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"Mega Man Xcellence! (Yeah,I know it's bad...)"

Ah,Mega Man of my most favorite genres of a game,it's always so jam packed with action and game play.This episode of Mega Man X delivers,it's still great,loaded with game play and entertainment.

Graphics-9-I really like the graphics for this game,it still lacks the animated scenes that were in Mega Man X4,but it doesn't bother me,it allows more things to take place,that and the pictures are quite detailed.The graphics during game play are pretty good as well,each stage has a unique setting and utilizes the Playstation's power to make interesting effects.

Music-10-This has to have the best music in a Mega Man game yet!I really like the music tracks in this game,Capcom made the music tracks fit the environment or situation that your in.This game also has a kick ass music track for the introduction as well!

Sound Effects-8-The sound effects are nothing to complain about at all,they changed some of the sound effects,such as a boss exploding,so that goes to show that Capcom aren't all that lazy.They also brought back boss voice-overs,this gives more personality to the bosses,which I like.One other thing is the voice acting during the cut-scenes,they remain Japanese.The Japanese voice-acting is sub-titles,so don't worry,even though they are speaking Japanese,I still think they did a nice job,not to mention it sounds funny when Gate laughs in the beginning of this game.:)

Game Play-9-The game play remains solid as ever,there are all sorts of armors at X's disposal,they are very cool as well,I won't say anything though,find out yourself!!!The game itself remains as a 2D sidescroller,it is much like the classic side scrollers of the 16-bit era.You have a weapon called the X-Buster,the X-Buster lets you fire off shots at long range,you can charge up your shot to be more powerful,maybe even going through multiple foes.Another weapon that you have,and is also new to the X series,is the Z-Sabre,this weapon is a short ranged attack,even though it is limited in range it has the power to back it up.Several things have been added as well,now Alia's help is optional,so she won't be bothering you at every point in the game.Another cool feature is the reploids you can save.In each of the 8 stages,there are 16 reploids for you to save,you have to be quick for some of them,otherwise the reploid will be infected,and lost permantly.Some of the reploids that you rescue will give you various power-ups such as hyper dash and speedster.One last thing that they added was making the rank system worth something,in stages,there are enemies known as Nightmares,when you destroy them,they'll drop a Nightmare Soul.If you manage to collect enough Nightmare Souls,your ranking will increase.What ranking does is let you equip the items you receive from the rescued reploids,you can go up to four different items.

Control-7-This category falters dues to a few problems,namely,when your this other character,you have to be careful not to press the Square button while you're hooked onto a hooking platform,otherwise you'll fall to your death.Other than that,the control remain practically the same since X4.

Story-satisfactory-Since this game's main focus is not on its story,I'll give it a little bit of slack.X6 doesn't really progress the story all that much,although we do learn a bit more about Alia.

Challenge-Good-The challenge has changed drastically ever since X5.The stage are much more difficult,and may take several tries to successfully complete.You can also adjust the difficulty mode in the options menu before starting or continuing a game.

Replay Value-Medium-You might want to try out the other difficulty modes in this game,or even challenge yourself (Try beating the whole game just being normal X).

Buy or Rent?I'd say rent if you haven't really played Mega Man much before,if your a huge Mega Man fan,I advise picking this great game up!

Final Score-8.6
Averages to a-9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/11/01, Updated 12/11/01

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