Review by Arcreium

Reviewed: 03/07/11

Well, there really isn't much I can say about this one...except avoid it

Mega Man games have always been one of my favorites. The X series particularly, but even I am will to draw a line somewhere.

Story 5/10

Well, simply put the world of robots is under threat once again, for the sixth time to be exact. In this case some strange robot doctor guy finds an item the re-releases the destructive Zero Virus that was created in the fifth game of this series, and it is up to the Maverick Hunters to stop it…again. For the most this game is nothing more than an epilogue of Mega Man X5, and of hand it is an epilogue that should have been addressed at the end of X5. It should not have been crafted into its own game because most of the ideas are already way overused and completely boring. But at least they attempted to connect the two stories that was a nice touch, but it just seems to be really more of a repeat than a fresh idea.

Graphics/Sound 6/10

This game has the same, exact same, graphics as its prequel X5. Same cut pure concept art image and written dialogue cut scenes even. The graphics are ok not innovated, but ok. The music seems strangely familiar, popular to the franchise, but again practically pulled from the prequel X5. The sound effects are the same story as the music and graphics. Overall this section comes out ok; it is just suspiciously too familiar.

Gameplay 4/10

Ok, if anywhere this is the area where X6 begins to differ from X5. First, the controls have been simplified to the extreme slightly making the game more difficult to play. Mega Man can swing the Z-Saber when he is at full charge for his attack, but these swings are a major waste of time since you must be in your enemy’s face when you pull this attack off. The ability to dash has been cut so you are not longer able to dash in the air, you must perform a dash jump by pushing the jump and dash button practically simultaneously. This is extremely difficult to pull off, and a large part of the game demands you to master this ability or you will easily fall to your death or hit a spike bed which means instant death still. X6 was kind enough to let you start off with the Falcon Armor, which had to be found in X5. The Falcon armor allows Mega Man to fly for a short time, in this case an even shorter while than in X5. The bosses in this game where grand to say the least, but for the most of the bosses the only thing that stuck out was how big they were. If not for their size they would be completely dull. Another thing to note it how worthless the powers were after you defeated a boss. I also need to point out; at the beginning of the game you do not get to play as Zero you’re stuck with Mega Man X. The good news is Zero is unlock able through gameplay, but believe me by the time that happens you are already sick of this game. The difficulty curve has no constancy, the first part of the game is extremely easy, but the second part is grueling hard. A hard difficulty is usually ok like Ninja Gaiden games, but in this case the difficulty is due to glitches than design. Bottom line you have a lack-luster complicated gameplay with overly simplified controls in fact so overly simplified it is extremely hard to get anywhere or want to.

Play Time/ Replayablity 3/10

If the gameplay failed, it is a sucker bet that X6 will have any real playtime or replayability. That fact is the exact case here too; I really cannot name a soul who has actually replayed this game after one play through. Mostly players give up after achieving the first or second power. At least this game does have a bunch of stages so on a good day a very patient player could complete this game in several hours. I suppose that is the only reason why this area is as high as it is.

Overall Score 5/10

Well, there you have where I would draw a line. Here is a completely uninspired mediocre game. Outside of that the tag line says it all.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Mega Man X6 (US, 12/04/01)

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