Review by KPatel

"The Ultimate X series game"

I think this game was great. It needed less improvements than any other megaman game. I'm thinking of suggestions for X7.

Story 8/10

The introduction had a cool song. It sounded better in Japenese. I liked that idea a lot. Although they show the story and give past information on what was happening, they never show what's happening in X6 and they don't show all the characters like previous introductions in the X series.

Gameplay 9/10

Gameplay is good, not what I expected, but they made the game hard so the game wasn't a waste. All the other megaman games took a very short time to beat. They needed to make most of the bosses harder. The hardest boss, and only hard boss for me was Infinity Mijinion. They needed to make Infinity Mijinion's level longer. Next time they should make the capsules harder to find and develop a new armor for Zero (The Z Armor), overall though gameplay was nearly perfect.

Characters 9/10

For once, for once they make X a better player to play with than Zero. They say, screw Zero and bring in X. I take one point off because they should make one more playable character (one suggestion for X7, the one I made is a PA class hunter and can't earn special powers but his overall power has no need for special powers from bosses since his power exceeds past X and Zero. He has a blue sword and a blue buster shot. One slash is as powerful as Zero's Z Sabre combo). Capcom should make improvements on Zero and forget using the three or four techniques that they keep giving him. For Zero they should also change his attack names to ENGLISH NOT WEIRD WORDS.

Difficulty 10/10

Bosses are easy but levels are hard. That's why I didn't take a point off because of level difficulty.

Graphics 2D 10/10 3D 8/10

2D is awesome. Who needs 3D when it will just screw the game up. Making a megaman game 3D IS A BIG, FAT WASTE. If the game were in 3D difficulty would be easier.

Overall 10/10

This game is not what I expected. Capcom made a good X game and should keep this up. You would probably play this game over and over again. I don't suggest renting, just go buy the game. I like this game better than any game I've ever played.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/07/02, Updated 01/07/02

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