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"Oh look, a Rockman game"

As a Mega Man fan, I had been anticipating this game for months. I had it in my mind that it would at least partially answer some of the loose plot threads from the last few Mega Man games (mainly from Mega Man X5). Many others as well as myself were counting down the days, no the hours until we could play this game... another wonderful side scroller in a series that has always given classic gameplay.

So did it meet the hype that was given to it by myself and other fans? No. At it's basic it's a good challenging side scroller, but that's about it.

The consistency of the graphics are very spotty. Sometimes the work done on the backgrounds and the detail of the enemies is beautiful, while other times they look so damn blocky that it make me wonder if Capcom has no standards of quality from their employees anymore.

The music is another 'almost there' aspects to the game. Most of the music has a nice 'metal' edge to it most of the time, but gets too repetitive too fast. Again, it's not bad by itself, but just doesn't live up to standards set by previous Mega Man games.

The control is an aspect that can really be frustrating in this game without practice. At first, the two characters you can play as in this game (X and the 'Resurrected Hunter' as he is called in the manual) both have special moves that I accidentally preformed in the air that caused me to lose control. After dying this way a few times I found it pretty easy to get used to the new moves and didn't have any other problems.

The game play side will get many different reactions from people. It has the usual 'tackle any boss you want in any order you want' theme that is the Mega Man trademark. It also has some minor changes in the layouts of the levels from time to time, depending on what you did previously and how well you did it. The changes themselves are no big deal, mostly just an extra 'block' or two put in places to give you more obstacles to overcome, so don't worry about having to deal with a level that is so totally different from time to time that you don't know what to do. You also have more then one way to complete each of the Maverick boss levels, a first in the series and a nice surprise as it gives even more replay value to the game.

Mega Man X6 does come with a very huge cheapness factor in it's challenge, though. You will face levels that will hardly let you see anything on the screen, so that you will be walking into enemies. You will also have to get through levels where almost all sides of the screen is covered with spikes that will kill you instantly. You might be thinking to yourself that you have faced these types of things before in previous Mega Man games, but Mega Man X6 takes it to a whole new low.

However, while most people found this to be frustrating, I found it to be wonderful. While I admit that it is cheap, I think it gives this game a challenge level that has not been reached before in the Mega Man series. Almost as if Capcom heard the people saying the series was too easy and decided to teach them a lesson.

And speaking of Capcom teaching people lessons, we come to the last aspect of the game I'd like to let others know about: the story. See, as long as I can remember people have been complaining about the bad voice acting in the Mega Man games' story scenes. ''Mega Man sounds like a girl!'' is the classic complaint (though don't forget that Doctor Light sounds like a Loony Toons character in Mega Man 8). ''Anything would be better then that!'' people have claimed. ''Look at what great voice acting the Rockman games have'' ( 'Rockman', for those who don't know, is the Japanese name for Mega Man). Well for Mega Man X6 you have a very manly voice fact what you have is the Japanese Rockman voice actors doing their own parts, Japanese and all. That's right, Capcom didn't even have an English voice over for this game. You've even got a few songs in Japanese. Kind of makes one wonder what the reason is for waiting for a domestic release, huh?

Then there is the problem of the story itself. As I said earlier, I thought this game would have at least some partial answers for me. Not only did it fail to give me anything I wanted it gave me more questions that I now think will never get answered as it looks like Capcom enjoys torturing people with half done plot lines. Hell, even the few events that I knew were going to happen in this game were done so poorly, so anticlimactically, that I was disgusted.

So in closing, if you need a good and challenging side scroller this is your game. Just don't expect much from the story.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/28/01, Updated 12/28/01

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