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"Let the saga countinue..."

The Blue Bomber is back and doing well. The game has a lot better presentation then the first and has good control functions. I am at a loss why some people think the controls on this game suck they actually are great. The music is as good as ever but need as a little more classic Mega Man feel. Using X is more fun now that he has the Z-saber. Plus some of the animations for the character are better. And you have some new moves and armor so you really can't go wrong. The story is what brings it down. The presentation for it is good just should not be like this. The story should have gone differently. The replay value is good too but not as great as X5.

Sound: 7/10 Well not as good as past games but good. The music seems more like hard rock. It really doesn't get you into the game as well as the music from previous Mega man games did. Capcom has to go back to the old original Mega Man music that made the game great like in Mega Man 2. Metal Man, Flash Man, Bubble Man, Crash Man those are the game music that have lead the way for Mega Man games and other games in musical greatness. That kind of music desperately needs a come back if the Mega Man series does not want to fade.

Story: 6/10 Ahhh is the word here. After all these questions were built in X5 basically none are answered. The story line is good but you wonder were this whole thing came from. Personally I am waiting for Mega Man X7 just to see the return of Wily and the final show down. I like some of the characters in this game that is what saves it. A colorful cast of new characters and returning favorites make the story worth playing through.

Gameplay: 9/10 Improved from past games. It brings you a ton of new objectives to do such as saving reploids and finding even more new armors. Different animation from X5 and X4 and the same great gameplay you come to expect form Mega Man game such as 8 bosses, new weapons, new armor, and much more. I like the way they setup X to use the saber too.

Presentation: 8/10 Sooo much better then X5 and X4. Though the Anime sequences still aren’t there the game the game makes up for that with less press the button every second thing. The way the armor and weapons system works is better too and you can listen to the original Jap. voice acting that was in the Jap. game.

The game is great but not as good as I expected but it had a lot more then I expected. New armor new moves good gameplay you can't go wrong with this game if you are a true Mega Man fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/10/01, Updated 12/10/01

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