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"Not the greatest X, but a very good one none the less."

Let's see here, Megaman X6, yet another megaman game churned out by our beloved Capcom. Being a die-hard Megaman fan (or so I like to think) I bought X6 in hopes of seeing something that would make up for the disappointment of X5. Needless to say, X6, in my opinion, completely beats X5 in dozens of ways. Now on to the review.

Graphics: 8/10

Nothing new here, although some of the backgrounds were nice, I especially liked the North Pole Region. However I took a few points off because the bosses werent animated very well at all, save for maybe one or two. Although nothing spectacular, I think the graphics seem to fit perfect in the megaman universe.

Music/Sound FX: 7/10

Having played many of the megaman games, I found that this game didn't really have all the great music that I'd come to expect from a megaman game. That's not to say that I hated the music, it's just that I didn't quite ''feel'' the music, I rate music as one of the most important things in a game, after gameplay of course. Sound effects, well, i don't know how a robot sounds, but I personally liked the sound effects. Not too bad, but probably nothing above average. Although the voice acting was a little dissapointing. I was expecting it would at least be in english :/ Ah well, Megaman sounded pretty good because he sounded more mature than say the regular Megaman series.

Gameplay: 9/10

Ah... am I crazy you might ask? Perhaps... but I didn't quite agree with all those crazy other people whining about X6's gameplay. Sure, there were plenty of enemies with cheap-shots, and it was frustrating, but no more frustrating than making 10 consecutive jumps on tiny blocks on the NES games before falling to your doom. Megaman's armor, although I think should have been named the OTHER way around... (seeing as how the Shadow was the Blade user :P) were quite nice. The blade armor was reminiscent of the X3 armor, (air dash, up dash) which was a plus, and the shadow armor was simplistic and easy to use.

I don't know about the rest of you folks, but I think it was good what they did to Zero. His new and improved slash techniques look cooler than ever and actually I liked them better than the X4/5 techniques. I still sort of miss his X2 incarnation with the Twin shot followed by beam sabre. The new move setup, I found was considerably easier to get used to than I thought. That and the button layout work well for me. I don't see what other's have problems with, to me, the control is as tight as ever.

The finding of the 128 reploids was a bit tedious, but I think it beats the X5 system by a lot. In order to get all the parts in X5, you had to dawdle until the bosses were some level 9 or so in order for them to give you parts... not good considering the time limit, and the best ending has to be gotten through saving the world(although destroying it is a bit more fun :P).

I liked the nightmare system, unlike some people here, and thought that it was a nice touch. Sure, it needed a little work, but the idea was great. Nothing like spicing up a boring ice level by having fireballs hurled at you or insects flying about you, heh.

Another thing I'd like to point out just for the sake of potential buyers is the slowdown. You see, for a megaman, the slow-down in certain areas is pretty darn bad, especiall when it switches from dry area to a rainy background, or in Ground err Scarab's level the totem levels when the background changes it slows down a bit. Don't get me wrong here, the NES games had slowdown when you had as little as 7 or 8 objects on the screen. While it may irritate others, I find that it doesn't hinder me too much, then again, you're talking to a guy who trys to see how many bees you can get on screen in Hard Man's level to see how slow it gets. :P

Story: 8/10

Hey, as I've said a bazillion times before, I grew up in the SNES era, and nothing really bothers me more than a person who looks for a deep story in a game such as Megaman. Did we need anything more than ''Wily is on the loose again! Get him Megaman!'' back then to have a fun game? Nope, so why should we now? Sure, it's just capcom pushing out yet ANOTHER megaman game, but you know, the story wasn't all that bad. The new characters (especially the names UGH) were a bit dissapointing, but I liked the bit about Gate.

Anything else? Hmm...

Overall, MUCH MUCH better than X5 if you have as little trouble as me getting through the crazy maverick infested halls. Not as good as say X2 or X4, but definately a great Megaman game. Long live the blue bomber! But let's hope this next time Capcom get's a TINY bit more innovative ;)

Snyderman OUT!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/28/01, Updated 12/28/01

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