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"Excellent game! A must buy for fans of the series."

Upon starting Megaman X6, I knew it would be good; everything ran extremely smooth. I have divided the sections of this game to make it easier to comprehend.

Characters: The sprites have a great design this time around, like previous games of the series--but even better! They are sleek, flow good at slow and high speeds, and overall are appealing to the eye. The characters actually seem to interact with their world, not just run right through it unnoticed. The people of Megaman's ''support crew'' each have their own special abilities.

Graphical Representation: The way explosions, charging up, lasers, dust, etc. are represented truly show you exactly what they are supposed to be. When Megaman is hit; you'll know it!

Plot: Very deeply involved! New characters are revealed in a dramatic and sensible way. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Twists in the plot keep you wondering what will happen next.

Action: My fingers were tense and white knuckled, my eyes wide with excitement. Enemies were frequent and required specific techniques to take them down. Obstacles are well placed to make it a challenge to maneuver around.

Levels: The backgrounds and foregrounds are very detailed! It was realistic and 3 dimensional looking. The scenery of the levels are so incredible I find myself lost looking at the ground, sky, plants, and architecture.

Cinematic Scenes: Voice acting is great. The characters have voices that you would imagine them sounding like, not high pitched like in previous games. Artwork is smooth and very well done in an anime style.

Bosses: The bosses were well designed, had nice attacks, and really looked like they were going to blow you up! The animals used for the bosses are well chosen and exotic.

Music: The level music is gripping. It has a quick tempo and great instruments in it. You can't help but hum along!

Interface: The menus are user friendly and lain out nicely. It is easy to see your exact status at any time, so you know just what you have and have not done!

Concept: The concept of every part of the game were thought out to a great extent, and well used. Levels go with their boss, enemies with their environment, and traits with their characters.

Fans of the series with relish this game for hours! Levels change each time you go into them and enemy placement is random, so it's a different experience each time you try. Megaman is back, and better than ever! Megaman X6 is a must have for any hard core gamer.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/11/01, Updated 12/11/01

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