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It's been a long time since I could call an MMX game ''challenging''. With X6, the series returns to its roots with a game that's both fun and challenging enough to take more than a day to beat, but keep players interested.

Gameplay - Excellent. The fact that each character can use the other's weapon (though less effectively) is a nice plus. The additional armors for X introduce new playing styles that have to be learned, as does ''the resurrected Hunter'' of course (if you find him).

That said, there are a few little nitpicks that I have with the play control. For example, if you get crushed, you die. No problem with that. However, if you're in a position where you have to duck to avoid getting crushed, but try to stand, you also die. Why not simply disallow standing? Also, several moves require the user to stand after performing them, triggering instant death in the above situation.

Also, one of X's armors cannot do a double-jump or midair dash. This makes several areas of the game impossible to complete with this armor. That's a definite minus. It should be possible (though not necessarily easy) to complete every area with any character or armor.

Finally, the resurrected Hunter (an optional character) is severely underpowered. There is a cheat to make him stronger, but even this only brings him up to the level of X.

All told, though, these are minor complaints. A word to the wise: this game is HARD, particularly on Extreme mode. The villains are smart enough to use fairly decent tactics against you (translation: they don't play fair just to make them easier), and the boards aren't set up to make them easily passable. If you prefer interactive movies to challenging games, this isn't for you.

Story - This one takes place three weeks after MMX5 takes place. There's a rather major plot hole here; it takes elements both from X's bad ending and Zero's only ending (both from X5) but doesn't mesh quite right with either one. But anyway, Zero is believed dead, and a new faction of Reploids is blaming him for the ''Nightmare Phenomenon'', which is causing more reploids to go Maverick. Your mission: investigate the phenomenon and rescue injured Mavericks.

Audio/Video - The graphics are more or less standard for a Megaman game. I don't know whether or not to call this a good thing.

The audio, though, is wonderful. The music is the best we've heard in the series since X3 (which was itself the best music since MM2 for the NES). And as for the voices, finally we get to hear the original Japanese, rather than the voice ''talent'' they bolted onto X4 (which gave us such gems as a Zero so laughably awful that Iris' death scene bordered on offensive, rather than the heartbreaking scene it was meant to be).

Unfortunately, the translation is pretty bad, almost hearkening back to the days of Zero Wing. In addition to being fairly sanitized ''for American audiences'' (the Hunter in particular has some rather strong language that's lost in translation), it often doesn't make much sense just because of grammatical errors.

Replayability - The multiple endings do give some incentive to play again, as does the Nightmare system (which makes subtle alterations to game maps depending on how you play). In the end, though, the replay value is pretty much standard for a Megaman game.

To buy or to rent? - Worth buying, if only because it'll take you longer than one rental period to beat once. A must for any MM fan's collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/05/02, Updated 03/05/02

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