and you should find
                                      Mochi. He's a little high up and a nightmare
                                      is nearby.
    6 - Marl                          Marl will be on an invisible platform above
                                      the floor of spikes just before the Dynamo
                                      Stage. Nightmares are within the premises.
    7 - Dai            Energy Up      Dai will be on a non-invisible platform but
                                      still above the same set of spikes. There is
                                      a heart tank underneath the three reploids.
                                      Nightmares, you know.
    8 - Ghosn                         Dai will also be on one of the invisible
                                      platforms above the same floor of spikes just
                                      before the Dynamo Stage. Same kinda nightmare
                                      danger as before.
    9 - Jin                           He'll be the first reploid in the Dynamo
                                      He's not too hard to miss. There is a
                                      nightmare around, but he's not going to do
                                      anything except try to kill you.
    10 - Matumaru                     You'll notice, after rescuing Jin, that there
                                      are these two reploids, which somehow crossed
                                      a patch of spikes, waiting for you to rescue
                                      them. Very odd place for them, but so are all
                                      the others I guess. Anyways, you can use
                                      Shadow Armour (ceiling dash and spike
                                      prevention), or Zero's ceiling dash. Ultimate
                                      armour, get hit, Break Armour, whatever that
                                      will work.
    11 - Taiji         Energy Saver   Right behind Matumary.
    12 - Omi 1213                     If you count the ropes in the Dynamo stage,
                                      you'll find that Omi is beside the fourth
                                      rope from the beginning of the stage.
    13 - Him                          Fifth rope from the beginning of the Dynamo
    14 - Kenz          Double         Sixth rope from the beginning of the Dynamo
                       Barrier*       stage.
    15 - So 1          Weapon Plus    Seventh (fourth last) rope from the
                                      beginning of the Dynamo stage.
    16 - Tack                         Last rope before the Dynamo Boss.
    *I'm taking a crack shot on what the name is suppose to be. It could very well
     be "Defence Barrier" or "Dense Barrier" or "Dual Barrier".
    Weapon Centre
    This is a very short area, yet it can also be extremely hard if you don't have
    the right weapon(s) and enough life. If this area is so small, then the all
    reploids must be condensed in a confined area as well? Yes! Be ever so agile
    to rescue the reploids because some of them are VERY easily captured.
           - First level is the section before the first power cable mini-boss.
           - Second level is the section after the first power cable and before the
             second power cable mini-boss.
                  - When you defeat the second power cable, you'll be given direct
                    access to the Dynamo Stage.
    #   Reploid name   Bonus          Description
    -   ------------   -----          -----------
    1 - Zeroan                        In the first level, over the first pit is
                                      where you will find Zeroan.
    2 - FFF                           In the first level, right before the first
                                      power cable. A nightmare is nearby.
    3 - Doragoh                       In the second level, you'll find Doragoh IN
                                      the third pit after defeating the first power
                                      cable. You'll have to climb down the pit, he
                                      is kind of hidden.
    4 - Paralla        D-Converter    In the second level, you'll see a slanting
                                      rope with a big pit beneath it. Above the
                                      rope is Paralla. Nightmare warning.
    5 - Marion                        Just in front of the second power cable, with
                                      one other, will be Marion. There's a
                                      nightmare warning.
    6 - Virtuf                        Standing behind Marion before the second
                                      power cable. Again, there is a nightmare
    7 - Tekk           Speed Shot     In front of the boss's door will be Tekk. A
                                      small nightmare problem is around, but he's
                                      very far away. I mean like, "Ok, reploid in
                                      front of me. There is a nightmare very far
                                      from me that's coming in VERY slowly. I think
                                      I will have a coffee break now and hope that
                                      I am not going to be too late."
    8 - Shen                          In the Dynamo Stage, there are many many
                                      ropes for you to slide across. The first one
                                      above the first rope is Shen.
    9 - Fabtron                       The second one above the same rope is Fabtron
                                      and there is a nightmare warning for this one
                                      as well as for the other one.
    10 - Gital         Life Up        More less than likely will you not actually
                                      fall into the pit. When you do fall down, a
                                      whole new world down under will peak your
                                      interest. As you will notice, there is more
                                      to the pit than meets the eye. On the first
                                      vertical rope will be Gital.
    11 - Metal         Master Saber   Underneath the third rope, from the left,
                                      at the top will be Metal. In Dynamo Stage.
    12 - Rod                          At the bottom of the pit, between the third
                                      and fourth rope, in the Dynamo Stage will be
    13 - Grantsu       Energy Up      There are these three reploids that seem to
                                      be one of the hardest reploids to get. They
                                      are all bunched up together underneath the
                                      last three ropes at the bottom. Grantsu will
                                      be the first of the three.
    14 - Kurono                       Very tricky! He's to the right of Grantsu BUT
                                      there is nightmare just a couple pixels away
                                      from him. You have to be lightning fast to
                                      get this one. Hint: The ledge right above him
                                      is the ledge to the Dynamo Boss. If you fall
                                      down while clinging to the ledge, you can
                                      catch him on the way down.
    15 - Daive                        You have to be speedy here as well because a
                                      nightmare is very close to Daive. He will be
                                      the last of the three. (To the right of
    16 - Sosalies                     In front of the Dynamo Boss door, there are
                                      three nightmares around here that seem to
                                      have a keen interest on Sosalies. Get him!
    Thank you for using this FAQ. Remember to e-mail me about your feelings and
    questions regarding this FAQ. 
    I would like to thank Capcom for a great Megaman X game, for not changing the
    voice overs so we can all fully understand what they are saying, and for hiring
    all the best English teachers of the world to double check the grammar and
    spelling for us.
    I really don't know how these other FAQ makers check to see if any of their
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