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Reviewed: 12/19/01 | Updated: 12/19/01

Capcom Strikes out BIG TIME with this one

I'll be damned if I'm suckered into something like this again. I was so happy to see this game on the shelf of EB and I bought it on the spot secretly thinking it would be an improvement over X5 (which I found to be a wholesome experience) but when opening the package, I just felt there was something wrong. True to my senses, this game turned out to be bad and I'm talking like drank a gallon of Drano and woke up the next morning alive bad. well enough formalities, I'll go into depth now about this game. the review is broken down in 6 sections. Presentation, Storyline, Graphics, Gameplay, Sound and music, and replay value.

PRESENTATION: oh lord where do I begin? just a glance at the opening intro and you'll agree this game was crammed together and shot out of Capcom HQ faster than Pokemon products came out of Nintendo's bloated orifice of a company. First off, all characters suddenly felt the need to learn Japanese and hence, all voice-overs are in Japanese. Quick history lesson, in the first 3 megaman X games for the SNES, X never talked except in the form of text. then X4 hit and suddenly X is English-capable(keyword capable since he never seemed to match the way his mouth moved). in X5, X went back to text-talk but now in X6, he's speaking Japanese. Apparently robots get moody sometimes and hurl insults at us in their native language of Japanese. but as a Gaijin(foreign devil), I wholeheartedly disapprove.

STORYLINE: As if capcom's story making machine was malfunctioning when X6's storyline needed to be made, this games storyline is weak to say the least. it somehow connects to Zero dying at the end of X5 but is gonna be revived again in X6 (sound familiar?). of course this sparks some ''Nightmare Phenomena'' and some nutty reploids go rampaging again to only attract the Mega Metal Stomper's attention. This game is just plain stupid at telling the story though seeing as some of the sub-titles were never checked for translation errors. and since Japanese speaking robots are the way to go, you can't tell what the hell their talking about sometimes. kill any boss and you get a half-assed description of what they were before X teared them to sheet metal. I mean I don't expect an award-winning storyline but at least make it understandable. I mean Serious Sam's storyline was ridiculous but at least you could tell what was going on.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are not striking but aren't horrid. the actual graphics are what you grow to expect from megaman games although lately they haven't been getting better. The actual frames of animation however are sluggish and sometimes laughable. Sometimes it feels like your watching an old episode of speed racer with frames of character animation this slow. The cut-scenes are still-life as in X5 but the expressions on character faces or positioning of the pictures is awkward and sometimes makes viewing storytelling sequences an eyesore. Boss frames also fall victim to low frames. Most bosses have a range of movement and 2-3 frame of animation. I guess they wanted to fool us that if the boss was moving around a whole bunch that we wouldn't notice the choppy animation on the boss himself. The actual framerate of the game however is consistant and very rarely shows signs of slowdown even though there's a wave of enemies flying straight at you....if thats any consolation.

GAMEPLAY: Alright this is where it gets ugly. This game holds many elements from its previous installments but this one just squeezes the life out of X. The levels are just plain frustrating. The in-game objects (I.E. enemies, blocks, dangerous thingys you can't touch) are enormous and often block a significant portion of the path your forced to take and most of the time they're fatal objects such as spikes or falling bricks. if the giant death objects don't get you however, the pits will. jumping in this game brings back old memories of N64 Turok. you jump and pray you land where your suppose to go. If not, back to the last checkpoint with you. some levels are pure trial-and-error but the problem is that these levels are unfun to begin with so after the first couple of times of trying to get past the first part of the weapons factory, your never gonna wanna play it again. some levels are just pure torture with ice balls and steel bricks coming from thin air and sending you on a one way trip to the beginning of the level. The whole rescue other robots thing is most displeasing. You see now you gotta save the idiot robots who were standing and watching the enemies kill everything like deer in headlights. of course this does sound fun cause you get to find more things in a level but the sad part is the placement of people is downright offendable. there's times you'll wonder if its right to risk your neck to get them but you seem to die a lot more trying to save them. Add together the whole mystery pit theory and you got a fun-filled day of trial-and-error. The fun doesn't end there....oh no not by a long shot! controls get a whole lot worse with the addition of Zero's saber to X's arsenal. first of all, I cannot EVER picture X wielding Zero's saber for any reason whatsoever. its like giving away a character's trademark weapon to some other guy. You don't give Max Payne a Light Saber! it doesn't work! but now the controls take a turn for the worse. If you've played any other X game, you know what to expect from the controls. now just imagine throwing in the balance of the Z-saber and the X-buster AND all your special weapons together on that controller....yea thats what I thought!

SOUND AND MUSIC: Needless to say, I enjoyed X5's soundtrack a lot! but this soundtrack is obviously heading in the wrong direction. The music is often more annoying than everything else. it just feels so dumbed down from the previous games. Every single level has the same musical feeling! and it wasn't making me happy after the whole pit ordeal. The sound effects are odd to say the least. Most effects are just simple shot sounds you've heard from previous games but some are just weird. I can't explain them accurately...just trust me...THEY ARE WEIRD!!!

REPLAY VALUE: Crammed together feel + Frustrating Level Design + Bland Music + Cutback in enemy animation frames + odd bi-lingual Characters = one expensive coaster for your cold drinks!

I never thought I'd be bad-mouthing the series I love so dearly but I feel everyone should know the latest from the X cave deserves to be buried and nuked. I know I'll probably get much hate-mail for this but I'm calling it as I see it. My advice to Capcom is either make something different like a game with Zero only or take X and Zero and make them part of Marvel Vs Capcom 4....cause if they keep cranking them out like this, X is gonna find out if there is an afterlife for robots sooner than he thinks!

Thanks for listening to my ranting! i bid thee goodnight! if anyone seeing this wants me to review something else, drop me a line ^_^.

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