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Reviewed: 12/08/01 | Updated: 12/08/01

A game only made to prolong the series...

I bought MegamanX6 the other day because I love Megaman games, yet when I put this game in and played it the first time through, I was thoroughly disappointed by it...

Graphics: (7/10)
The graphics are fairly good in this game. The backgrounds look real and the character sprites look good. You do, however, encounter slow down at certain parts of the game if to many sprites are on screen at once. Other than that, the graphics are pretty solid. The big disappointment in this game is that they used the still screens again (like in X5), but this time the screens seem a lot less detailed then they ones we saw in X5. I thought the graphics were good but the still screens used to ''tell'' the story were both un detailed, and rare. For that reason, I gave the graphics a 7 out of 10.

Story: (4/10)
After the great story line in X5, I really expected a lot out of this game. Unfortunately, Capcom must think that they can keep us speculating what important events will happen in the series next. What I mean by that is that Capcom made this game a ''filler'' game in the X series. So far, the only important ones to the plot were X1,X2, and X5. X6 takes place three weeks after the Eurasia space colony was destroyed. The Earth's population of Reploids and Humans has dwindled since. In the beginning of the game, Gate (a maverick) invades the a base and X is deployed. While X is fighting a monster he sees Zero come and assist him. From their the game does progress but not much. I was so disappointed in the games story line that I gave it a 4 out of 10 (and the score was only that high because all eight of the robot's names were so funny that I would spend five minutes laughing at the beginning of each level over how stupid there were.).

Music: (7/10)
This game seems to go back to the way Megaman music is supposed to sound. In X5, the music was rock music for almost every level. It wasn't bad but it could've been better. In X6, they have different varieties of music. This is a good thing, but none of the tracks are that good. I'm appalled by the boss fight track because it sounds like it repeats the same four bars of music over and over. The music in this game went back to the way Megaman music is supposed to be, so,even though the music isn't that good, I gave it a 7 out of 10.

Gameplay: (5/10)
This is the other failure section of this game. It seems like since the X games have gone to the playstation their gameplay hasn't been that good. In X4, you had short levels. In X5, you had medium length levels that were easy. In X6, you have varying length levels (I beat one level in one minute and thirty seconds) but all the levels are loaded with spikes, pits, and things that crush you. This sounds hard but it turns out to be more frustrating than anything. Metal Shark Player's (LOL, what a horrible name)level consist solely of you dodging and maneuvering your way there a trash compactor type area. I got killed AT LEAST 30 times on that level. The good part is that they have continue points every few steps so if you get a gameover you can continue the game from relatively close to where you died. In the past X games, the continue function was annoying and cheap, but in this game, it's a feature I welcome with open arms. Their are capsules and hostages you can find in this game, however, with as insanely hard as some of the levels are, you'll find yourself asking if it's worth it to go into the level to get a part for the armor. The difficulty of this game's bosses is very easy. I used my X-buster on all of the bosses but the turtle and the clam. The bosses were so easy that I found myself feeling like I wasted 35 dallars to play a game that was intended for 5 year olds. I gave thought the gameplay in this game really lacked. I gave it a 4 because it was terrible, but it still had some items in it to find.

Overall: (5.75 or 6/10)
I would rent this game before I buy it. My copy may go back to software etc. tomorrow for some credit for FFX when it comes out. I found this game to be the most frustrating Megaman game their has been. There is not much progression in this game as far as the overall plot of the Megaman X series goes. This game seemed like Capcom's attempt to rush out a new game and not give us much new in the story so they can have a few more Megaman X games before they end the series.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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