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Reviewed: 12/28/01 | Updated: 12/28/01

This is, without a doubt, the worst Megaman game!

Megaman X6 is pretty similar to the other Megaman X games. It is a 2D action platformer in which you play as X. You jump, slash, dash, and shoot to reach the end of each level and defeat the boss. This concept has worked great before. So what is wrong with this game? Please read to find out...

I'll start with what's most important: the levels. The levels are the essence of a game and they are what make this Megaman X6 (as opposed to Megaman X5 or Megaman X4). If this game had decent levels I would be glad to give this game a 6/10 rating or something. But they don't stand up to the previous games. Most of them are too short, and they all rehash the same challenge or obstacle over and over. One of the levels even has a scrolling camera, and another can sometimes be literally impossible to navigate. Disgraceful!

Just like the other Megaman X games, there are 8 levels than can be completed in any order, and after that there are 4 final levels. Here are the 8 levels:

1. Amazon area - There is not much to be said about this level except that it's almost featureless. The level is dark and slow and the music fits those themes. The boss of the level is Commander Yammark, a dragonfly that is way too easy to beat. I rate this level 3/5.

2. Inami temple - This level is very linear up until the end, in which you have to explore a relatively large room to find and destroy these small shield generators. Once you destroy all of them, you will be able to progress. This tedious level also has you deal with acid rain, which slowly depletes your energy. The boss is Rainy Turtloid, a turtle that stands with his back to you and fires missles. This is the perfect example of a boss that has you standing in one place and attacking, with no emphasis on strategy or skill. I rate this level 2/5.

3. Laser institute - This level is very linear and extremely short. You will have to manipulate mirrors and lasers to deflect the laser beam onto the door. When the laser touches the door, it will open and you can progress. It's not very exciting at all. It's easy to get confused when you manipulate the lasers because each laser reacts differently. Some will only fire in certain directions and some will only fire after another laser touched it. This level is very easy because other than the laser/mirror puzzles, only a few enemies are in your way. The boss is Shield Shelldon, a shellfish that is invincible until he removes his shell. I rate this level 2/5.

4. Northpole area - This level is challenging because the floors are slippery and you can't grip onto the walls. This level will have you deal with magic avalanches. The reason I call them magic avalanches is because the boulders literally appear out of thin air. The last part of this level has you trapped in a pit while blocks of ice fall down on you. You will have to use the blocks to climb out of the pit, but you will also have to avoid getting crushed. The boss is Blizzard Wolfang, a wolf who is the least intimidating of any boss. Wait until you hear him howl! I rate this level 2/5.

5. Magma area - This level has you fight with a big red thing 5 times. (I'm calling them red things because I have no idea what they are! But they are huge, they take up most of the screen!) The battles are long and hard even though the music is fast and energetic. Anyway, these red things have 4 green weak spots each, and you will have to attack each weak spot to destroy it. One of the battles takes place in a scrolling camera sequence. What is a scrolling camera? That's when the camera moves in a direction and you are forced to move with it. That's right, the camera will move up slowly while you are being attacked by a red thing. Even worse, the bottom half of the screen is covered in purple lava that will kill you in one hit. So you have half a screen to move around in and to attack the red thing. The boss is Blaze Heatnix, a bird which is the worst boss in any Megaman game. He has attacks that can't be avoided and he can manipulate the lave to be upside down. That's right folks, I'm talking about upside down purple lava. What's worse is that he is one color (orange) and looks like he belongs in a Super Nintendo game. I rate this level 1/5.

6. Weapon center - This is the shortest level in any Megaman game. A giant robot called Illumina is in the background and will fire shots at you throughout the entire level (which is very short). There is nothing you can do about it. How cheap. Also, the entire level (which is short) is downhill, so you can't see the terrain to the right. How very cheap. Don't be surprised if you fall in a hole because you couldn't see. The boss of the short level is Infinity Mijinion, a flea who looks like he belongs in a Super Nintendo game. He attacks by creating copies of himself. Expect about 4-6 Infinity Mijinions on the screen at one point during the battle. He is extremely challenging. I rate this level 2/5.

7. Recycle lab - Throughout the entire level, there is a wall that moves up and down and will crush you if you don't get out of the way. This level is too hard and long for its own good. Very slow and tedious. You will have to be careful and take it slow to avoid getting crushed, but it's easy to get impatient. The boss is Metal Shark Player, a shark that will use old Megaman X bosses as attacks. I rate this level 2/5.

8. Central Museum - If this was supposed to be a museum, then it would be flat. But as it is, the stairs are too big to climb without jumping and there are giant gaps that lead to lower floors. It's not a very convincing museum. The museum is just there for show anyway! The museum has teleports that lead to a randomly generated virtual reality area. These areas may change each time you you play, which would be a good thing, but sometimes the terrain is impossible to pass, meaning you're stuck. This is the first time I can remember in a Megaman game in which there is a situation you can't complete no matter what. This is the perfect example of the kind of shoddy game that Megaman X6 is. Anyway, the boss is Ground Scaravich, a beetle who rolls a large rock left and right. If you destroy his rock, he will exit to the left or right of the screen (and you can't follow him) and come back with a bigger rock. I rate this level 1/5.

Well, that's one sorry level line-up. Even after that, there are 4 more final stages which are even worse. They can't even be completed unless you find the pieces to the Blade Armor or Shadow Armor! After you get one of the armors, it will be possible to beat the levels, but it's still very difficult. These last 4 levels will really test your patience. They are tedious, they are long, they are hard, and the bosses are even harder. I confess, I haven't even beat them myself. After a while I simply stopped trying. I just play the first 8 levels, for whatever they're worth.

With levels like these, you'd think there are some features or gameplay elements that would make up for it, but that's not the case. It's the opposite, actually. Here are the little things that spoil an already bad game: the graphics, control, story, alia, innocent reploids, armors, and the Nightmare System.

The graphics in general are similar to Megaman X4 and Megaman X5, but there are many objects and special effect that stand out and ruin the overall look. For example, many characters look like they come straight out of a Super Nintendo game. More examples: magic avalanches, purple lava, and the strange museum. Also, Megaman X can use the saber in this game, so of course there is a new saber animation. It's an ugly animation and if you look closely, Megaman X looks different during the animation.

After completing levels or finding certain items, you will get a new weapon or special move. The problem is that certain moves are too easy to do. They are so easy that you will do them on accident! For example, the downward slash is done by pressing up and attack. But what if you want to attack while holding onto a rope? You need to hold up to hold onto the rope, so attacking will make you fall and slash downward, even if you didn't want to. Other moves, such as air dash and charged saber, interfere with your normal movement and are confusing to use.

The story itself is not the main problem (though I feel that it's a bit too depressing) but it should be noted that the cutscenes are not animated, they are just still pictures. There is voice acting, but it is Japanese (can be a good or bad thing depending on who you are). There are subtitles but they are very badly translated. Example: ''I'm glad to see again.''

While talking (if you consider text boxes to be talking) with Alia is optional for the most part, there are still some times where she will interrupt you with her pointless babble. She's very depressed in this game, unnecessarily showing unnecessary signs of guilt for past deeds. It's all made even worse thanks to the bad translation.

Scattered throughout the levels are innocent reploids that you can rescue simply by touching them. They will give you a boost of health, say thanks, and warp away. This wouldn't be such a bad idea, but they all look the exact same in each level. Also, they're all very short compared to Megaman X and they all look like Super Nintendo characters because they're so graphically ugly. Some of them are floating in the air for no reason. You are encouraged to rescue them because some of them will give you a special item at the end of the level. You have to finish the level to actually get the item, and there is no way of knowing which reploid gave you the item.

You start the game with the Falcon Armor, but you can find 2 other armors for Megaman X. The problem is that you have to find all 4 armor pieces for each armor before you can use them. That means that if you have one piece, you get absolutely nothing. If you have three pieces, you get absolutely nothing. This is made even worse because you can't complete the game without getting an extra armor. The 2 armors are the Shadow Armor and the Blade Armor. The Shadow Armor is very cool, but the Blade Armor is less impressive. It looks very similar to the armors in previous Megaman X games but it's too detailed and it doesn't look right. Ironically, the Shadow Armor has the more powerful blade, not the Blade Armor.

This is what Capcom's website says about the Nightmare System:

'' Nightmare System, which randomizes level maps, enemies and endings based on how you play the game.''

That is a lie. All the Nightmare System does is add obstacles in the levels depending on what order you choose to play them. These are some of the obstacles that the Nightmare System creates:

Metal flies - Metal flies buzz around, get in your way and distract you. They are invincible to your attack but they leave after a while.

Silver rectangles - What's to say? They're magic silver rectangles of doom and they will move not only up but down as well. They will get in your way and you risk getting crushed by them.

Color blocks - These blocks come in different colors and will get in the way. You can destroy them by using the right weapon for each color.

Darkness - The level is completely dark except for a spotlight moving around the screen. Had it not been for this particular unrealistic and incredibly annoying Nightmare System effect, I'd give this game 3/10.

This game stinks. 2/10.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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