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Reviewed: 12/15/01 | Updated: 12/15/01

Your daily dose of "Kick Ass".

Megaman has always been my favorite series. However, over the past few years I’ve felt that it has been loosing its substance. That is no longer true.

Gameplay 10/10: This is very impressive! X6 is the first Megaman game to offer randomized levels (or at least parts of levels). Certain sections of levels change every time you play them. Your actions in other levels may effect different stages. Though that concept isn’t new, its never been used to such a high degree as this. The game itself is the classic Megaman platform action that we all know and love. There are 8 new mavericks (or in this case “Nightmare Investigators”). X can now use Zero’s Z-saber. There is also a so called “Mysterious Hunter” that you can play as. However, if you read the instruction booklet and if you know your Megaman well enough, I think you can figure out who he or she is.

My favorite part of this game though is the difficulty. This is probably the most difficult Megaman game I’ve played: even harder than Rockman and Forte. You can change the difficulty setting to easy, normal or X-treme (a.k.a. “Kick ass” mode). I prefer to play X-treme and get my but whooped around over and over again. Granted, some people may not like the higher difficulty curve but I do.

Graphics: 7/10 Graphics do not matter, period. These graphics are fine. I can tell what everything is so I’m happy.

Music 5/10 I was kind of disappointed with the music. Megaman X5 had some great “tune-skies”. X6 has some decent music, but not a lot of it is humable or something that you might tap your feet to. It’s not bad by any means! But compared to the music found in the prior Megaman games, this is somewhat subpar.

Sound 3/10 I have one problem with this game: Capcom never bothered to have English voice acting as well! Its all Japanese. However, there is an option to turn off the voices and just read the subtitles, (which is what I choose to do).

Overall: 10/10: The difficulty, the random level layouts, the weapons, everything…. This game seriously kicks ass and brings platform games to a new level. If you are a Megaman fan, if you enjoy sidescollers, or if you just enjoy decent games, Megaman X5 is for you! Buy it now!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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