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"Ambiguity is how I would describe my feelings for this game."

I'm an old fashioned player who likes to embrace the new. I don't need graphics that'll blow my mind or sound that'll make my head explode. But I need to see and feel that the developers made an effort to make everything as good as it could be, and as fun as possible... I don't see that in this game. And it doesn't surprise me, since Capcom has a history of making sequels to games that will only add one or two things to the game that the game could've easily done without, instead of refining the things the game already has (Should I remind you of Street Fighter 2, and it's million versions?).
I'm the biggest Megaman fan ever, I have every single game ever released, and I've loved them all because of one single thing: THEY'RE FUN!, for some reason the game has a formula that is simple yet entertaining as hell. But lately, Capcom has been adding a lot of things that end up screwing with that formula and are already starting to mess it up.

I'm very ambiguous about this. I liked the system on Megaman X4, why?, well, it was a pick-a-player-and-stick-with-him kind of game, very simple, and it worked, didn't need to be changed; and I know people love the system of being able to choose either X or Zero before each stage, but there's an inconvenience with it. When you reach the end of the game one character could be more developed than the other (as far as heart tanks go), or both characters could be underdeveloped, also it makes you beat the game in what feels like a disorderly fashion. Also, they took out the thing that I loved the most about the Magaman X games, the fact that you found a piece of equipment and you immediately equipped it and could use it giving you access to places and items that you couldn't reach before, it made you feel like you character was getting gradually more and more powerful. I hate, and I mean I HATE, having to get the four pieces of the armor to be able to use it, because by the time I get the four pieces all the 8 Mavericks will most likely be dead, so I'll only use the armor to go back to each stage for a minute or two to get whatever I couldn't get before. I takes the agility out of the game, it makes it slow, it makes it boring. The stages, and this has been a major complaint since X4 for me, are TOO SHORT, for example, Shield Sheldon, and Infiniti Mijinion are stages that are extremely short, and that just isn't fun. And what's with the bosses' names?!?!?! (That's just something I HAD to say and doesn't affect the gameplay whatsoever), I loved the old names, like Sting Chameleon, Blizzard Buffalo, Cyber Peacock, Wheel Gator, etc, etc... you know, Characteristic + Animal Name. Not these weird names they're giving them now, Metal Shark Player (What the f***!?!?!?), what kind of a name is that?, this is a complaint only a Megaman fan would make, how would any Megaman (Original series) fan feel if instead of Spark Man they'd named that boss Shocking Electrifikoid Thingy... not nice, huh?. The mission of rescuing the robots in every stage would've been cool, had it been better handled better, it looks lazy, they put a robot floating in mid-air for no apparent reason, and the robot graphics look terrible, and sometimes they might lead to some pretty cheap deaths. But besides all the complaints, I enjoy playing this game, it's fun, it's fast paced, and it's HARD, definitely the hardest in the Megaman X series, just like Megaman 2 was the hardest in the Megaman series, this is just HARD, and I give a big thumbs up to Capcom for it, because the previous games were just too easy, this one will have you planning every single move you make to the last jump or shot, and I for one love that, and the game is still incredibly fun. The nightmare system is great, they brought back something that I loved about the original Mega Man X, that beating one stage would affect the others, I love it. I like the fact that there's at least to routes to take to beat a stage. Overall the game does it's stuff right.

I give it a 7, because this is inexcusable, not because the graphics are bad. They look LAZY, RUSHED, and UNINSPIRED, if you don't believe me just look at the bosses!. After I saw the cool drawing in the presentation of each boss before each stage, I was thinking ''wow, they must look cool!'', and then I got something that looked like it was taken from a SNES game... actually, the graphics on the bosses on Mega Man X for the SNES sometimes look better than this. This only lets you see that this game was rushed, trying to get it out on the market before the Playstation officially died. I said before I didn't mind bad graphics, but I wanted to see that the developers at least tried, that's not what I saw here. The stages look bland and always more and more of the same flat graphics that you'd expect from an uninspired game. The boss animation wreak; pretty much the only animations that are worth looking at are X and Zero, but we've already seen their animation because it's the same from every other game, which isn't a bad thing, and has some added things like X with a sabre and new attack animations for Zero. I'm not saying the graphics are bad, I'm saying a game with such trayectory as Megaman deserves more effort and better graphics.

I've always loved the music in Megaman games, it's always not that music that will have you apraising it for it's incredible beauty and composition; it's the kind of music that will have you humming because it's still flying around your brain. That's the kind of music I've come to expect from a Megaman game, remember the music on X4?, now that's music, Storm Owl, Magma Dragoon, Cyber Peacock, that's music. There's none of that here. The coolest music in this game is the music from X5 that you hear when you fight Zero, that's all. The music in this game depressed me, bored me, and just pretty much take some of the emotion away from me. The sound isn't bad, it's just very generic. They didn't even bother to translate the voiceovers, yeah, they're in JAPANESE!!!!, which further proves that this game was rushed. No, the sound isn't terrible, it's just not that good, and helps build that sense of ''the developers are just doing it for the money now''.

I can't grade a story that I didn't even have the possibility of understanding. THE TRANSLATION IS HORRIBLE!!!!, it's downright SNK-glish!, it sucks, and it doesn't make sense or it's just so stupid you don't want to make sense out of it. Most of the times you'll read what Alia says and you'll go 'Whatever', not only does it not make sense, or is it completely irrelevant, I hate Alia!. Capcom didn't even take the time to make the dialogues make sense, or even be gramatically coherent. Plus the story was just too stupid (what I could understand) to be even compelling. Awful, just awful.

Buy it only if you're a Megaman fan. Rent it if you just want to play a nice side scroller. I promise you will enjoy it, it IS good. Just not up to Capcom's standards.

It pains me to give a Megaman game a 7, it truly does. But this game deserves no higher grade. Even though it keeps being fun, it just shows that Capcom is a very commercial company that only releases titles exactly for that: THE TITLE. They know that just by putting Megaman and a number next to it on the cover, people ARE going to buy it. They should be careful in keeping their standards high, that's why they became a big company in the first place, and now that they're as big as they are, they should keep their standards as high as ever. But either way, don't let my explanation of what's wrong with the game ruin your chance of finding out what's good about it, chances are you WILL enjoy it, because it's very entertaining and very challenging and still worthy of the name Megaman. So give it a try, you'll find it rewarding. There, I said my piece.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/12/02, Updated 04/12/02

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