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"Why, Capcom, Why?!"

Let me start by saying that I am a huge Mega Man fan. Ever since the NES I've loved the little guy. Sure I was a little disappointed after Mega Man X5, but I was still anticipating Mega Man X6 none-the-less. I mean, a bad Mega Man game? Who would have thought?

Graphics (6/10)--
The graphics in this game are little more than average, even for SNES standards. If it weren't for the loading times I'd really have to check inside my console to verify that, indeed, I was playing a PlayStation game. In fact, X6 fares worse than Mega Man X4--a game that was released over four years ago! X4 at least had those detailed anime scenes, while X6 has poorly animated still screens. Backgrounds are colorful, at least, even if they are sparse and hardly animated.

Sound (6/10)--
By far, the music in X6 is definately the high point of the game. Gone are the guitar riffs from X5. Capcom returned to traditional Mega Man-esque themes that actually match the levels, and they did it pretty well. Sound effects match the actions of the characters and backgrounds pretty well, also. But what really brings the sound category down are the voices. Capcom didn't even bother to translate the Japanese voices into English. Some call it smart, but I call it laziness.

Gameplay (3/10)--
Cheap. Cheap is the single best way to describe the levels in this game. I wouldn't consider myself to be a gaming god, but I do think that I fare very well as a gamer, yet X6 managed to take that all away. Imagine being shot repeatedly by an enemy that you can't even hit, or running into a wall that somehow turns out to be a set of spikes, or falling into a pit because you couldn't see the floor. There are many, many times where you simply jump and pray to whatever God you worship that there's a floor beneath you, since you have absolutely no way of finding out until you either land of fall to your death.

Story (4/10)--
What the hell is anyone saying? Dialogue in this game is really bad. I don't know who translated the game, but I'm guessing they speak less English than a mouse.
''You are offensive. I will delete you.''
''Wrong. You are the offensive one.''
''Pathetic. I shall delete you.''
That short snippet of a conversation is just one of many, many poor examples of a bad storyline and even worse translation. But then again, who ever plays a Capcom game to hear a good story?

Overall (5/10)--
This is definately the worst Mega Man game I've ever played, period. In fact, the only redeeming thing about this game is the title--MEGA MAN X6. If this were any other game, I would have scored it lower, but I just can't be more cruel to the Blue Bomber.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/06/02, Updated 01/06/02

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