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"Fustration does not equal fun"

I purchased this game for my little brother to give to him on Christmas, but being a Megaman lover, I decided to give it a little spin myself to see how the latest in the X line of games was faring (that and I can't resist playing a new game, be it a present or not ^_^). However, I was surprised to find myself having little fun and being very frustrated by the sudden change in gameplay, making for an overall unsatisfying experience.

*Graphics* (7/10)

I like 2d graphics, and for 2d, this is pretty good. It's no different from the previous two X games on the Playstation, and I see little they need to bother to improve on until Megaman jumps to the next platform (if it ever does). I could see everything clearly, the colors and frame rate were good, and a few things visually impressed me. The anime slide-show cutscenes were good also, but I wish they had made them more like in the intro with some animation. Standard fare, nothing new.

*Sound* (7/10)

Maybe I haven't given it much of a chance yet, but the music in MMX6 totally failed to do anything for me to capture my interest or enhance gameplay much. I was paying more attention to sound effects, and the music sort of just blended into the background. It lacked any real energy or theme, unlike music from the older Megaman series which still is being listened to today. There was one or two notable exceptions, but overall the music was not up to standards. The voices were done over again, with the Japanese originals being kept for the cutscenes and during the game, which I liked. X sounds like a slightly naive Reploid hunter, the Hunter sounds like a badass Murder Machine (although his voice was a little too husky at times). Other noticeable voices are Aila and High Max's, which sounded good for their part. As for sound effects, not much new or noteworthy here, just the same stuff again as before, with the inclusion of new sounds for the Hunter's beam saber.

*Story* (5/10)

The story itself had great presentation through the voices and cutscenes, but the translation and story itself was subpar in many ways. I found myself confused and not caring much for the story, making me skip text in cutscenes, when normally the story of a game means a LOT to me. I wish they would pick up the pace a little and introduce new elements, as the ones found in X6 are contrived and almost repetitive. Meet villain, beat 8 robot bosses that X doesn't want to kill but does anyway, go on to final stages, beat game, done. Exactly the same as before, and while this is an essential part of the Megaman game formula, they could at least mix it up some like they used to (such as in Megaman 3 when they had you fight through 8 MORE robot bosses after the first 8). Maybe I ask to much of their time, but Capcom should get their creative juices flowing a little less slugishly. Not memorable at all.

*Gameplay* (4/10)

This is where the game really fell apart for me, and stood apart from the other's. The gameplay mechanics isn't bad... it's just incredibly frustrating and painful to sit through. I've played games long enough to know that I'm not great, but that I'm also not bad at beating and playing well though a game. This may be called ''challenging'' by other gamers, but for me it was pure frustration. The people at Capcom went and turned every level into a deathtrap, with enemies by the dozens blasting at you while you try to evade highly damaging traps, and at least one instant kill obstacle every five feet (or in some levels cases, everywhere!!). Instead of blasting mavericks with style, I was spending all of my time trying to not get knocked into a pit, touch any spikes, let lava catch up with me, etc, while getting constatly shot at for tiny bits of damage that added up to a nearly depleted life bar all the time. This could have been done to make me play better and pay attention, but it all only served to make me die time and time again from trial and error attempts. The last levels in particular were pure hell, and all those special weapons were of little to no help. That's another thing. The special weapons are near useless this time, and I found myself using them only to try to engineer a quick way out of another deathtrap, and then never use them again. This may be a challenge for some, but for a casual or not action orienated gamer, or for that matter my kid brother who I plan to give this to, it's nothing but a futile and constant attempt to not get killed and get to the boss instead of playing the game and enjoying it. This is the games greatest fault, and makes me doubt the future of Megaman.

*Overall* (5/10)

I'm a big fan of Megaman, but this one was not very fun at all for me. I fear the idea of my little brother constantly asking for my help playing, only for him to find that his big sister is just as useless getting him past that deathtrap as he is.

*Rent or Buy?*

Rent. Unless your a Mega-buff like me, rent it to see if it's up to your kind of challenge. If not, then you saved yourself 45 bucks, and had some fun blasting or hacking mavericks for a few days, which is all you need to beat the game (along with a lot of patience).

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/21/01, Updated 12/21/01

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