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"I never expected a bad X game to even exist."

You know, I normally like games people don't like, and sometimes don't like popular games people like, but this one, I have to say I actually agree with the majority that do not like this game. What the hell was all this? For a whole day, I tried to play this game, but the level deigns are terrible, and the weapons, armors, and enemies, everything was just wrong in this game. I wonder what the hell was Capcom thinking when they came up with this one. I guess they wanted a big Christmas cash in before the new year. This game is like Doom 32x all over again,and what is worst, this game was developed and released in the same year as X5. Talk about rushing things. Another episode of why cheap cash ins are a nightmare and no that is not a pun.

Graphics 5/10

This is really interesting. The graphics are a big step down in quality, hell, even the SNES X games look a lot better than this depending on the stage. Everything just looks dull and a bit grainy. Now what compelled the developers into making the graphics worst? I mean it seemed to peaked around X5, so I guess in the last X game on the PSX they decided that they want to simplify things, and I use the word simplify loosely. The other games had that clean look, but with this one, everything is just faded, ever the characters sprites in this game don't look that good, and many on the enemy designs are very uninspiring. Talk about running out of ideas.

Music and Sound 8/10

The only good thing about this game that kept me going. The worst game in the series has one of the best soundtracks, but one problem with that soundtrack is that it does not even fit well with some of the stages. Good example is Blaze Heatnix's stage. You got fast pace rock music in a slow stage. One of the big reasons why the music is unfitting for most stages is due to the mishmash level deigns. Its as if the developers lost focus of what the theme of the stage is suppose to be. Commander Yammark's stage is another good example, because even though the music is suppose to fit the stage, it does not because you suddenly look like your in a cave or abandoned field that has little to do with a forest type area.

Anyway, good music, unfitting soundtrack on some stages. Now about the voice acting. Ugh, so I guess they decided to use Japanese voices this time around for the NTSC/PAL release. Well, its really annoying because the text is slow, and I end up reading things faster than the text. Its boring as well since there is no English voice over, and I'm not used to hearing this voices in Japanese mainly due to X8's voice overs for these characters. For example, look at Alia's Japanese VA. Its a lot more feminine than I expected so I was kind of throw off by it, but I'm not complaining, just an random observation. Overall, the thing is about it was its just a bit irritating since I rather listen to things in my own language as long as the English voice acting is not on the same quality level as some games I will not mention here (hello there Last Alert). I don't mind some games with just Japanese voice acting with subtitles if there is no dub for it in some occasions, but not in a game like this with slow as hell text scrolling.

Controls 7/10

There decent. I don't have any real complaints about it. There pretty typical for any mega man game I played. I don't see anything to praise or condemn. I had not played as Zero, so I can't talk about the experience playing as him.

Storyline 7/10

This game only takes place a few weeks after the the crash of the space colony Eurasia in X5. After all of that, things were not looking for the planet earth. Now I guess this game is going by what had happened if you didn't save the space colony in the last game, but anyway, besides all of that, Zero was missing, and because of this, the ghost of zero has been spotted in various places causing nightmares, and a group of so called "Nightmare Investigators" sent out by Isoc, are trying to find zero's ghost to delete and end the nightmare. X must again go out and stop the new threat, but in reality all is not what it seems.

Even though this game was suppose to end at X5 the add in this new storyline that has a single hole in it. At first, I thought means that zero did go maverick in the last game, but I just remembered that the intro to the game showed that I was wrong, but it would had made more sense, but we have to go by the few alterations that the official storyline had to make for part six to work in this game despite the fact they could not explain how Zero was able to regenerate the other half of his body, but whatever even though it is a gaping hole in a line of questions, but I don't think much about it. Its just the gameplay that makes it hard for me to get through the rest of it, even though I know other things involved with this story without even having to play it.

Gameplay 4/10

O wonderful, this where it all gets screwed up. First off, we have X who you start out with sporting his falcon armor which has been toned down a bit. You might think, wow, he is somewhat powerful this early like in X5 because of the Fourth Armor, but then quickly realize how dinky his X buster has became. Thanks to the fact that this is that dammed armor from X5 that I was able to easily avoid by using Zero or sticking with Fourth Armor when playing as X. When you charge up an X buster, you normally get a medium to huge wave of energy that comes out of it that wipes out a number of enemies, but not with this armor. Instead, you get a tiny little charged up projectile that is only good against one enemy at a time, and trust me, this is going to be a pain in the ass the whole entire game since this game has screens littered with them, and the fact you can't use charge shots to break through their defenses in a decent matter.

Yes, you can use normal X instead of the falcon armor, but you will quickly find that this game is too damn hard for that even though its preferred for some stages. What is worse is that parts you find for other armors in this game are not usable until you get all four parts for said armor (just like in X5 unfortunately). Again trying to make this game a chore to play. It made the whole thing so frustrating, that I decided to use the ultimate armor to bypass all the nonsense, but it still does not help save other problems I will explain right now.

Part 2

There is this new concept that involves rescuing other reploids that went out and tried to stop the nightmare phenomena. You have to find them as a way for them to reward you with items that will help you just a bit since this is the games way for saying, ''Well here is something to tide you over until you find the armor pieces''. What makes me frustrated even more about this, is the fact that they can be on top of cliffs, and even floating at the bottom of pits in places where you have a high chance of dying just to save these reploids. This is nothing but a gimmick designed to frustrate you for the most part, and tease you over the fact that you can't have any armors until you get all four parts of whatever type of armor you want, and finding them is not fun in this game as well due to the boring level designs on most stages. Its not only boring with uninspired looking levels but a terrible mishmash of platforms, traps, and enemies floating around.

For example, you can't even climb the walls in Blizzard Wolfang's stage, and that is ridiculous. Then there is how this game throws so many enemies at you to overwhelm you, even ones that you can't completely get rid of like those damn annoying flies in the nightmare stages, and random rocks of death that you can throw you off, and have you fall into some pit. Speaking of nightmare stages, don't bother, its just another gimmick for people who enjoy games with unfair and unnecessary elements. Top this all off with half done terrible looking bosses who are also bizarre as well like Ground Scaravich, and that one reploid you can't damage at first glace like any other reploid if you are unfortunate enough to find him in one of the Nightmare Stages. A Really messed up game because of all this.

Overall 4/10

This is the worst game in the X series (Yeah I haven't played X7 as of this time yet). This is a bad combination of being experimental (not always a bad thing if done right), greedy, and fixing things that are not broken. What kind of game Mega Man X game is this? Its like taking everything that was good or fine about it, and making it bad. You don't force an armor that you must use for most of the game that has a puny charged shot that gets blocked by most enemies as they are mostly armored, dull level designs, a crowded level full of enemies that makes it hard to dash through, bosses that took only two seconds to come up with idea wise,
and and a certain reploid that you can't kill unless you're zero of have a special weapon plus that falcon armor with that dinky shot that actually helps does something against that annoying ***** who is hanging around in the nightmare zone.

Other than that, the storyline is a bit weird because of the holes, but it doesn't bother me really, and the translation does not really bother me as well at all since literal translations sound amusing to me, and the music is one of the better of this series.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/22/10, Updated 05/12/15

Game Release: Mega Man X6 (US, 12/04/01)

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