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"Worst.. Episode.. Ever.."

Has the wait for such an anticipated game among Megaman fans been worth it? The answer is an obvious NO. Don't get me wrong... I love the series and have played almost every game they threw at us. However, this game takes everything that DIDN'T make the series fun and rolled it up as their latest incarnation that is Megaman X6.

Game Play:

If you have played the previous games then you know that there were a few levels where it was just plain cheap such as an enemy hitting you that you obviously can't avoid... well, get used to it here cause Capcom throws everything at you and I mean, everything. The game is literally built on cheap hits that make the game extremely frustrating.

A neat new feature added to the game is rescuing certain robots to gain special weapons. However, there are some robots placed in places where it is obvious that Megaman X6 has to die.. good idea on the feature, but implemented badly.


Previous Megaman X games allowed for multiple buttons to be mapped to perform 1 or 2 actions such as dash, jump, shoot, etc.. well, Capcom has made the controls very frustrating as every button seems to be mapped to a specific action INCLUDING dash. Capcom made a very bad move there, the default setting is triangle mapped to use the sabre, but about 85% of the time I use that button, I end up dashing.. remapping the buttons will do you no good here either as you can only change which button does the multiple actions.


The sound overall is ok, but not top notch either.. if you've played the previous games, then chances are you've heard about 70% of the sound/music library. However, there are some japanese voice-overs at certain parts, but that's about it.


The translation for the game is horrendous. The game jumps around a bit too much and doesn't stay consistent throughout. There are points in the game where the dialogue sounds so bad and just proves that Capcom is running out of ideas fast. An example dialogue:

''Brainwashing is boring, don't you think? Let fight to see who's stronger''

Huh? Wha-? Did I miss something here?


Overall, it is nice to see a MegaMan X game released again but if this is a sign of what Capcom has in store for this series, then they can obviously count me out as a buyer cause they've definitely scared me off with this horrible release. The translation is poorly done and there is no excuse in the world why Capcom would release this game without testing it further.. Granted they've made some poor decisions in previous games, but at Episode 6, this is not the time to go backwards..

2/10 - Final Score

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 12/10/01, Updated 12/10/01

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