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"Hmmm...interesting flavor, but needs a little more spice!"

Okay, I was more than a little excited when I got X6. I mean, just look at the cover of the manual, it's got X holding the Beam Sabre (which I could've sworn he had since X3...guess Capcom didn't follow that plotline.) he so rightfully deserves!!!

graphics: 6
Okay, okay, I'm going to be brutally honest: I simply do NOT like the graphics on the PS One MMX games. I miss the days of the Snes games where everything was properly proportioned. Still, the visuals are superb, it's just that I don't like how X and Zero look on here. Never have, and never will...unless Capcom brings out X7 with them slammin' Snes-style graphics and proportions!!!

sound: 8
Not as bad as some peeps think. Okay, so the voice acting stinks worse than it did in MM8. Who said you had to watch those clips _every_ time you played the game anyway? Watch'em the first time, and if you don't like the voiceovers, simply press the button to skip the clip next time! Pretty easy...though maybe in X7, we'll get better quality in every department.

gameplay: 10
Now, we're cookin'. I don't like the randomness of the Nightmare System very much, but that simply means you're gonna have to constantly revise your strategy every time you play. Who can ask for a better challenge than always having to revise strats? My only legit complaint is - aside from X not having other Beam Sabre techs like Zero, but I never expected Capcom to go hard like that - IS the Beam Sabre. I do NOT care if the Blade Armor has that stupid ''charge sabre'' tech, WHY didn't Capcom give me my Beam Sabre the way I used it in X3, power and all?
(Let me clarify: If you recall, once you got the Sabre from Zero in X3, and even with him, you simply charged the Buster completely. Shot 1: shot, Shot 2: another shot, Shot 3: Sabre ''slash'' that lopped off 50% from a boss's lifebar!) Also, many may complain that the bosses are too easy. Don't be too fast to judge there. Remember the system in X5 where the longer you took, the harder they got, including bigger lifebars than in ANY of the first four X games? Well, that's back, too. SO, even with the Ultimate Armor, a boss at Lv97 or so (example from the back of the case) has a lifebar that is almost the height of the screen, so you're GOING to have to WORK for it, if you take that long to get the job done.

control: 6
Huh? What has Capcom done here? This is a PS One game, right? Can I have something in a little more responsive flavor please? I tell you, I haven't seen controls this off-the-wall since Street Fighter Alpha 2 on Super Nintendo. Well, I admit that it could've been as bad as MK1 on Gameboy...*shiver* that there's scary!

difficulty: 10
Stupid Nightmare had better not return in X7!!! I hate this with a vengeance, even if it IS good for making you always rethink your strats! Why? It also means that you absolutely CAN NOT get accustomed to beating a stage in any single method! Newer fans, I'm tellin' you: start with X2 or X3 and work your way up!!!

overall: 8
I actually liked this game. I've got a wish list, though, for X7: X3-style Beam Sabre for X, no Nightmare System, Alia as a player character choice (I bet you she can kick much Maverick cheeks if she wanted to and were properly strapped!!!), the Falcon Armor of X5 with the ability to charge Maverick Weapons like X6, and actual armor upgrades for Zero and (Alia), not just the black upgrade! There's a lot of mixed feelings on X6. Rent it first to see if you like it. As a side note, given the pattern, I think that if there IS an X7 (and why not?), it's going to be on the PS2.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/11/01, Updated 12/11/01

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