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"When will this stop?"

The Blue bomber is back again in this sixth installment of the Megaman X series, it is more harder than the previous ones so if this is your first Megaman game, play the earlier ones first. That will give you an ample training to play this game.

Graphics: 3
It is still 2D, nothing has changed since Megaman X4. But I say this is much worst than Megaman X4, animations are ugly and some sprites are plain ugly (e.g. Blaze Heatnix) and other Armors look the same. Capcom is just too lazy in this department IMHO. They should've used the good old MMX4 graphics. If this series will be ported into another console, let's hope the graphics will be like that of Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Music/Sound: 7
Music in Megaman X5 was good, this one was better. Each music fits each stage nicely (while others don't). Again, they all sound like rock or whatsoever. Sound FX is just okay and they didn't bother to translate those voice overs, but if they could... horrid voice acting is certain.

Controls: 5
You can fully customize the controls to your heart's desire but they are not as responsive as ever. I have died many times because of the unresponsive controls. You want X to dash that way? No, he will dash this way instead, or if you want him to dash, he won't instead. You might die with this cause so be careful not to mash the buttons to much.

Gameplay: 7
Classic 2D side-scroller. You have the choice of playing between X or the ''Revived Hunter'' (I'm sure you know that). Each one has their own strategy of fighting, so use the ones that fits you. You can adjust the difficulty at the options menu but that does not change the level layout so it is still not easy. The level layouts are a nightmare, it will be a challenge or frustration. Plus, with the new ''nightmare system'' they said it randomizes the levels when you come back later, actually, the level doesn't change, there are some things that will add up to the level to pester you or block your way. You can also encounter some octopus looking enemies and if you destroy them, they'll leave a blue orb called ''Nightmare Soul'', the more you collect, the more part you can equip. Parts can be found on those Reploids who is begging for your help to rescue them. Of course, armors are still there. All this will add up to the longevity of the gameplay for a bit.

Replay Value: 3
If you beat the game with both characters, then you are finished with the game, the story is nothing you should pay attention to, it is because the stories are so lame that past questions are still unanswered... should we wait for Megaman X1000? No.

Buy it?
No. Rent this game and you'll finish it at no time, unless you are a hardcore Megaman fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/02/02, Updated 02/02/02

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