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"Action, and a challenge. This will keep you busy!"

Graphics - 10/10. The graphics are sweet! The details are kept sharp in all cases, and the animations are amazingly smooth. The anime styling is great, too!

Sound - 7/10. The sound effects have been kept pretty much the same from the past two Megaman X games. The music could be better, considering this is a Megaman game. (I still have most of the tunes from Megaman through MM3 and MMX burned into my mind!)

Gameplay - 8/10. (Difficulty: 8 of a possible 10.) The gameplay stays, for the most part, true to the Megaman X tradition(s). However, the previous five games (except maybe X5) were short and easy in comparison. This game is massive and will be no small task to complete, let alone simply beat the 8 normal levels!
I hear they did this so that people wouldn't speed through it. Capcom's plan has worked very well! The game will keep you busy for quite a while.
Armor works differently in this game, too. Here's a look:
You begin the first level with the Falcon armor from Megaman X5 already equipped nearly in full, but it doesn't have its flight capability (meaning it sucks.) In the past games, you could collect the armor one piece at a time to end up with one awesome X Armor suit for that game. Well, X3 and X4 had two suits of armor, but they were sort of secrets, and you could still equip them one piece at a time. MMX6 changes this COMPLETELY. You have several suits of armor to choose from, and once the suits are complete, you can equip them at any time. The problem? for 'security' reasons, you can NOT equip each part as you get it. You must have ALL 4 parts in the suit to use it. This makes the game a bit harder, but it has been designed around this to make it fair. In short, it's HARD, like the old NES Megaman games, possibly even harder.

Plot: 6/10. The game begins immediately after Megaman X5 ended, so if you haven't played it, you'll be lost for a while. If you have, though, the plot is quite original and smooth. But, the game is pretty much void of surprises. About that 'mystery hunter'... well, at least they tried. But it's too obvious its ZERO. Ha, ha... I bet you didn't figure THAT out! I've spoiled the game for you! ;) just kidding.

Buy/Rent: Well, a lot of people seem to absolutely LOVE this game ( I am one of them! ) but a lot of people HATE it and hope it dies a cruel, bloody death- quite like X will be doing frequently when you play it. So my advice is that you RENT IT FIRST. I can *almost* guarantee that you won't even get half of the armor, etc. done unless you are God himself. (Almost. ;) ) If you like it even nearly as much as Megaman X4(If you don't have that one, BUY IT, but thats a different story) then you should definetely buy it. It will keep you busy, as I have stated before.

So, in conclusion:

Graphics: 10/10 Crystal clear.
Sound: 7/10 I speak japanese!
Music: 6/10 Meh.
FX: 9/10 Great.
Plot: 6/10 Yawn. Didn't see that coming.
Gameplay: 8/10 Tough, different.
Difficulty: 8.5: Arrrgh.
Originality: 9 Lots of new elements.

Buy/Rent: Rent first, possibly buy later.

Overall: * 8/10 *

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/20/02, Updated 02/20/02

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