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"Die hard Mega Man fans will like it, and those who wish for a challenge."

Die hard Mega Man fans will like it, and those who wish for a challenge.
STORY: 2/10
Okay, the story isn’t anything much. Some guy named Gate is gathering Reploids to investigate
areas or something like that. You must go and stop him. Zero is assumed dead, but of course,
he’s obviously not. His lame excuse as to why he was missing is because “He hid to repair

The Graphics are the same as they always were, everything is a sprite. The anime art does look
better though, however there are no movies like on MM X4. Oh well, it also has more story,
even if it does suck.
There really isn’t all that much new, except bosses and levels etc. The shop is different. You
destroy Nightmares and obtain there soul, and that is your, um... Equipment limitations? You
need so many souls to equip parts, and you get parts by rescuing Reploids, which are found
floating around in levels calling for help. Not all of them will give you a new part, but quite a few
will. The armors are awesome in this game. You start with the Falcon Armor from X 5, except it
had to be repaired in a hurry.(It was broken...?) Anyway, it sucks on this one, it’s the same thing
as normal X, except smaller shot and air-dash. The other two are cool, Blade and Shadow.
Shadow armor is a ninja! How cool is that? The Blade armor sort of reminds me of a samurai.
Also, every level has a hidden teleporter, which will teleport you to the Reploids who give good
parts, and a hidden boss, which changes depending on where you are on the game. Problem is,
you then have to go back to that stage to beat it, and kill the normal boss. There is a new
Nightmare system, which changes the level depending on which level you play last. The levels
changed will be red, but they won’t change much.. However, you do have to change some levels
to save all the Reploids. So, lots of new stuff, but at the same time, not all that much was added.

The control is fine and simple. Nothing new here, same as always. X Jumps, Square attacks, and
Triangle is special move. The controls are very responsive. The only problem I ever had is that
Zero has a move that is triggered by holding up and pressing Square. The move makes you dash
at a diagonal until you hit ground. There are these robs that your have to hold up to stay on, and
glide across using a sort of pulley. So, when an enemy gets in front of you, you have the
tendency to not let go of Up, attack the enemy, and send yourself flying down the cliff. People
who mainly play Mega Man X won’t find this a problem.

DIFFICULTY: 7/10 (0 being the easiest, 10 being the hardest)
This is the hardest Mega Man game I have played as of yet. The enemies can be hard, but they
die fast, so it really doesn’t matter. There are these guys that stand there and block, and man is it
hard to hit them! The jumps are the hardest part, sometimes killing you for stupid or cheap
reasons. (Such as Zero’s rope problem.) Once you get used to the level, though, you’ll find it
isn’t that tough. There are 3 different modes, Easy, Normal, and Xtreme. It’s neat, because
unlike MM X5, the difficult isn’t simply you taking more hits and the enemies taking less. Okay,
so it still does that. However, enemies will start to shoot at you! There will be more of them, and
bosses will have much bigger life bars. Ahhh yes, the bosses. One of the best things to look
forward too. Beat a level, and fight the boss. I’m afraid, however, this is not one of the harder
aspects of the game. Most of the bosses suck, and die really fast. There are only two that I can
think of that actually beat me once. The only other real hard boss is the master of the game, and
he dies way too fast to be a challenge.

LENGTH: 6/10:
The levels are incredibly short, but then again they were never really that long to begin with.
However, if you want to find all the teleporters and rescue all the Reploids and such, this game
will take some time, whereas there are quite a few different routes to choose from in each level.
But, like I said, the levels are a bit too short.

MUSIC: 7/10
Okay, this game does have some pretty cool music. However, it’s not that good compared to the
others. The others had really neat-o music that fit the levels perfectly and was cool. This music is
primarily Rock and Roll, techno music. The beginning music is pretty cool though.

Hmm... I guess I’d say rent. I enjoyed the game, but it is short. If your a true Mega Man fan, get
it anyways... You’ll end up liking it. If you’re expecting something totally new that will blow
your mind, you would probably wanna rent it first.

OVERALL: 8/10:
I like this game, and it is harder than the others, wussy bosses or not. Try it out at least, it’s really
not that bad.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/12/02, Updated 09/12/02

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