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Reviewed: 01/04/02 | Updated: 01/04/02

Hard enough to break your controller ^_^

The sixth installment of Megaman X came so quick after the most disappointing X5. However this installment is no push-over. Many old school gamers looking for a challenge will see that even Capcom still has it's groove. This is ALMOST as hard as Megaman X3, in fact in about 5 separate occassions I attempted to break my PS controller in frustration...

Graphics: 6/10

2D graphics, some of which are CG backgrounds. The sprites have good animation and all but let's face it, Playstation isn't good for 2D graphics. X6 could've looked SO much better on a console with more RAM. I'm not saying any names I had in mind but think of how well the NAOMI board handled 2D and think of seeing Megaman X with that kind of animation. 2D is good but in this day and age, Capcom is being awkwardly lazy in this department. I expect better results in the future.

Control: 8/10

The controls are the same as any MMX game I've played on SNES/PSX. It's kind of strange using the Triangle button for the Z-Saber, which on it's own is kind of slow and clunky. But then again I always use the X-buster in the first place. Everything else is responsive.

Sound: 8/10

One thing that Rockman Otakus should be glad about is that Capcom finally managed to keep the J-pop/rock openings/endings in this one (they still took off the opening narration though). The previous X4 and X5 had J-pop/rock songs that were removed and replaced with cheesy music.

The music is moody for the most part. There are only two remixes in the game for the first 2 parts of the final stage and the last boss. Everything else sounds original to me. Not exactly hummable like the classic Megaman games but still the kind of mood setting tunes I'd expect from the X series in general. My personal favorite stage music is Commander Yanmark's.

In the cut-scenes, you'll be glad to hear that X has a masculine Japanese. Some words might be familiar to the die-hards. Irregular Hunters is subtitled as Maverick Hunters, but they never say 'Rockman' because they just call the hero 'X' (ekkusu). A welcome change since Capcom has had bad luck with dubs. The cut-scenes are interesting to watch if you have a tolerance for Japanese voices, or you can turn them off if you want the SNES feel.

Gameplay: 7/10

The Nightmare System is a welcome addition but sort of expands on an aspect found in the SNES MMX titles (where certain stages change in conditions of weather or atmosphere) rescuing Reploids and acquiring Nightmare Souls add more depth to the game. The are multiple endings which give the game replay value, and the 2 new Armors add a little bit of new life (and fun) to the game. People who hated those UNGODLY long health bars major bosses sported in X5 can rejoice as those are now gone (mid-bosses still have them though), bosses are reasonable to fight but still a challenge. The game doesn't feel somewhat pieced together. Still, they've got to make a NEW Ultimate Armor.

Challenge: 9/10

I haven't played an action game that caused me to swear and attempt to break my controllers since the 16-bit days. Capcom isn't messing around here. Some people might've think that this game was too frustrating; it is but that's not the flaw. The developers made the game so that people wouldn't try to speed through the entire game in a day. X6 makes patience a requirement rather than a virtue in order to beat the stages.

Rent or buy: I'll make it easy for you
If you're fan or collector, then buy
If you're not a fan but you want a challenge from today's games, then buy.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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