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Reviewed: 12/28/01 | Updated: 12/28/01

As if they weren't before, Capcom truly is milking the license now.

Before I begin, let me start out by saying that megaman 2 was my first video game. I grew up with the blue one, and it is probably my favorite video game series. However, Capcom's painfully obvious attempt to cash in on a craze. I mean come on, the development time was less than a year! However, before I go off on long rant, I'll break down the review (As everybody does) into several sections. Audio, Graphics, Gameplay, Story line/translation.

Gameplay: Something I found to be an improvement over the other X games was this one's hike up in difficulty. However, if you don't read one of the FAQs you'll probably be frothing at the mouth by the end of the second level, screaming that ''those stupid shadow thingy's'' keep killing you while your trying to hide from the avalanche of ice. The balancing of Zero and X was a welcome change as well. X has a mediocre saber, Zero has a semi-mediocre buster, which is much imporoved from it's X5 incarnation. The new frames of animation for Zero are nice, but some of the enemies, most notably Rainy turtloid, have very few frames of animation. In fact, Rainy probably has a total of 7 frames of animation. Way to go with the effort Capcom! The nightmare system, is, as it's name implies, a nightmare. It basically changes the levels as you defeat bosses, making the later levels harder. This system, however, IS NOT NEW! This same system was used in megaman X, albeit a bit differently.

Graphics: In my opinion, the graphics are worse than those of X5. The early screen shots gave me the impression of a crisp, clear, set of graphics, and vibrant colors. Sadly, this looks like a first generation (early) title. The backgrounds occasionaly have semi-decent effects, like moving parts, but they generally don't really stand out. Also, the colors for each level tend to blend together. I've accidently ran into walls, due to this poor decision by Capcom. Also, why suddenly the lack of movies? Everyone loved them in X4, and I missed them in X5. Instead we get some stills with medicre character design. IMHO, Isoc is the lamest character I have ever seen in a video game.

Audio: Probably the high point of this game is it's music, which is probably because of the twang of nostalgia that it harbors. The sound however, leaves much to be desired. The READY! guy's voice is changed (Surprisingly, this is in english, unlike the other voices in the game). The WARNING sound for bosses is changed, and so is the sound for exploding bosses. These changes were completly unnessecary, and in my opinion, were a change for the worse. The voice acting is, as I said before entirly in Japenese. I can't chalk this completly up to lazyness however, as I think Capcom is doing these things on purpose (Breath of Fire 4's cut scenes and X5's manual were also partly, if not completly in Japanese). Why, however, I do not know. And to add insult to injury the voice acting itself is bad, bringing up memories of such games with bad voice acting like Grandia.

Story line/translation: The storyline is okay, although it doesn't make much sense, considering the extremely poor quality translation. Although nobody will be making wing zero like jokes about it years down the line, it appears as though the translaters had a flimsy grasp on the english language, at best.

Final line: 6 of 10. I only reccomend this game if your a diehard fan of megaman. Anyone else, rent first. If your looking for a good game to get into the megaman craze, I reccomend Megaman 8, or X4.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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