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"Man, did we get lost in X5"

Mega Man, very rarely does it have a bad game. And after getting the rather watered-down MegamanX 5, Capcom wanted to do the gamers a favor by making yet another X game. They were on a low after making the best game in the X series with X4, because X5 was in all realistic terms, a serious game that had too many loop-holes to really be a threat to gamers. So before Megaman ZX could be put out, Capcom went ahead with Megaman X 6.


Simple, kick ass as the Blue Bomber. I won't give too much away, but Zero's no longer just an ‘afterthought' in this game, instead he can take center stage if you want him to. Also, you must collect ‘souls' to improve your rank. The better your rank, the more special items you can use. Do you need to? Nope. The level design maybe off-balanced, but to beat the final stages, you need to get everything, so it pays off in the end. 9/10


Jump, shoot, dash, change special weapons, saber… that's right! They added an option to where ether X or Zero can use the saber and their busters. Though X isn't as good with the saber and Zero isn't as good with the buster, it's a good little addition to an already well-balanced plan of attack. 10/10


Simple 2-D graphics with flashing lights, and some 3-D effects added into it. Really side-scrolling games are simple by design and this game had simple, yet elegant graphics. Of course you get the ‘body color change' for X that you normally do (which makes it easy to know what weapon you're using, but if you played Mega Man games before, you know that), and the bosses look good as well. You got to love how each boss ALWAYS have their own stage. I wish Capcom stuck with the ‘X4' type of graphics for Mega Man games, it makes it look that much better. 10/10


3 weeks after Megaman X5, a new battle begins… but it just ends up being another fight with Sigma. They do have some cut-scenes in-between, but really, it comes down to ‘Sigma AGAIN! Why me?' It's simple, yet they try to make it a lot more complex for no reason. 3/10


What do you expect from Mega Man? The best music you can find. So you also add in some really nice J-rock and that's what you get. But it also has perhaps the best BGM in the history of video games, that is of course Blaze Heatnix's stage. Listening to that will get ANYONE to want to play this game. 10/10

Replay Value:

Given all the X games were pretty high on the Replay Value, other than X5, this is no different. The game itself is kind of frustrating but also rewarding. Given that, there's so much to explore in this game that really, sitting down and playing it one time is never enough. The fast-paced Mega Man games like this will do it to you. You will love playing this again, and again, and again. 10/10

Fun Factor

Although it's rewarding, the frustration and the very short levels in places will have you questioning what's going on here. I personally don't mind the challenge, but the ‘2-minute levels' are something that even I don't get at times (and I mean that on your first run, not when you're speed-running). As much as you'll go back to it, sometimes the grinding of this game does put you back a bit. In ether case, it's worth playing because of the music, fast-pace, and tough bosses. 6/10


Where Megaman X5 watered down the challenge by setting up the meaningless ‘hours to go' idea, Capcom returned to the ‘you better get this stuff if you want to win' stuff that the original parts of the X series had. While again, frustrating, it was highly rewarding. You NEEDED the armors to win, you NEEDED the souls to win, you NEEDED the sub-tanks to win. Didn't get them, you would get flattened by the final stages. Instead of being ‘too hard' you just had to get everything to finish the job. So, the challenge is really pretty even considering you could take a while on the final stages even with these items, but without them, you were begging for Gate's mercy. I think though, getting them is the hardest part. 8/10


EVERYONE knows Mega Man, it's impossible not to. The fans love Megaman X5 more, but I disagree with that assessment. This really was a game that got lost because of the ‘in-between' of the fan-loved, industry loathed X5, and the off-balanced X7. But for those who do love gaming, this was indeed something to play. Fans hate this game, but pure core gamers will enjoy it. 6/10

Over-all rating:

Now comes the part people may find shocking: This is nearly as good as Megaman X4. I stress nearly, since this game is off the X4 design and not so ‘bland' as X5. Perhaps Capcom didn't do what the fans expected, but it did what gamers who play games and love them wanted: Made a X game we could get behind. It's really a shame people disrespect this game and just say ‘X5 is better.' Well X5 is stupid, to be honest with you. This game isn't ‘stupid' but it's not quite ‘the brains' of the series, that belongs to X4. But to be fair, this game deserves more respect than it's gotten.

It's also my personal favorite in the series, and with a 84 out of 100, it's easy to see why. Not X4 good, but REALLY close.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/30/09

Game Release: Mega Man X6 (US, 12/04/01)

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