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""Nightmare" is the right word"

‘Nightmare' is the right word

This game had everything to be a masterpiece. The X series were doing great, specially in the Snes (the remakes launched recently proves that), even if X4 was better than X5. But no. Instead, X6 is an insult to every Mega Man X fans. How did this happen? How could Capcom developers do such a mess? Allow me to analyze this disaster.

STORY: (3/10)

In the end of X5, Sigma was finished by Zero, who died not too long after, due major damage done by the villain. The Earth was safe again, with X as it's champion and protector. Now, explain me: how come the planet was almost destroyed by the fall of Eurasia, the space colony destroyed in the previous game?

Maybe I've missed some explanation in the nearly endless cut-scenes. Or was it because of the poor translation? But we're not talking only about the introduction. No. After you defeat a Boss, Alia gives it's bio. It seems that they were killed by Marverick Hunters after showing dangerous behavior. Years later, for some megalomaniac reason, a reploid named Gate started to ressurect them. This is what I could understand. As the gamer Rip said, “For a good laugh, read out loud Alia's bio of Blizzard Wolfang on the results screen after defeating him.” If you understand, could explain to me? I would be grateful.

GRAPHICS: (4/10)

Man, how I miss the Snes games. Their graphics were so clean, so… simple. Personaly, I didn't like the graphics of the PSOne X games. In X4 and X5, they're not too bad, but not as good as the previous ones. Again, X6 came to mess things up. The armors (Falcon, Blade and Shadow) are kinda fancy. X's saber attack (!) animation don't suit. Zero's animations as well.

Now for the bosses. Some of them are a bad joke. Though the boss presentations (those pics that appear just after you select a stage) are pretty cool, their sprites don't suit. Infinity Mijinion is the worst. You can see his pixels, what, at least, doesn't happen with X and Zero. Rainy Turtloid has, like, three animation sprites (and occupies half of the screen). High Max seems fine, but that's all. Shield Sheldon and Ground Scaravich look scary for you? Yeah, neither to me.

I will talk about the level designs below, in the gameplay analysis.


A good point, finally. ‘Few days ago, a friend said “Capcom has the best games' soundtracks I've ever seen”. I agree. The musics from Mega Man X, X2 and X3 are truly remarkable. I wonder if any game from the X series will have a better soundtrack than the three from Snes. X4 and X5 do a good job, too. Thankfuly, the bgms from X6 are pretty cool. My favorite, how ironic, is the Weapon Center's, the most annoying stage. The Inami Temple's song is cool as well. The boss presentantion's music is a bit too…happy, but it's fairly better than X7's. Only the boss fight music isn't very good. Sounds like a hit from the 60's. The ones from the previous games are far better.

The sound effects do all right, and the voice acting is… unusual. In X4 and X5, the characters speak in english (with bad voices, but still in english). Ok, X sounds like a college girl in the previous games, and I bet you got tired of listening Zero's “Yeah!” in X4. But making them speak in japanese sounds like (hehe) lazyness. Maybe Capcom developers were afraid of spoiling the voice acting, just like they did with the dialogues' translation? Well, the voices in X6 are still much better than X7's (you'll see what I'm talking about when you play), but not as better as Marverick Hunter X. This excelent remake, by the way, surpasses X6 in many ways.

GAMEPLAY: (1/10)

This is what I was waiting for. The biggest mistake Capcom did in this insult we dare to call a ‘MegaMan X game'. I don't know even where to start from... Let's put it in topics, to make easier.

1 – X and Zero:

In first place, if the main characters aren't strong enough, you're in real trouble. And, man, you can bet: they are! Without armor, X is hopeless, due his poor defense and the lack of resources like Air Dash and Hiper Charged Shot. Things get better when he uses the Falcon Armor, but the challenges to come are just too much for him, even wearing the armor.

You can get more two armors for X, the Blade and the Shadow armors. The first one doesn't worth the pain of collecting it's parts (and you can't use it until you have all the parts), cause it's not much better than the Falcon Armor, except for the Giga Attack, wich is kinda usefull. The second one is pretty good, specially because it makes you invincible against spike (again, you need the four parts to use it). However, you can't use the enemies' weapons with the Shadow Armor (not they're very good…), and can't use the air dash too. Note: in the last stage, there is a part where you can't proceed if don't use the air dash. In other words, the game is so bad planned that you can't complete it if you're using the wrong armor! That pisses me off….Ah, I've almost forgot: you can use the Z-Saber with X. It's not as strong as the charged shot, is kinda slow and… don't you think that's quite strange X using a trademark from Zero? Yeah, me too.

Now, for Zero. I still didn't understand how he managed to escape alive after the explosion of Eurasia in the end of X5. Anyway, you can play with him again (I didn't either undestand where he came from. Maybe I did the right things along the game, even don't knowing how…), and that's good, ‘cause he's cool and a badass character as well. His Z-Saber (yeah, he managed to get another) can handle the job, and his Giga Attack is essential in some parts (specially against the sub-bosses from Blaze Heatnix's stage). However, the bad designed stages are just too much for him, too. The controls are confuse, and from nowhere you start to use Yammar Option instead of Z-Buster (which sucks, by the way). You'll see what I'm meaning. Well, at least Zero has an double jump, but, again, you'll be cursing the level designers instead of appreciating the game. Tons of enemies will make Zero regret coming back from the dead.

2 – The Controls:

As I said, the controls are kinda confusing in this game. If X button uses the X-Buster and Triangle uses the Z-Saber, what about the enemies' weapons? Supposedly, you use the special weapons with the Triangle button. But sometimes it works, sometimes not. Also, you'll fall many times in pits just because the controls didn't respond well. Jumping instead of staying, air dashing instead of falling, falling instead of air dashing…

3 – The Levels:

This is the worst part of the gameplay, for Pete's sake! You must see by yourself, but I'll try to explain how bad things are here. While playing X6, I kept thinking ‘the guys who designed these levels must be insane, sadistic or something' ‘I've never seem anything like this!' and ‘shoot! Dead again…'. Tons of enemies, lots of pits and spikes, ‘magic purple lava' (in Blaze Heatnix's stage), ‘magic snow rocks' (in Blizzard Wolfgang's stage), straight forward levels (I surely miss the Snes games)…

The bosses are kinda strange: they have two weaknesses, but one isn't very effective. The atack patterns are predictable, but still some are quite hard to face (finally a good point). Infinity Mijinion and Blaze Heatnix are insane bosses, and that's not a compliment. The first one creates a clone of himself every time you hit him. In a couple of seconds, you'll be facing five or six Infinity Mijinions, plus you must hit the original one to do damage, and the clones take a lot of hits before disappearing (and appear again, when you hit the boss). And Blaze Heatnix have some unavoidable attacks and…magic lava that comes from the bottom and the top (!) of the room, killing when you touch it.

This should be enough to kill the player with frustration and anger, but no. Capcom proved that could do even worse. In first place, there are those annoying reploids you need to rescue to get upgrades. Most of them will be floating in nearly unaccesible areas, and you'll die in most of the attempts to save them. Not to say that they look terrible, in comparison with the rest of the graphics. Also, if you're not fast enough, they will be ‘killed' by the enemies, and you'll lose the possible upgrades they were carrying (you can reset and load the game again, but this is kinda frustrating).

And at last, but not least, there is the infamous ‘Nightmare System'. This insanity system adds more difficulty in the levels after you've beaten the boss, like getting everything dark (except for a ‘dancing' ray of light), making appear some annoying and undestructible iron bugs around you, (even) more enemies, colored boxes that you can destroy only with specific weapons. You'll be constantly asking thinks like ‘Why??' or ‘When will this madness stop??'.


I'm a big fan of the X series since I was a child (MegaMan X1 was part of my childhood), and that's the only reason I insisted to play this terrible game. I'm very disappointed with Capcom after all of these mistakes. Thankfully, X7 is much better, and X8 looks pretty cool too.

X's fans must choose: avoid the disappointment, or play X6. Even hardcore fans should rent this ‘madness' before buying. I hope you have a good time (if possible).

Thanks for reading and sorry about any mistakes in the text (I'm brazilian, so English isn't my mother language).


The only thing that, in my opinion, saves the game is the soundtrack. Not even our beloved Blue Bomber was enough to save Capcom this game. X6 is a bad joke, but who is laughing?

Total: (4/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/26/09

Game Release: Mega Man X6 (US, 12/04/01)

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