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"Hard Core Fans Only"

Mega Man X6 is the third and definitely last PSX Mega Man X title, no I don't mean that because of bad games but because the system is becoming defunct. Anyway, this is a decent Mega Man X game, considering the game adds in a few aspects, unfortunately some are good and some are bad.

Gameplay - Now some Mega Man games can have bad control, and they have, but this game takes the cake. To start off with, X being able to use the Z-Saber, good idea, bad way to use it. When X swings the saber, not only does it do about the same damage of his normal shot, but X can't even move while doing it. So essentially if you swing the saber when you don't want to, X will probably get hit by anything that moves. So the Saber is pretty much pointless until you get one of the new armors. Plus, at first I thought that it was cool to have X air dash with the ''Modified''(and by modified I mean, beaten with a garbage can)Falcon Armor, but then I discovered that unless you get used to the control, you will accidently ram X into every possible thing in the game. Don't get me wrong, X6 is a good game, but some of the play control aspects are horrid. Like Zero's nosedive attack(yes Zero is in the game, I doubt that this is a Spoiler because he dies and comes back to life more times than Kenny from South Park), which combines pressing up and the attack button while in the air, I can't count how many times that I tried to grab one of those darn wires and attacked, thereby sending Zero plummeting into a pit. Though the game is hard, some of it is just frustrating, like the god awful trash compactor stage. This brought back bad memories of Dust Man's stage in Mega Man 4. Plus there are many damaged Reploids to rescue as well, but unlike in X5, besides giving you health and an extra life, they also give you special parts like the ones that you got from the bosses in X5. Unfortunately they can be killed, I am not saying why because it would ruin some of the plot, but you can miss powerups and some of the Reploids are almost impossible to rescue because of the cruddy level design. But overall the gameplay is tolerable.

Story - The story is pretty much a direct sequel to X5. The intro(which contains the original Japanese songs, yay!)simply tells about the events in X5, three weeks have passed
and the world is a wreck. The game begins with a scientist named Gate finding an unknown object near where the shuttle that Zero piloted, landed. In the intro stage you meet High Max, like Vile in X1, you can't kill him yet. You then find out about the ''Zero Nightmare'' and how 8 investigators have been sent to, well, investigate it. That's pretty much the basic intro to the game.

Audio/Video - The graphics in the normal game are decent, X's sprite is the same, except for the animation for the Saber swing(ooh big change for that). Again, like in X5, the cut scenes are just frames of the characters. However, in this game they talk...IN JAPANESE!! Ok, in Mega Man 8, Mega Man sounded like a girl and Dr. Light sounded like Elmer Fudd. In X4, X sounded like a girl, and the rest of the voices were pretty good. Now Capcom decides to be really lazy and keep the voices in Japanese(though I think it would either be hilarious and/or horrible for the english voices to speak out some of the cruddy translations). Now one upside is that Zero's saber looks different and you actually see the blade still before Zero puts it away. The music is decent, some of songs are pretty good, and some are just dumb. Also, there are 5(yes I counted)remixed songs from X1 and X2. When you play the game you will hopefully recognize Zero's death theme from X1, Agile's stage music from X2, Sigma's level music from X1, and a combination of the first Sigma fight them from X1 and the final Battle theme from X2. Otherwise some of the tracks are good, the intro is really good(though it is almost impossible to download because no one has it! but I do :) If you want to try and get it, look on WinMX), and the ending music is also the Japanese song(a lot easier to find), the intro music for the Boss introduction is good and the stage music is ok. Unfortunately Zero does not get a cool theme like in all of the other X games, but he gets his own victory theme.

Replay Value - X6 does have a good amount of replay value to the 3 endings,(2 for X, one for Zero), and the 3 difficulty levels.

To buy or to rent? - I say rent it first or play it at a friends house to see if you want it. Or if you are the ultimate Mega Man fan like me, BUY IT!!

In a recap, X6 is a decent game with some replay value, bad play control, difficult levels(the bosses are a joke, well most of them), and some very good songs.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/14/02, Updated 04/14/02

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