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"Well, its a great game, but not THE PREFECT game many had in mind"

Well ,Capcom has brought megaman x to another stage gameplay-wise, but how many x games do we have to wait before they bring their story to the climax?

Well, I did have quite a lot of fun playing this X game. The stages are very challenging, some are even irritating. Some might think this is not very fun, but hey, look back at megaman 1, gutsman stage. Even people had fun overcoming obstacle courses like that, how bad can X6 get with all the upgrades X gets?

Capcom has also done very well in introducing a few new stuff in the game, mainly Nightmare Soul, Nightmare System and Rescue Reploid. Nightmare Soul involves in the rank X can become in the game, which will open up further upgrades for X to equip. Nightmare System causes some changes to the level depending on certain circumstances(you people don't want me to say everything right?). Rescue Reploid will involve 128 friendly hunters scattered around the stages for you to save. Help them and some may reward you with parts as a bonus.

*Story*: 4/10 *overall*(made up by 7/10 or 1/10)
Why the 2 scores? It all depends on how you look at the game.

If you see the game as a story on its own, its quite an interesting one. However, if you look at it as part of a series, it does not even give players more info on the main plot behind the X games. This game is like one of those episodes in the cartoon where you get to see all the flashy stuff, but doesn't have any value to the main story of the plot. Hence, this ''filler'' only gets a 4 for story.

*Visuals/Audio* 7/10
Visually, we can see that Capcom has made the game a lot more flashier. *just press R2 when you start of the game and see for yourself* However, some may complain its basically the same old look since x4

Audio-wise, we will also have extreme comments. Some amy find them catchy and good, others may complain that some tunes are from previous X games. Well, sometimes its the nostalgic feeling you get that makes the game wonderful?

Overall, Capcom didn't do a bad job, they maintained their standards....

*Control* 7/10
Capcom has never fumbled in the controls for the X series, YET... However, i have a slight problem as they have allowed the use of pressing jump to dash in the air now. I did get into some trouble due to this.

However, a small little wish... Use L2 for saber attacks... heh... and maybe we can see X having sword wielding techniques AND special weapons learnt from bosses...

*Replay value* 4/10
Its fun, but only fans will keep playing it. Normal gamers may not want to get frustrated over the irritating level designs found on some stages.(but i really like the challenge....)

*To buy or to rent* for the fun - rent, for collection - buy of course.

My 2-cents
Overall, I love it... Its a game that has been done well.I really like the ability to hold zero's sabre. story-wise is a bit begging. However, I had much fun out of it and I'd like to thank Capcom for this wonderful game they have made.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/07/01, Updated 12/07/01

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